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Meggitt PLC Phase 1

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 9th September 2021)




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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 7th September 2021 - by appointment only

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Opens - Tuesday 31st August 2021
Closes - Thursday 9th September starting from 10am

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Machining Centres / Drilling:

Mazak Mazatech HV-800 CNC horizontal machining centre, twin pallet, Mazatrol M Plus control, 800x800mm pallet, coolant, swarf conveyor, 120 tool ATC (1998)
Matsuura MAM72540 5 axis CNC machining centre, 15000rpm, 40 pallet stacking system, 130mm dia, 210 tool carousel, Yasnac CNC control, swarf conveyor (1997)
Kitamura Mycentre-H500 twin pallet CNC horizontal machining centre, Fanuc system 11M control, 500x500mm pallet, 60 tool ATC, swarf conveyor
Kitamura Mycentre-3 CNC VMC, Fanuc 6M control, 970x470mm table, 20 station tool changer (1983)
Kitamura Mycentre 3/835 CNC VMC, Fanuc 11M control, 1100x520m table, Tecnomagnetic 620x400mm mag table, Easiload station, 30 tool ATC
Enshu model VMC 530 CNC VMC, Fanuc series 15-M control, 1300x550mm table, 30 tool ATC (1989)
Kitamura Mycentre 1 CNC drilling centre, Fanuc series 0-M control, 750x360mm table, 20 tool ATC
Turning Centres:
Mazak Integrex 70 CNC turning centre, Mazatrol T Plus control, swarf conveyor, filtermist, 120 tool ATC, coolant (1997)
Mazak Integrex 50 CNC turning centre, Mazatrol PC-FUSION-CNC 640 MT control, swarf conveyor, coolant, 60 tool ATC (1999)
Gildemeister Twin 500 CNC twin chuck turning centre, Siemens Sinumerik control, 20 pallet auto load / unload station, swarf conveyor, coolant, 80 tool ATC (2002)
Miyano BNC-34C CNC turning centre, 6 tool turret, Fanuc OT control, swarf conveyor
Nakamura-Tome TW-20 CNC turning centre, twin 12 tool turrets, Driven tooling, twin chuck, swarf conveyor, Fanuc series 16-TT control, Sameca bar feed, toolsetter (1992)
Mazak Quick Turn 15 CNC turning centre, tool presetter, parts catcher, swarf conveyor, Mazatrol control, 8 tool turret, Sameca Monosam 65 long bar feed (1988)
MHP MT-65 CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc OT control, tailstock, 12 tool turret (1987)
MHP MT-65 CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc OT control, tailstock, 12 tool turret with Multifeed MX1B CNC bar feed (1987)

Drilling / Boring:

