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2x Vistek V1606 chassis with cards inc: 9x V1614,...

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2x Vistek V1606 chassis with cards inc: 9x V1614,...


2x Vistek V1606 chassis with cards inc: 9x V1614, 2x BO46, 6x BO43, V1623, V1633, 4x V1610 PSU, BO45-4, 2x BO82S, BO61

Auction - Siemens, AgustaWestland & others

Broadcasting Equipment: Qty Tandberg Evolution E5720 & E5710 encoders.
Qty Vistek modular system 1606 chassis with Qty DTUD 3020, BO43, V1614, BO46 etc cards
Qty dB Hawkeye chassis with Qty V1614, BO42, BO48, V1634, BO43 plug in cards
Qty SCT Broadcast RX1 DTT network remote control digital terrestrial receiver. 2x Tandberg TT6010 MPEG2 receivers. Qty SCT Broadcast RX1 DSAT dual, BNCS / Local satellite receivers. Qty SCT Broadcast RX4 DTT 4x Digital terrestrial receivers. 
Qty SCT Broadcast RX2 satellite receiver. Tandberg TT/220 receiver.
14x Tandberg MX5620 multiplexer. 8x Harmonic Medianode MN20-4 MUX
Qty Thomson DBX4300 broad MUX.  Qty Philips DVS3200-1 Tokenmux
Vistek V1634 audio demux. Philips CSM Mux. Thomcast SNM4000 Transmux.  
Qty Snell & Wilcox IQ chassis.  Leitch FR6804-1 digital chassis. Qty dB, BES 12 & 20 way power strips.
Qty Polistream T1000 / A4000, A4001, P4000 & P5000 screen subtitling systems
2x Divicom Harmonic Broadcast network gateway. Tandberg MPEG-2 main network adaptor
Quartz Q128-SV routers. Qty BCS, dB, etc 1U, 2U & MU5A jack fields with Qty Ulinks, BNC connector
Qty dB mains distribution units, 10 ways.  Thomcast SNM6002 DVB-PI adapter
Thomson DBS 2911 & DBS2908 channel controllers
Qty BlueBell Communications BB300R & BB300T fibre optic receiver / transmitter
4x Trilogy Sentinel signal monitoring 2x1 switches. Quartz SC1000 router controller. Advantech 610PC industrial PC. Matra Communication Matracom D-6002 DVB-PI adaptors.  Bluebell Communications 3U chassis. Qty Brand-Rex link fibre interface panels. Raritan Master Console II channel selector. Sony DME switcher DFS-700AP with DFS700A keyboard 1534.

General Electronic / Test Equipment: Qty Philips, Gould, Honeywell, Tektronix, Creston etc oscilloscopes, chart recorders, HD players, logic analysers, video cameras, matrix switchers, etc.
PQE Ltd power correction equipment inc: Harmonic filter, 415v, 50Hz, 325A, PTF 150 Auto, 150kvar (2008).
Essemtec reflow system, variable temperature, digital control.
Gallenkamph Laboratory sample furnace, 100x50x300mm ID.
6x Dartec (Epsilon) extensometers to 25mm gauge length.
DiagnoSYS Visionpoint 6500 system automated optical inspection system.
Montford Mini-P-MEOH/1 environmental chamber.