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February Collective Sale - Electronics

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 17th February 2022)



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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 15th February 2022 - by appointment only

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Opens - Monday 7th February 2022
Closes - Thursday 17th February starting from 10am

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Over 650 lots of Electronic / Measurement / Broadcast / Communication equipment inc:
Agilent 81110A pulse generator with 2x 81111A output modules
Tektronix 1411 Multiburst pal signal generator. Tektronix 521A pal vector scope. HP 180TR with 8557A spectrum analyser, 0.01-350MHz. Solartron / Schlumberger CD1740 Scope, DT 50MHz. TEK 106 square wave generator with mains lead. HP 651B test oscillator. BBC/ Gorez HT100 temperature chart recorder.

Philips PM6671 high resolution timer / counter, 120MHz.
Meratronik G432 function generator. TEK 2901 time mark generator. Greenpar adaptor kit EIN, BNC, UHF. Racal Dana 9904 universal counter timer. HP 10020A resistive divider kit. Thandar/ RS TF600 frequency counter 600MHz. HP 8013B pulse generator. 4x Omitest Hy-Trak 100D faults locator. TEK/Sony 381 pal test monitor.
Data Pulse 101 pulse generator. Data Pulse 88 pulse generator.
TEK 453 scope, DT 50MHz delay sweep. HP 1743A scope, 100MHz. 3 x HP 1740A scopes.
Thomson-CSF ILS LF generator. Racal Dana 9478 frequency distribution unit.
2x Agilent J5490A Lan probe. 2x HP 8508A vector voltmeter. 2x Anritsu ML2437A power meter.
2x RTT systems 100/58R line test set. 2x Hameg HM605 scope. Philips PM5646 TV test signal generator. Tektronix TDS2012 oscilloscope DT 100MHz. Tektronix TDS2014C 100 MHz 2GS/S 4ch oscilloscope. Qty Philips PM3065 & PM3055 scopes.  Flann 18310-02 attenuator. Flann 15360 rotary phase changer. Flann 20/7-2 frequency meter. Flann frequency meter. Flann 1711 rotary attenuator. Flan 1811 rotary attenuator. HP P382A variable attenuator. 2x Thomson-CSF RME392 ILS test set. Agilent J2127A transmission test set. HP 3488A switch/control unit with 44476B microwave switch & 44477A modules. Philips PM 5715 pulse generator, 1Hz-50MHz. HP 8011A pulse generator
W & G DLA-9D dataline analyser in carrying bag with manual. RN electronics 5102 comb generator with manual
DI-LOG F10-240 16th addition tester with manual, lead, printer, scanner, in 2 padded bags
TEK TM503 with FG504 40MHz function generator
Avo Biddle bite 246005b-47-CE miniature battery impedance tester with leads & manual
Meggar OTP510 & OLS510 fibre optic source & power meter. 3x Solartron/Schlumberger 7060 systems voltmeter 6.5 digit
British Aerospace F1-93756-001 1200W electric load. HP85 computer with 82936A & 82903A & 82937A cards
2x Marconi 2955 accessory kit. 2x Casella thermograph. Anritsu MN54A attenuator
TEK 465 scope, DT 100MHz. TEK TM 5003 with DP100 digital video probe with probe & grabbers
2 x Solartron 7040 DVM's. 2x General Radio 874-GA adjustable attenuator
Box of General Radio GR connectors / adaptors / cables etc
2x Solartron/Schlumberger 1250 frequency response analyser
Wayne Kerr / Farnell E30/2BT PSU, 0-35v / 0-2.4A twice
2x APC ES400 uninterruptable power supplies. Martindale Micro PAT+ PAT tester
HP 54600B scope DT 100Mhz with pouch, probes & front cover
Racal Dana 4008 & 3300 digital multimeters. HP 8640B signal generator.
HP 8662A signal generator low phase noise, 10kHz-1280MHz
HP 16500B logic analyser with 16550A 100/ 500MHz timing & spare 16522A patten gen card
HP16500A logic analyser with 16510A 25/ 100MHz timing & spare 16522A patten gen card
Paradise datacom P1500 frequency standard. HP 5335A universal counter
Farnell LT30-2 PSU 0-30v / 0-2A twice. Farnell L30-1 PSU 0-30v / 0-1A
Wayne Kerr / Farnell PSA3505A PSU, 0-35v / 0-5A. Marconi 2604R electronic voltmeter with probes
Marconi 2610 True RMS voltmeter. TEK 464 storage scope, DT 100MHz
Racal Dana 9084 synthesised signal generator. HP 3708A noise & interface test set
2x TEK P6202 FET probe, DC-500MHz with manual in case. TEK P6201 FET probe in case
TTC Fireberd 6000A communications analyser. TTC Fireberd 1500A data error analyser
Fieldworks FW 8000-366 portable bus analyser. 6x Durotech R86ONR rubber reference blocks
2x Hatfield 2115 attenuator, 0-100dB. 3x Muirhead D-239-A attenuator
RF connector adaptor kit EIN, BNC, SMA etc. 3x Lambda Genesys Gen 50-30 PSU, 0-50v / 0-30A
Farnell PSG1000 synthesised signal generator, 10Hz-1GHz AM/FM etc
Farnell PSG1000B synthesised signal generator, 10Hz-1GHz AM/FM etc
Farnell AMM 2000 auto modmeter, 10Hz-2.4GHz. 3x Cirrus Research CRL254 sound level meter & CRLS11E calibrator. 2x HP/Agilent 33321H ATT, DC-18GHz, 70dB (10 dB steps)
HP/Agilent 33320H ATT DC-18GHz, 11dB (1 dB steps). 2x HP Agilent 33313C coaxial switch, DC-26.5GHz. 2x Bird 100-5A-MFN-03 attenuator 100 watts 3dB
Weinschel 40-10-43 attenuator 150 watts 10dB. HP 3582A spectrum analyser
Solartron SI 1255 HF frequency response analyser. Fluke 5200A AC calibrator
HP 5351B microwave frequency counter, 10Hz - 26.5GHz. HP140T with 8556A & 8552A LF spectrum analyser. Rohde & Schwarz SMS2 signal generator, 0.1-520MHz AM/FM
2x EIP 545A microwave frequency counter, 10Hz - 18GHz. EIP 575 source locking microwave counter 10Hz-18Ghz. 2x HP333A distortion analyser. Pentagram PTS7100A EMC preselector
HP 3478A digital multimeter. HP 3456A digital voltmeter. HP 8018A serial data generator
Farnell D100-1 PSU 0-100V 0-1A digital meters. ISO-Tech IPS 303D PSU 0-30V 0-3A digital
2x Thandar TS3021S precision DC PSU. Gould TA11 recorder with input module 13-4565-15
Qty AVO 8 multimeters. Ernest Turner electrostatic voltmeter. 3x Racal 9008M modulation meter
2x Anritsu MD6430A network data analyser in carry case with PSU with leads, etc
Singer Eaton/Ailtech 93491-2 spiral cone antenna 1-10Ghz
PCB Piezotronics inc 305A accelerometer kit incl 12 x 305A accelerometers, + mounting blocks
HP/Agilent 8110A pulse generator option 1x UN2
Aeroflex / IFR / Marconi IFR 3413 signal generator 250kHz - 3Ghz
2x Agilent 34970A data acquisition /switch unit. Agilent E4401B spectrum analyser, 9kHz - 1.5GHz
IFR / Marconi 2029 vector modulator 800MHz-2.51GHz. IFR/Marconi 6203B microwave test set, 10MHz - 26.5GHz. Rohde & Schwarz SML 01 signal generator 9kHz - 1.1GHz
5x Rohde & Schwarz NRVD & NRVS power meters. 2x Rohde & Schwarz URV35 level meter
Rohde & Schwarz URVD RF millivolt meter. Rohde & Schwarz CMU200 radio communication tester option B56, U66. Rohde & Schwarz SMU 200A vector signal generator
2x Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ 03B signal generator, 300kHz - 3.3Ghz
2x Marconi 2380/2382 spectrum analyser 100Hz-400Mhz with linking cables
Marconi 2370 spectrum analyser & display with linking cables + TK2373 frequency extender
Comark 6660 microprocessor thermometer. Time 1051 resistance box, 0.01-900k ohms
Hatfield 2105 ATT 0-100DB 1DB steps, 50ohm. Rohde & Schwarz NRVS power meter
3x Rohde & Schwarz URV-Z7 RF probe in case. 8x Tinsley resistance standards, 0.05-100k ohm
Qty Omega UWTC-2 universal wireless thermocouple connector.
2x Bruel & Kjaer 4383 accelerometer. 2x Endevco 2242M 5A accelerometer.

