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Radius Aerospace UK Ltd

Major 2 Day On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 25th & Friday 26th April 2024)



Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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VIRTUAL / PHYSICAL VIEWING: Tuesday 16th & Tuesday 23rd April 2024 - by appointment only

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Opens - Friday 12th April 2024
Closes - Thursday 25th & Friday 26th April 2024

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PlasmaTechnik AG manual plasma spray booth, Sulzer Unicoat process control, PSU, power chiller & extraction (2005)
Sulzer / Plasma-Technik automatic plasma spray booth with ABB robot, Sulzer Unicoat process control centre, Plasma gas management centre, power supply, powder chiller & extraction (2005)
Sulzer Metco Plasma / HVOF thermal spray system inc booth, ABB robot, Matticoat operators desk, power supply, plasma gas management, power feeder and chiller, extraction with load / unload Kasen swing jib (2009)

Webster Bennett CNC 54” elevating rail vertical borer, GE Fanuc Series 01-TC control (1997) (retrofit 2007)
2x Magerle MGC080 5 axis CNC grinders, Siemens Sinumerik control with coolant, filter & chiller (2001/2)
Magerle MGC-130-G5 5 axis CNC grinder, Siemens Sinumerik 840D control, chiller, filtration, extraction (1998)
2x Magerle MFP-125-50 3 axis CNC grinders, 1250x500mm bed, Siemens Sinumerik control, filter & chiller (2002)
Schaudt Mikrosa type CERES 320 CNC universal grinder, Siemens Sinumerik control (2002)

2x Mazak Variaxis 730-5X II CNC 5 axis machining centres, 40 tool ATC, 630x500mm table, Mazatrol Matrix control (2008)
Deckel Maho DMU160P Hi-Dyn CNC 5 axis machining centre, Heidenhain control, 60 tool ATC (2003)
DMG DMU 80P 5axis CNC machining centre, 630mm dia table, Heidenhain control (1997)
Maho MH1200W CNC production mill, 1000x800mm table, Maho CNC 415 control (1993)
Bridgeport VMC 1000XP CNC VMC, Heidenhain control,1150x570mm table (2003)
Bridgeport VMC 100022 CNC VMC, Heidenhain control, 24 tool ATC, 1150x580mm table (2002)
Brideport Series II Interact 4 CNC vertical milling machine, 960x380mm table, Heidenhain TNC155 control

Chmer AH64C CNC EDM, 470x630mm table, Chmer control (2012)
AGIE Spirit 4C-Axis & AGIE Spirit 3C-Axis CNC EDM, 34x22” table with ICS chiller (2007)

Boring / Drilling

Webster Bennett 72” vertical borer, elevating rail, 5.2-117rpm, Sony DRO
Webster Bennett 48” elevating rail vertical borer, 2.25-50rpm, Copy attachment, Sony DRO
2x Webster Bennett 48” vertical borers, fixed rail, 4.5-100rpm, Sony / Newall DRO
Kitchen & Wade 80” radial arm drill, 27-900rpm, rotary jig
Asquith ODI MK2 16172 radial arm drill, 40-2040rpm, 36x34” box table
Archdale 36” radial arm drill, 64-1627rpm, 36x22” RF table
Herbert 4 spindle in-line drill, 46x16” RF table, 170-1455rpm (power 1 spindle)
2x Fobco Star single spindle drills, 475-4260rpm, 11x11” RF table
Grinding / Linishing / Polishing
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, Filtermist extraction
Alpha RT700 surface grinder, 700x300mm mag chuck
Warner Swasey (Norton) external grinder with extraction, Marposs gauging
Churchill HBX internal grinder, Newall DRO with Filtermist extraction
Wotan & Zimmermann SFRW630 ring grinder, 630mm dia mag chuck with Filtermist extraction
Snow 20” horizontal rotary grinder
Lumsden 4 head grinder
Abwood twin wheel grinder / surface grinder
DGP Pirahna III tungsten electrode grinder, 240v (circa 2020)
Abwood DE lapper & 8” DE grinder
Hopkins & Thompson D/E grinders
RJH OLDVBR linisher with extraction, 50mm wide (2006)
50mm horizontal linisher with dust extraction
2x RJH Morrisflex 50mm linisher (2007)
2x Morrisflex 50mm wide horizontal linisher on extraction unit (1997)
RJH 100mm horizontal bench type belt linisher with Sealey extraction unit
Twin wheel DE linisher & RJH DE polisher with Kemper System 8000 filtration unit (2003)
3x Morrisflex model 106S 50mm belt linishers (1997/98)
Powered double ended polisher with Kemper 80040 extraction unit (1999)
Single wheel powered polisher with Kemper extraction unit (2003)
2x BO Morris & RJH double ended polishers with Kemper System 8000 filtration unit (2003)
Selecta DE polisher & DE grinder with Kemper System 8000 filtration unit (2003)
Milling / Turning
Bridgeport turret mill, 50-3750rpm, power feed, 49x9” table, Heidenhain DRO
Colchester Triumph 2000 TR toolroom lathe, Anilam mini wizard DRO, 25-2000rpm, 7.5” CH x 50” b.c.
Swift type 16.V5 heavy duty gap bed lathe, 4-230rpm, 16” CH x 100” b.c.
DSG type 18x60 production gap bed lathe, Newall DP7 DRO, 7.5-600rpm
2x Clearing DH-150-75-42 150 ton hydraulic press, 30” stroke, 42x42” bed
Bliss 21B inclinable mechanical press, adjustable stroke
Taylor & Challenor STDP No.205 mechanical press, 30” dia bed
Wilkins & Mitchel 535 eccentric press, 34x30” bed, adjustable stroke
Qty various Norton, Sweeney & Blocksidge etc bench type flypresses

