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BBC Wales - 3 Day Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th & Friday 20th November 2020)




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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Monday 16th (pm) & Tuesday 17th November 2020 - by appointment only

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Bidding Opens - Monday 9th November 2020
Bidding Closes - Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th & Friday 20th November 2020

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OVER 2,500 LOTS:-

Mercedes Sprinter 413 CD white OB van, 2148cc engine, 05reg with equipment
Sony Petasite tape library, csm-200bf storage management system. 4x Sony csma-ail2f drive attachment kit (circa 2010)
Steenbeck ST 6000 16/35mm 1 plate combination editing table (signed by Chuck Jones USA animator in 1992)
Glensound GS-GC5 ISDN mixer. ARG D224E microphones
Bayer Dynamic headphones. 1200mm dia interview table
Denon DN-1100R, Tascam MD-801R minidisc recorder.Sansom Servo 120A amplifiers
Qty various Rogers LS5/8, LS5/9, LS/3 5A monitoring loudspeakers (some with amplifiers & stands)
Yamaha 02R digital recording console. Hear back HB-MIX1 controls. Qty various microphone stands. Mobile Accostick screens.HHB CDR-850 compact disc recorder. T.C. Electronic dual effects processor
Denon DN-C635 CD players, Fostex CR500 CDR master recorders, Tascam MD-350 MD recorders, monitors, Dynaudio BM5A speakers, Wharton digital studio clock, etc
Quad 50d power amps. Sony DVS-7000 mixer. Sony BVU-800P video cassette recorder
Sony J-3 compact player. JVC DLA-S10 projectors, Sony DNW-A22P digital video cassette players
Sony DNW-A75P digital video cassette recorders. H & H V150-L MOS-FET amps, Harmonics band limiters
Philips DCR750 digital video cassette recorders. Tektronix 1781R video measurement set
Sony DME-3000 digital multi effects. Sony CCU-M7 camera control units
Sony DSR-25 digital video cassette recorders. Philips PM 3632 logic analyser
Tektronix WFM-300 waveform monitor
Qty various Sony, JVC, Panasonic, LG, CRT, LCD, plasma etc monitors (some on stands)
4x Technics professional record decks with headphone amplifiers in wooden surround
3x EMT 938 professional record turntable
SONY pcm-7010, PCM 7040 digital audio recorders. Sony DMX-R100 digital audio mixer
Glensound MX6 S6/124 control. H & H electronic AM8/12, Quad 521F power amps
Foundry network, HP, Cisco, Dell, etc network switches, servers, workstations, storage, etc
Evertz 7700 multi frame. YellowTec VIP Digital voice processor
KRK KROK 100W speakers, spirit absolute 4P speakers, M-Audio DX4 speakers
8x Studer A80RC mkII reel to reel tape machines. 4x Quad AM8 / 16 monitoring splitter amps
Sony DSR-1500AP digital video cassette recorder. Intake studio room inc: CTP Systems CT05 custom talkback panel, Harbeth 20 mastering series professional monitor speaker, JVC TM-1700PM-K CRT monitor
Curved wooden studio desks. Sony HDV 1080i digital HD video cassette recorder
Sony DSR-1800P digital video cassette player. Qty various rise / fall tables
Tarnoy Precision 60 speakers. CTP CP05 talkback panel. Sonifex Redbox. Canford double twin PPN, monitors, etc. Lyrec reel to reel tape deck. Tascam MD-30 MKII minidisc player.Soundcraft spirit absolute zero speakers
Sony TA-F248E integrated stereo amp. Tascam MD.301 MKII minidisc player
Denon DN-M2000R minidisc recorder. Digital studio clock. Hexagonal interview table