Qty Endevco 2220C, 2222C, 224C, 226C & 228C accelerometers.
Sunrise Telecom Sunset MTT basic colour test set. Thales Navigation SPAA-05 satellite positioning antenna alignment tool. 2x Sunrise Telecom Sunlite E1 test sets. New focus 3501 optical chopper. 8x Nardalert XT D8862 personal monitors. BICC Data Networks isolan repeater. Qty various electronic communication books.  
2x HP Agilent 33311B coaxial switch, DC, 18GHz. Anritsu MP1570A sonet / SDH / PDH / ATM analyser.
2x HP 4191A impedance analyser, 1-1000MHz. GN Nettest CMA4000 communications media analyser. Avo RM215-L/2 AC/DC breakdown leakage & ionisation tester. Global Specialties 5001 universal counter timer.
HP 8157A optical attenuator, 1300/15500mm. Bentham 223 lock in amplifier, Bentham 217 BIN / display.
2x Mi Ling TAP-1000 test article protector. Qty various SMA semi rigid connectors. Anaren 70340 coaxial mixer, 2.6 - 5.2GHz. 3x Narda 4053-10 directional coupler, 2.6 - 5.2GHz. Aethra D2000 Pro ISDN analyser & tester. Wavetek 164 30MHz sweep generator. HP 37732A telecom / datacom analyser. HP 8131A pulse generator, 500MHz. Rohde & Schwarz RBD UHF attenuator / dummy load, 0-600MHz, 50ohms, 100W.
Digi-Pas DWL-3000 XY Professional digital level & vibro meter. HP 8405A vector voltmeter. HP 11729C carrier noise test set. Rohde & Schwarz PSM7 industrial controller. Keltec Florida SR620-20 microwave amplifier, 2 - 4GHz. HP 1662AS logic analyser / oscilloscope. HP 8566B spectrum analyser. Marconi TF2020 synthesised signal generator, 50kHz - 520MHz. SEI velometer in carry case. Cox 303 multi standard coder.
3x Barco CM33 colour monitor. 2x Terra Universal nitro watch system.
Druck DPi 515 pressure calibrator / controller. Keltec Florida CR620-20 microwave amplifier, 4 - 8GHz.
6x various chassis PSU's inc: Gould, Coutant, Advance etc. Fluke 5450A resistance calibrator. 2x HP 11713A attenuator / switch driver. Wayne Kerr RA200 frequency response analyser with AD51 display store. Marconi TK2375 tracking generator amplifier. Rotek 650 high current adaptor. HP 11715A AM/FM test source.
Bruel & Kjaer 5996 deltatron amplifier with PSU. Exact 737 function generator, 30MHz, log / sweep. Marconi TF2300B FM/AM modulation meter, 4 - 1200MHz. Huntron Tracker HTR1005 B-1S. Qty various connectors.
Wandel Goltermann level meter, PS-60, SPM-60 & level generator. Marconi TF2020 synthesised signal generator, 50kHz - 520MHz. Lakeshore 100GE current source. Macam UV103 UV radiometer.
Qty various scart leads, junction boxes etc. Marconi TK2374 zero loss probe, 50Hz - 200MHz.
FMI 17/6-3 phase changer. CEL P147-12 digital frame store synchroniser timebase corrector.
19" Equipment rack 1800x600x650mm on wheels with sides, back door & power board
Qty various Tektronix oscilloscope spares. 2x Farnell LT30-2 stabilised power supply, 0-30v, 0-2A. Iso-Tech IGC 2231 function generator. Tektronix 2430 digital oscilloscope. Feedback SFG611 sweep function generator, 12MHz. 2x Willtek 2201 prolock, 2G & 2G testing units. JJ Lloyd R701 7 decade resistance box. Racal 6103G digital radio test set. Racal 6511 mobile emulator. Qty various Toridial mains transformer, degaussing coil, 2x Belling Lee mains 250v radio interface filters. HP 70427A phase noise interface. HP 85650A quasi-peak adaptor. HP 11848A phase noise interface.
HP 4800A vector impedance meter with 4801A plug in.

