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2x Clarkson 30int taper Autolocks with collets in...

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2x Clarkson 30int taper Autolocks with collets in...


2x Clarkson 30int taper Autolocks with collets in case

Auction - AEM Products Ltd

Process / Laboratory
3D Systems sProHD-HS SLS laser sintering station (3D Printer), 381x330x457mm build envelope, 0.08mm to 0.15mm layer thickness range, 6m/s & 12m/s scan speed, 70W CO2 laser power, 1.8ltr/hr  volume build rate, Thermoflex 2500 chiller, 262hrs laser on hours, s/n 135F0094 with break out station & equipment (2013)
Maroso RG481 autoclave, 2000x1000mm internal work area, 200kg max load, 200degC working temperature, 2250ltr capacity, 26kW, VSE control, OMC chart recorder with 3000ltr water tank (2014)
PSA Technology Nitrogen 15 nitrogen generator, 2090hrs with Abbot 1000ltr receiver (2013)
DVP CPA1 9303046 integrated shop vacuum system with air receiver & control, 106m3/hr flow rate, 10mbar final pressure (2014)
Misomex KM600 kit cutter, 2000x2500mm bed with GTCO Calcomp AO digitiser & Sigmanest ver10.1 software package (1995) (software & digitiser purchased 2014 / machine refurbished 2014)
Ferranti 760C manual CMM, Renishaw PH6 probe, 37x26" grade A granite bed, 16” under head, s/n A716 (1982) with Aberlink 3D software (software purchased 2009)

Machine Tools / Small Tooling
L&W Machine Tools Cyclone VMC-1100 CNC VMC, Fanuc control, 24 tool ATC, 4th axis, s/n 00M250047 (2000) (delayed collection – December 2017)
Fadal VMC6030HT CNC VMC, 62x30” table, 21 tool ATC, Fadal CNC88 control, s/n 8803369 (high speed update to control) (delayed collection – December 2017)
EMT (Edbro) ES061 14ton heated platen / laminating press, 500x500mm platen, 450x450mm capacity, 7 bar, B&R touch screen control, 250mm daylight, 250mm stroke, s/n 489 (2005)
Pinnacle LF-177 double ended polisher on base
Blackhawk 25ton hydraulic garage press, adj. height, 500mm between columns, Enerpac hydraulic unit
GMZ no6 manual swaging machine on base

Qty small tooling inc: BT40 taper tool holders, Wohlhaupter boring heads, 5C collet sets & fixture, Clarkson Autolocks, dividing head, Hurco collet sets etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Ingersoll-Rand GMSX558 compressor with Hankinson air dryer
40ft metal shipping container