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BBC Archives - Phase 2

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 1st December 2022)



PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire - Items moved for convenience of sale

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 29th November 2022 - by appointment only

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Opens - Friday 11th November 2022
Closes - Thursday 1st December starting from 10am

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Multi phase disposal programme due to the reorganistion of the archive facilities 2022 to 2024
Over 250 lots of High Quality Broadcast Equipment.

Studio / Broadcasting Equipment:

Sony PVM-L2300 LCD video monitor
4x Panasonic WV-CM1000/B video monitor
Qty JVC TM-1000PS, TM-A10E-K, TM-A101G, TM-1010PN, TM-1011G CRT studio monitors
2x Sony BVM-A20F1M colour studio video monitor
3x JVC TM-H1750CG colour studio CRT monitor
Ikegami TM20-80R & TM20-20R CRT studio colour monitors
Qty Sony DVW-500P, DVW-522P, DVW-510P, DVR-2100, DVR-18P etc digital video cassette recorders / players
Sony J-3 digital compact video player, 1711 drum hours
Sony J-30 digital compact video player, 1335 drum hours
12x Studer A807 reel to reel recorder - reproducer on stand
10x Studer A807 reel to reel recorder - reproducer on mobile stand
4x Studer A807 reel to reel recorder - reproducer in aluminium transit case
11x Studer A807 reel to reel recorders - reproducer
4x Studer A810 reel to reel tape recorder
Studer B67 reel to reel recorder in metal transit case
3x Sony Broadcast BU-276 mobile rack inc: Sony BVH-3100PS videocorder, Sony BVM-1302P CRT monitor, Tektronix scope, Tektronix waveform monitor etc
Schlberger Enertec twin reel 16mm magnetic film unit, with power supply and plug in cards
Miranda M142-9900-301 DV to / from digital audio-video codec
DV bridge with cables in case
Qty Teletest OZR3580 & OZR32700 TFT LCD monitor rack mount system
Pair PMC TB2 professional speakers
Sony DTC-A8 digital audio tape deck
Fora MV-40P 4 channel rack type multi viewer
Yamaha 03D digital mixing console
Qty various Pro-Bel Chyron Freeway chassis with plug in cards
8x Courtyard CY250 VT clock
8x 3Com 3CRBSG2093 network switches
2x Telestream PL-SC Pipeline single channel SDi network encoders
2x Telestream Pipeline quad encoders
Goodmans maxamp active loudspeaker
Qty Kramer VS-4216, VS-4228 bi-directional matrix switchers
Qty various Belkin Omniview Pro 4, 8 & 16 port KVM switches
Qty various Snell & Wilcox ARC 100 & ARC 150 aspect ratio converters
8x Bel Digital Design 7000 delay synchroniser
2x Dwight Cavendish automatic signal switcher
Zander DX16 multiviewer
2x Courtyard CY620D serial digital legaliser
2x Sony PCM-3348 digital audio recorder with Sony RM-3348 digital audio recorder / remote control
Leitch FR-684 video distribution amplifier
Qty Sony PCM-R500 digital audio tape recorders
3x Jebsee AV-484 audio/video 4 way amplifiers (boxed)
Pair Yamaha active monitor speakers
Tektronix 1731 & 1735 waveform monitors
Tektronix 1721 vector scope
2x Snell & Wilcox prefix CPP100 compression pre-processor
Convergent Design SD-Connect audio level meter
Qty various Quartz router controls, EA-PS2012-10 power supply
Quartz Evertz Q32 Series data router
IBM, APC rack type keyboard / monitors etc
Avitel TRE1039 VITC/LTC timecode recorder
Kramer FC-4046 video multi coder
Kramer VM-1010 programmable video distributor
Kramer VP-61XL 6x1 VGA / audio switcher
Kramer VP-61RS 6x1 VGA switcher
Kramer VM-10AR11 video audio distribution amplifier
Kramer VS-4228 8 port bi-directional matrix switcher
6x Kramer VS-55 5x1 dual wideband switcher
7x various Rohde & Schwarz DVS rack type media storage frames
IBM L53 Storage Works LTO tape library
3x Sony BVH-3100PS videocorder
Video logic DRX-601ES digital radio tuner
Audyssey ACM1HB calibration microphone (boxed)
Pair Trust monitor speakers
Lacie D2 Quadra V2, Rezzer R1 media storage units
CDM 640 multisystem converter
Jebsee AV-484 distribution amplifier
3x Alpermann & Velte rubidium S1 control units with cables
Miranda DV-Bridge & DV Interface unit with cables
2x Elo ET1215L-7CWA touch screen monitors
Qty various Belkin cables
6x JVC TM-15L1D LCD display monitors
JVC LM-15G LCD display monitor, Sony CPD-121CE character display
Kramer 6241N 4x1 Sdi switcher, Kramer VM-30AYC 1:3 audio / S-Video DA
Qty various Panasonic DMR-EX88, DMR-EX773, DMR-EX83 DVD recorders
4x HP OptiPlex 840, 820, 800, 380 workstations, etc etc.

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