Stamford Research SR510 lock in amplifier. Princeton 188 ratio meter. Rohde & Schwarz ZPV vector analyser, 0.3 - 2000MHz. Marconi 6311 programmable sweep generator, Marconi 6500 automatic amplitude analyser in 2 transit cases, 10MHz - 20GHz. Marconi 2380 display, Marconi 2386 spectrum analyser, 100Hz - 26.5GHz.
2x HP 6654A system DC power supply, 0-60v, 0-9A, HPIB
Fluke 8520A digital multimeter. Wavetek 172B programmable signal source. Dranetz PP1/P power platform, various current probes & leads in transit case. Wiltron 6759A-10 sweep frequency synthesiser, 10MHz - 26.5GHz. Marconi 2955 radio communications test set in transit case.
4x Jenelec JE/SC250-CP-001 power supply. 4x Cisco Systems Catalyst 2960 plus network switches.
4x Rohde & Schwarz PHU901 UHF amplifiers (boxed & unused)
Qty NEC UH101X 1250W power amplifier. 3x Com-Tech C-DC3A39/3C UHF 3 slot 1+5/8" directional coupler, etc.
Tektronix DPO7104 Digital phosphor 4 channel oscilloscope.
Fujikura FSM-70R+ SM MM fixed V-groove ribbon fusion fiber splicer, CT-50 cleaver & RS02 stripper.
JDSU ONT-506 optical network tester. JDSU / Viavi T-BERD / MTS-6000A handheld modular test set.
EXFO FTB-8510G packet blazer 10G Ethernet test module. EXFO MAX-635 MaxTester copper & DSL test set.
Agilent N5106A PXB baseband generator & channel emulator.
Viavi FiberChek inspection & analysis probe, etc etc.

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