Baileigh RM1270/90HR powered bending rolls, 300mm wide (2008)
Eckold KF330 metal former (2001)
Zenith PBB1270/ZA box & pan folder (2015)
Morgan Rushworth TRTS 1300/141MW powered pyramid rolls, 3.2mm capacity
Frost type 493 powered rolls, 520mm wide
Rhodes powered nibbler & hand shear on base
Pullomax manual metal forming roll
2x Edwards etc rolling machine.
Edwards 42” mechanical rolls
Frost 491 powered roller / swaging machine
48” powered rolls
ASC bench type section bender / ring roll machine with forms (2016)
Mini Grott expanding machine
Schlatter GN32737722 130kva spot welder, 1050mm throat (1984)
British Federal 60kva spot welder. Holden & Hunt spot welder, British Federal control
2x British Federal heavy duty spot welders, 36” throat (1990)
3x manual Murex / Bode welding manipulators / positioners
4x Bode welding stations with Messer Griesham Euromatic tig welders & wirefeed
Bode tig welding arm with Messer Griesham Euromatig 35 welder & tig wire feed unit
3x Bode 21 VP/2, 2VP2 etc powered manipulators, 1200mm diameter
Bode welding station with Messer Griesham Euromatic tig welder & wirefeed
4x Bode SV17 etc powered welding manipulators, 24” dia
Bode mobile welding arm with Messer Lincoln Euromatig 35-2 tig welder & wire feed unit
2x Fronius MagicWave 3000 JobGF AC watercooled TIG welders
Circumference welding jig
Donald Ross 25H mobile 42” manual welding manipulator
HSPP welding chamber with Messer Griesham Euromatig 25-2 tig welder
Miller Syncrowave 250 AC/DC welder
Miller Maxstar 200 welder
Miller Dynasty 300 DX tig welder with Hydramate 2 cooling unit
Welding process area inc: welding booth, extraction, benches, racking etc
Plasma booth inc: 2x thermal dynamic PAK master 50XL plasma cutters, 2200x1050mm cutting bed etc
Twin welding booth with Selco Genesis 240 tig welder, Fronius FLC2500 tig welder, Kemper extraction etc

MJT spark eroder, 600x400mm bed, Phase 2 Pulse Tech control, Heidenhain DRO (1998)
Charmilles Form 4LC Spark Eroder, Arbicut System, Charmilles control, Newall DRO
Chmer AH53C EDM hole driller, Chmer EDM control, 630x310mm table (2012)
Charmilles FORM2LC EDM, Anilam DRO, Charmilles control (2001)
2x TEK 4 3g multi hole drill EDM, 350x250mm table (2006)
2x 600 Centre EDM, 50F2 control, 25x15” table (1998)
MJT Midi tech EDM, Heidenhain DRO, Phase 2 phase tech control (1998)
Agie Agietron Compact 2 EDM, Agietron control, 600x450mm table with chiller unit & Filtermist (1998)
MJT Duo-MULTI-Tech twin head EDM machine (1997)
MJT EDM Machine, Heidenhain DRO, 400x250mm table
Wickman 1-80HC EDM, MC75-3M controller
2x Agie E10X Mondo 50 EDM, Agie Futura control
Agie Mondo Star 50 EDM, Agie Futura IV control
Lumonics Laserdyne 550 single head laser, Lumonics control (1996) with Kemper Plasma Fill fume extraction unit (2020)
Lumonics single head laser, Laserdyne system 94W laser process control (1997) with Kemper Plasma Fill welding fume extraction unit (2020)
4x MJT Delta laser, 30kva, Heidenhain control (1993-1996) with ICS TAE Evo 051 chiller unit (1997-2013)
MJT Tornado laser P50 Heidenhain control (2001) with Parker Hiross ICE022 chiller unit (2008)
M&T Welding Systems robotic welding cell with Almega AX-V16 6 axis robot, 2x 700mm dia powered manipulators, Thermal Arc WC100V plasma welder, Welding Control arc length controller etc, s/n MT6020446 (2004)