Eurorack Pro RX1202FX mic / line mixer. Cambridge audio amp. Wharfedale Diamond 6R speakers. Revox ASC reel to reel tape machine. Eurorack mixers. Boston HD5V speakers
Glensound TBP-001A talkback unit. Sony DSR-570WSP digital camcorder in carry case
Drake Easi-Com II. On-Air lights. TSL monitoring unit. RTS KP-32. Carbonite XRoss controller. Leitch up / down timer. Yamaha DM1000 mixer, 16 channel. Various monitors inc: Hanns.G, LG
Blue curved custom consoles studio desk. Digital studio clock. Sonifex Redbox RB-SS10 analog source select
Shortcut 360 systems playout control. Sony MDS-E12 minidisc recorder. Tascam MD-801R minidisc recorder
Calrec 8 channel mixing panel. Denon DN-C630 compact disc player. Large Qty various patch panels
RTS-KP-32 talkback units. Mentor ADB lighting technologies. Ikegami TM20-20RP CRT monitor
Sony RCP-750 remote control panel. Tektronix WFM601M serial component monitor
Quartz router panel. Canford rack mount monitor. Digital studio clocks. Evertz production timer
Prospect Ammio mix monitor unit. Matrix codec. Sonifex Sentinel audio logging index
Tektronix VM700A video measurement set. Tektronix 211.
Leitch studio clock. Sonifex network audio logger. Aeroflex spectrum analyser, 1kHz-3.0GHz
3x Axon Trac superservers. Cleaver DAB50 receivers. 9x Technics ST-GT350 stereo synthesiser tuners
Anevia X10. Qty various patch panels. Dynatech UTAH-300 audio routers. Quartz monitoring routers
Emerson Avocent HMX6000 series KVM. Pro-bel eclipse chassis / routers.
TSL PAM2-3G16-MK2 dual monitoring unit. Pixel power HD graphics processor. Digidesign 9100-32268-202 D-Control mixing desk
PMC surround sound system. Qty Sony RCP-750 & Sony RCP-720 remote control panels. Sony DNW-A75P digital video cassette recorders. Tektronix WVR600 waveform rasterizer. Siemens ADB 24 channel lighting desk. Ikegami TM20-20RP CRT monitor. Trilogy command units. Technics twin record reproduction deck in wooden surround. Soundcraft RM1D digital 12 channel mixer. Shortcut 360 systems sound affects machine
HH Electronics V150-L mos-fet amplifiers. T.C. Electronics D22 digital broadcast delay. Evolution Pro BXM-242L3G multi format monitor. Genelec 8020A bi amplified speakers. Glensound express box. TV Logic LVM-243W multi format monitor. Tektronix WVR5000 multi-format waveform rasterizer. Sony SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorders VT2. Digital studio clocks. EVS LSM XT remotes. Harbeth 20 monitoring speakers. Sony DVS-7250 system switcher control panel. Klark Teknik DN735 solid state recorder. AKG solid tube microphone. Canford On Air light. Leitch studio clocks. Klotz Digital VADIS DC 11 24 channel mixer desk
Behringer MDX4600 audio interactive processor. Focus Rite platinum octo pre 8 channel mic – pre & dynamic
Neumann TLM103 microphone. Technics professional turn table with built in amp. Digidesign command 8 mixer. Yamaha P3500S power amplifier. Yamaha 02R digital recording console, 24 channel. PMC TB2S-A speakers. VXP Crystalio pixel magic. Tascam DA-98HR DTRS. DFC Gemini DFC2 16 channel dubbing / mixing console. Fostex D-25 digital master recorder. PMC Speakers. On Air Interview light. Draper Baronet Projector screen. Nuemann P48 microphone. Mackie 1402 VL2 pro mixer. Logic DFC 16 channel mixing desk
T.C. Electronic TC icon remote control. Black Magic studio hub. Sony SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorder. AMS Neve AES 960 digital 1/0 module. Avid sync HD. Mitel SX-2000 Light PABX system, etc.

