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GFJV Highways England RDP

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 27th July 2023)



PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 25th July 2023 - by appointment only

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Opens - Friday 7th July 2023
Closes - Thursday 27th July starting from 1pm

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4x ACO SP455 kerb drain, 2x ACO 480 centre stone channels, 915mm (unused)
2x Stanton Bonna concrete drainage rings with steps inc: steps, 1350mm dia x 500m (unused)
3x Stanton Precast 1200mm dia concrete drainage biscuit / ring lid, 600mm opening (unused)
Qty Marshalls 2100mm concrete drainage biscuit / ring lid, 600mm opening (unused)
5x concrete drainage biscuits / ring lids, 600x600x100mm (unused)
4x FP McCann 1050R, 1260mm dia concrete drainage biscuit / ring lid, 600mm opening (unused)
3x various 1050, 1260mm dia concrete drainage biscuit / ring lid, 600mm opening (unused)
21 lengths orange smooth traffic signal ducting, 94mm dia
Qty roll white ground fabric & white plastic ground sheeting
5x various lengths black plastic rigid carrier pipes to 6m, 300mm dia (unused)
10x 6m lengths black plastic rigid carrier pipes, 230mm dia (unused)
8x various size black plastic rigid carrier pipes to 1000mm dia
Qty Marshalls Beeny half battered concrete drainage kerbs, 500x300x300mm (unused)
Qty Marshalls concrete drainage gullies, 500x440x380mm
Qty Retention Systems RS115 duckfoot sockets for installing posts, bollards, signs etc (unused)
8x Marshalls concrete gully pots
7x ACO KD280 splayed kerb drain channel, 1000mm, 3x various ACO gully access kerb drains (unused)
Qty concrete drainage gullies, 1000x260x280mm
8x 6m lengths black plastic rigid carrier pipes, 230mm dia (unused)
20x Polypipe black rigid carrier pipes, 6m x 150mm dia. 4x precast drainage chamber riser pieces, precast drainage 100mm chamber. 4x precast 250mm T-shape riser blocks
9x concrete drainage kerbs, 1000x240x250mm
9x Marshalls steel drainage inlet kerbs, 500x250x210mm
5x Wrekin Steel highway grated drains, 600x600mm, 2x Wrekin Steel highway drains, 400x450mm
7x various ACO steel access gully drains
2x Stakka Communications duct box cover & frames, 1000x1000mm
6x NAL traffic signals, street lighting duct box cover & frames, 490x340mm
26x various bull nose concrete kerbing inc: taper, straight, curved etc to 900mm on 3 pallets (unused)
15x concrete curved kerbs, 900x260x120mm (unused)
13x Marshalls 125x255 splayed ext radius kerbs, 1000mm
Qty yellow buff tramline paving slabs, 400x400mm & red buff blister paving slabs, 400x400mm
Qty concrete paving slabs, 450x450mm
Qty red engineers bricks on pallet. Marshalls red Keyblock block paving, 200x100x60mm
14x various Stakka modular ring sections, 150mm deep. BT 2 section chamber lid, 1400x700mm
NAL Stakka Box Systems duct chamber lid with frame, 1000x1000mm
8x rubber riser blocks, 580x430mm, 380x220mm openings
Qty RB150 black plastic rigid electric cable ducting, 6m x 150mm dia (unused)
5x Polypipe black plastic rigid filter drain ducting, 6m x 300mm dia
12x Marshalls concrete drainage gullies, 500x440x380mm on 2 pallets
Qty ACO kerb drain channels. 4x ACO 480 kerb drain centre stone channel 913mm, 2x ACO SP455 access unit, 500mm long (unused). 10x Polypipe Rigid Drain 225mm dia junctions
11x various Polypipe connectors, 260-360mm approx
14x RBDB94x90 electric cable ducting bends, 900mm x 90mm dia
18x FlexSeal joiners for Polypipe ducting inc: PA1540, PA1530/M, UA05, PA1560/M etc
9x Polypipe 90deg rigid drain junction, 225x150mm
3 pallets various size rubber ducting seals with pipe lubricant, M-Seal joining compound etc
Qty various size FlexSeal stainless steel / rubber collars inc: 175-200mm, 485-510mm, 335-360mm, 150-165mm TA16090 etc
16x Polypipe ducting joiners, 300mm dia
Qty various pre formed plastic inspection chambers, 300mm dia
3x Polypipe 600mm rigid drain double socket couplers, 3x Polypipe 400mm rigid drain junctions
10x FlexSeal AC3609 elastomer seals, 3x FlexSeal AC2655 elastomer seals, various Polypipe reducers, double socket couplers etc
12x Polypipe rigid drain double socket 450mm couplers
23x ACO drain buckets. 8x Polypipe rigid drain bends, 225mm x 22deg
15x various size riser blocks to 600x150mm (2021)
5x Polypipe rigid drain double socket couplers, 550mm dia
Qty Pre formed plastic inspection chamber, 1500x600, 4 outlets (100/150/225 dia)
Qty various inc: ACO inlet / outlet connector 160mm double socket couplers 80mm dia, junctions, bends etc

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