Zoller Smile 420 tool presetter (2017)
Nikken E450 tool presetter (2005)
Nikken Wasp tool presetter (2006)
Eurowa Preset 2D Basic tool presetter, Heidenhain DRO (2001)
Nikon SMZ800 stereo microscope on bench
Pexit shadowgraph, 900x200mm table
Zwick Roell ZHV30 low load Vickers hardness tester (2020)
Indentec Zwick Roell ZHR 8150BK Rockwell hardness tester (2017)
Mitutoyo SJ-410 surface roughness tester with digital control & printer
2x Olympus Delta BX41M-LED laboratory microscopes
Olympus S2X7 microscope with light source
Buehlar Simplimet 1000 automatic mounting press
Instron 3382 tensile tester, 100KN load cell
Kemet Servocut 401-MM laboratory cutting machine (2010)
Thermo Scientific Heratherm OGS60 laboratory electric oven, 250degC (2019)
4x Crown Windley granite surface table & 5x Trimos digital height gauges
2x Air Technique electric fan assisted box oven, 325degC, 30kW (2011)
Single door electric fan assisted drying oven
Saracen electric drying oven, 70 degC temp, roller feed
Barlow Whitney fan assisted electric oven, chart recorder
Monmonth Circular 1400 fume cabinet
Fumtech FSL electric fan assisted class 4D furnace, 800-1100degC
Crack detection line with penetrant tank, spray wash, oven & developer booth
Fluoroescent inspection room with extraction, black light lamps, UV lights etc

1500kg swl single girder overhead crane, Kasen 1000kg SWL electric overhead crane & Kasen 1000kg swl electric overhead crane (2016)
Hoistquip 12 pillar gantry system with Stahl 8000kg crane, remote control, 45m x 6m approx
Wharton 3 ton twin girder overhead crane, pendant control, 8m span (approx)
Qty OTC, Hoistquip, Kasen, Olympia etc overhead crane gantries, 125kg to 1.6ton SWL with electric chain hoists, pendant control (to 2003)
OTC 750kg SWL curved continuous loop single girder track crane with 3x Verlinde electric chain hoists
Qty OTC, Hoistquip, Kasen Cranes etc girder / floor mounted swing jibs, 125kg to 500kg SWL with various electric chain hoists, pendant control

SCR Comp SCR150V-8 rotary packaged variable speed air compressor, 110kW (2017)
SCR Comp SCR75DV-8 rotary packaged air compressor, 55kW (2016)
3x Parker Hiross Hyperchill chiller units (2008/11)
Conair Churchill chiller unit
2x HPC SK26 compressors, 3x air receivers etc
Karcher HDS6/10/4C steam cleaner (2016)
Cardev CMS coolant mixing station (2000)
Genster 40ft metal shipping container (1991) & similar 20ft container
Guyson Euroblast 10SF System blast cabinet with extraction (2015)
2x USF Ventus bead blast cabinet with shot reclaim & extraction (2001)
Abrasive Developments AS20 autoflow dry honing unit with DCE extraction
Hodge Clemco Enviraclean Series 1000 media blast cabinet with reclaim system (2009)
Mecwash Midi 400 aqueous basket parts washer, Allen-Bradley control (2007)
PDJ model PJDD-2000-1000-R-2.2 filtration air bench (2018)
2x Lakestyle extraction work benches
Extraction bench with Donaldson Torit Downflo extraction system
Vapourmatt Vapourmaster 1315 water blast cabinet, twin glove (1998)
Kerry / Guyson 5 station prewash line with auto loader
Ceratex VBTA600 vibratory rotary bowl in soundproof enclosure
2x Hisonic heated cleaning tanks, 240v
Twin water washing tanks in enclosure
2x Nilfisk vacuum cleaners
ESAB OrigoVac Cart mobile fume filtration unit (2018)
Dustraction extraction unit (1999)
Donaldson model SME36-R extraction system, 22kW (2008)
Kemper 90100100 15kW air extraction unit with air handling unit, 10000 Mn3/hr (2003)
Kemper System 9000 Type 998700803 extraction system (2003)
Bulk water tank cooling system with pumps & MTA TAE020 chiller (2004)
Pryor G7 DOT marking machine (2017)
3x GPT pneumatic riveters on benches (to 2019)
Pryor Marktronic Multidot 2068-2 marking machine (2005)
Bench mark 320 marking system, Telesis TMC240 keyboard
Fast tap 400 2L2500APB bench type tapping machine
Workbenches, trolleys, pallet trucks, cabinets, surface table, tooling, Freddy, tipping skips, lifters, lockers, canteen, Dexion heavy duty boltless pallet racking etc
Various sized self contained filter / fettling booths with equipment - extraction, benches, fettling tools etc
Water booth & test rig with pressure gauges, s/s tanks etc
Flashroom with chemical storage cabinet, Safety Kleen filter bench, shaker, LMS refridgerator etc (2018)
Self contained firewall soundproof inspection room with air conditioning, lights, etc. 4.6x3.5m footprint
Qty mobile forkable tipping skips, Empteezy chemical / paint / oil / coolant stores, metal & plastic chemical / oil storage trays, drip trays, Ex Rated 4 bag extraction unit, Padpack machine, wrapping area, sealers etc
Single door fan assisted electric drying oven. 4 tank sensitivity line with extraction
Twin jet wash cleaning station & hot water rinse tank, etc etc.

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