Audience System TXM 150 seat telescopic platform seating system with handrails, 3 section, 6 stage with 2x Enerpac hydraulic handling system (2006)
Qty Quartz etc colour Kahouteck 2000 studio lights with pantographs
ARRI L7-C, ARRI C10-C, Desouti, Videssence, Canara studio lights
3x various Vinten mobile camera tripods. Shotoku i-Height camera tripod
Studio curtains, drapes, 2x 4 wheel towable trailers, etc. 

Victor floor sweeper. 
Bunded Portastora, 2900x2100mm flammable store
Makita NS1013 pull down chop saw, 240v (2008)
Startrite table saw, 28x30” table. Stanley air compressor, 8 bar, 5 litre
Makita LS0815FL pull down chop saw, 240v (2018)
Honda EG 3000Y generator, 110/240v
Nilfisk Alto ATTIX30-01PC industrial hoover, 240v. Henry micro hoover, 240v
Piller Uniblock UB-420-5/5R UPS, 420kva, 183229hrs
Perkins 800kva diesel standby generator, 1500rpm V12 engine, Newage generator, 1559ltr fuel tank
ABAC B3914-150T air compressor on receiver
Cool Technology 250L air receiver
2x Dalkin EWLD750EJYNN001 4T chiller units, PCO terminal control on skids (2010)
2x floor mounted free-standing mezzanine floors, 9x4m & 10x5m approx. with staircase, etc.

Contents of shop inc: display stands, counters, fridges, McFarlane Telfer counter / salad fridges, Pelican Rouge Coffee Art Plus coffee machines. Lincat boiler, Duait panini grill
Connection zest lime / white stackable canteen chairs
1500x700mm white canteen tables with lime green benches
Aures touch screen tills with 2 mobile pay stations
Sharpe 1000W / R-21ATP stainless steel commercial microwave oven
Buffalo hostess plate warmer, 240v. Buffalo soup pots
Williams cream upright deli fridge. 2x Electrolux stainless steel upright fridge, mobile
Stainless steel storage racks, sinks. Qty various shelving, pre-tables, trolleys, crockery, cookware, etc
Foster BC20 kitchen blast chiller. Nice N26 ice cube machine
Hobart AMX TS-ION stainless steel dishwasher (2014)
Victor HC21MS countess junior stainless steel hot cupboard
Electrolux under counter stainless steel fridge. Robot Coupe R201X2 dicer, 240v
Electrolux stainless steel blast chiller. Polar refridgeration stainless steel upright fridge
Wrapmaster 4500 wrappers. Hobart NCM30 stainless steel floor standing mixer
LEC Essen Chill stainless steel upright freezer. 2 door stainless steel hot plate
Pitco Frialator 2 basket fryer. Hobart basket fryers
Victor HC30MS hot counter / cupboard. Victor BL100H1Z oven 
Lincat stainless steel electric oven. Falcon stainless steel 6 ring gas oven / hob
Falcon Chieftain stainless steel gas hot plate. 2x Falcon E7204 fan assisted gas oven (2011)
Stangard 60SM stainless steel gas grill. Insect-o-cutor insect killer, 240v
Falcon gas hob. Falcon hot plate. Lincat twin basket fryer. 2 door warming cupboard. Stainless steel tables, trolleys, sinks, shelving. Aquatec stainless steel dishwasher. Casio TE-8500F electronic till
2 door / single door under counter fridges. SMEG FAB28R03 pink upright fridge.
Hyper moon pure DICHROIC disco lights. Wall mounted speakers, etc.

Telepresence 2 Cisco system TX 9000 conference suite, triple screen, curved walnut desk, built in microphones, touch screen control
Connection silver frame grey leather stackable meeting chairs (2014)
2x Edge Design purple upholstered high back seating pods with matching table, 1200x600mm
Qty various upholstered 2 / 3 seater red, green, blue, orange, yellow & black sofas
Qty various colour swivel office chairs. Multi-compartment storage cabinets
Orangebox, BOF Boss, etc upholstered leather sofas, Vitra, Senator
DTEN DB0355 monitor on Rocol stand
4-seater black leather effect chrome leg sofas
2 door black storage cupboards, 40x20x29”
Black leather effect office chairs. BOF white office desks, 1400x800mm
Qty various wall & door building signs
3x inflate offices in bags with pumps
Phoenix 4620 series combination safe, 120min data protection
Cardiac Science defibrillator
Qty various prints, paintings, photographs, rugby shirts, posters (some limited edition)
Freego Eagle electric bike, 2x ladies, 2x men
2x Raleigh stow away 7 foldable bikes
Laurence & Nash upright piano
Casio CT470 tone bank keyboard, etc.

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