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BBC Archives - Phase 1

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 29th September 2022)



PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire - Items moved for convenience of sale

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 27th September 2022 - by appointment only

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Opens - Monday 19th September 2022
Closes - Thursday 29th September from 9.30am

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Multi phase disposal programme due to the reorganistion of the archive facilities 2022 to 2024
Over 700 lots of High Quality Broadcast Equipment including:

Lund & Halsey maple / blue 2 tier studio desk, 2 section, 3x1.6m approx
Lund Halsey maple / red 2 tier studio desk, 2 section, 3x1.7m approx
Studer A80 RC MKII reel to reel recorder - reproducer
Studer 1.328.250 varispeed parallel control 
2x Nagra Kudelski NTA3 TCS reel to reel recorder
Nagra Kudelski NTA2 TC reel to reel recorder - reproducer with Taco M1 monitoring module
2x Sony BVH-3100PS video corder with equipment in Sony BU276 mobile tape machine rack
2x Sony BVH-2000PS video corder with equipment in Sony BU210 mobile tape machine rack
2x Sony BVH-3100PS video corder
Sondor A90 Mag bay reel to reel recorder - reproducer
IBM LTO robot tape storage library
Tektronix 1721 vector scope
Tektronix 1735 & Tektronix 1731 waveform monitors
Ikegami ASP-15 auto set-up probe
Philips PM5639 colour analyser
Miranda DV bridge
DK Technologies PM5639 colour analyser
Pro-Bel Chyron Freeway modular chassis
Courtyard CY250 VT clocks
Rane AVA22 audio / video alignment delay
Flying Cow Midiman 24bit digital / analogue converters 
Qty Edirol MA-15D stereo micro monitors
Keith Monks LS1.8 speakers
PMC DB1 5 speaker system
PMC LB1 speakers
PMC TB1 speakers
Fora MV-40P multi viewers
Telestream dual HD Pipeline encoders
JVC KM-H3000 multi format production switcher
Xenyx 802 2-bus mixers
Yamaha 01V 96 digital mixing console
Vision SP-100 speakers
Fostex 6301B personal monitor speakers
Canford Audio 76-361 personal monitor speakers
Belkin Omniview Pro 8 port KVM switches
Snell & Wilcox motion compensated conversion platform
Bel 7000 delay synchroniser
Bel 8150 audio delay
Bel 7000 digital delay synchroniser
Klark Teknik DN500 comp / lim expander
Qty Sony BE-2000 editing control units
Qty Rogers, Chartwell, Harbeth etc monitor loudspeakers
2 pair Harbeth LS3/5A monitor loudspeakers
Philips SDC 2000 Spirit Data Cine film scanner
Lipsner Smith CF 9200 ultra sonic film cleaner
Thomson Shadow STE-B1 telecine
Qty Sony DVW-500P, DVW-522P, DNW-A65P, DNW-A75, DNW-A22P, DVW-510P, DVW-2000, DSR-200P, DVW-M2000, DSR-70P, DSR-1800P digital video cassette recorders / players
Qty Sony CVR-75, VO-9600P, VO-7630 video cassette recorders
Sony BVW-22P video cassette player
Panasonic AG-7500 video cassette recorders
Studer A812 reel to reel recorder / reproducer
18x Studer A807 reel to reel recorder / reproducers on stands
2x Nagra Kudelski 1033 reel to reel tape recorder
Audio TC monitoring module Taco M1
Sony PCM-R500 digital audio recorder
Qty various Kramer FC-4046 video multicoders, VM-1044 video component distributor, VS-4228 8port matrix, VM-61RS VGA switches etc
Alice Mono Pak, Alice DA pak, pro match 1 match paks etc
Avitel 1039 time code readers
Avitel TPR 1040K time code processors
Quartz router, router controls etc
Dwight Cavendish automatic signal switcher
Monarch audio deluxe 18B D/A convertor
Snell & Wilcox ARC100 aspect ratio convertor
Snell & Wilcox TBC synchroniser
Snell & Wilcox Prefix ARC-12L aspect ratio convertor, CP100 compression pre-processor
Sony J-H3 digital HD compact player
Sony J-30SDi digital compact video players
Qty Sony J-3 digital compact video players
MTR HPA-2 stereo 2 channel headphone amps
Tascam RC-828 remote control unit
Tascam RC-848 remote control unit
2x Sony PCM-3348 digital audio recorders with Sony RM-3348 digital audio recorder remote control units
Leitch FR-684 video distribution amp
JVC SA-T411E time base corrector
Alice MSU 10 transmission monitor
Tascam IF-88AE digital audio interface unit
Zander DX16 multiviewer
Sony HVR-M25E digital HD video cassette recorder
Sony DSR-25 digital video cassette recorder
Sonifex RM254 audio reference monitor unit

Dolby DP571 Dolby E encoder
Dolby DP570 multi channel audio tool
Courtyard CY620D serial digital legaliser
Dolby LM100 broadcast loudness meter
Blue Lucy cage generator
JVC BM-H1400PNKA CRT monitor
JVC TM-1500PS CRT monitors
2x JVC TM-100 PRS CRT studio monitors
2x JVC TM-A10E-K CRT studio monitors
2x JVC TM-H150C CRT studio monitors
JVC TM-H1950C CRT studio monitor
4x Ikegami TM20-20R CRT studio monitors
Ikegami TM20-80R CRT studio monitor 
Sony BVM-20F1E CRT studio monitor
8x Marshall V-R563P-SDi rack type monitors
6x Ilyama Prolite T3234MSC touch screen LCD monitors
TSL PPM units
Tektronix WFM601A serial component monitor
Electronic Visuals EV4131 component waveform monitors
Sony PCM-R700 digital audio recorders
Tektronix TSG-170A NSTC television generator
Tascam DA-98HR digital multi recorder
Tascam DA-88 digital recorder / reproducer
Sony PCM-2800 digital audio recorder
Sony PCM-2700A digital audio recorders
Sony UVW-1400AP video cassette recorders
Qty various PC base units, patch panels etc, etc.

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