Herbert 4 spindle inline drill, power all spindles, 46x16” RF table, 74-1455rpm
Pollard Corona 36” radial arm drill, 30x20” swivel RF table, 55-1210rpm
Pollard Corona 36” radial arm drill, 34x26” RF tables, 55-1210rpm
Kitchen & Wade 42” VII type machine heavy duty bed type drill with 920x500mm traversing table, 8.5-800rpm
SIP MP-3K jig borer, 520x380mm table, 75-2000rpm, rotary table
SIP MP-2H jig borer, 700x320mm table, 200-3000rpm, MTE power brake
Grinding / Linishing / Polishing:
Elliott 821 surface grinder, 500x200mm mag chuck with coolant
Jung Berlin D7 internal grinding machine, coolant
Wickman Scrivener No1 centreless grinding machine, filtermist, 18” dia control wheel, 10-90rpm (rebuilt 2004)
Cincinnati tool grinder, 40x5” table. Turner 100mm horizontal belt linisher on base
Rowland 30” double disc grinder, Cleanmist filtration, coolant & swing jib
Lumsden 93ML twin column vertical spindle rotary grinder, 60” dia magnetic table
Lumsden 93LE twin column vertical spindle rotary grinder, 60” dia table
Lumsden 91ML/214/11678 rotary grinder, 900mm dia magnetic table
Lumsden 4 wheel grinding machine, 12” max wheel
Wolf 8” DE grinder on base & 10” DE grinder
Abwood DE grinding machine, 8” dia, twin table
Roebuck 8” DE grinder on base
Vanco Flexiband model 1 vertical belt linisher, 25mm wide band
Bridgeport turret mill, 42x9” table, power feed, belt head, 67x4600rpm
Somua vertical milling machine, 68x14” table, 25-1250rpm
Schaublin type S3 horizontal milling machine, 44x10” table, 38-1510rpm
2x Cincinnati Hypowermatic bed type milling machine, 67x15” table (1972)
Cincinnati horizontal milling machine, 1040x250mm table, 50-1500rpm
Herbert No 12B heavy duty capstan lathe, 6 tool turret, 5-640rpm
Herbert No-9C-30 capstan lathe, 6 feed turret, 22-600rpm, 24” chuck
Cazeneuve HB500 centre lathe, 9” CH x 26” b.c., 40-3200rpm
Britan collet chuck lathe, 69-2470rpm, 1m manual bar feed
Gear / Honing / Pressing:
Fellows gear shaper with change gears, 20” dia table
Delapena SpeedHone Electronic EM honing machine, 200-2500rpm
Heinrich Schmid 800T hydraulic press, light guards, 42x42” bed, strip loader, straightener, scrap chopper (1976)
PJ Hare AM300 Brake Master press, 40kW capacity, 100mm stroke, 620x550mm table (2004)

Walther Trowal CD600 parts rumbler, 1450mm dia (2017) with Walther Trowal 1550mm finishing rumbler, soundproof lids & control
Almco Supersheen VT710EU powered parts basket rumbler, 840x600x600mm capacity
Walther Trowal rumbler, 1700x800mm shaker with conveyor, platform etc & 1500x1500mm vibration table
Walther Trowal 1400x600mm rumbler with 3 stage cleaning system
RDM wet back paint spray booth, 2.6x2m with extraction system
RDM wet back paint spray booth, 4.5x2m, twin extraction
AEW electric fan assisted oven, 770x800mm shelf, 90 & 190 degC test temperatures
Product Finishing Plant electric fan assisted twin door walk in oven, Eurotherm controllers, 2.1x1.8x3.5m work area, 100kW (1996)
Vixen Tristar TSCON through feed parts washer & dryer, 300mm wide track conveyor (2002)
Turbex 2100 parts washer, 1.9kW, 270kg max capacity
2x Vixen Jetair VM42 shot blast cabinets with extraction, reclaim system, media hopper / filter (2014)
Vixen Jetair VM42 media blast cabinet (2001)
Turbex Finnsonic CRD-50 heated ultrasonic cleaning / drying line, 3x cleaning tanks, 8.7kW drying station (1998)


Coelmo FDT45DM3-10-NE standby generator, 1500rpm, 100kva, Giotto Genset control, FDT diesel engine, 118kW (Nov 2015)
Cheltenham Induction heating ltd ISDM HF20 high frequency solid state induction heater, 20kW, 27kva, Eurotherm Chessel chart recorder (2002)
Heenan & Froude Dynameter tyre & wheel brake test (dismantled)
Holtite 5 pillar floor mounted gantry, 2 ton SWL with electric chain hoist, 6x3.7m approx footprint
5 CWT girder mounted swing jib, 10ft span, Demag electric chain hoist
Demag 2 ton SWL floor mounted swing jib, 10ft span approx. with Demag electric chain hoist, pendant control
Holtite 125kg & 250kg floor mounted swing jibs, electric chain hoists
Floor mounted swing jib with King 250kg electric chain hoist, pendant control, 2500mm span, 3000mm high approx
Qty various floor mounted / girder mounted swing jibs to 2 ton SWL, electric chain hoists
2x Megamat M248 / 257635 vertical storage carousel, 250kg max load per tray, 18000kg total per lift, 72 shelf, Megamat control (1997)
Kardex Shuttle 250-1850 x x863 NT vertical storage carousel, 270kg per shelf, 20000kg total load (2001)
Linpic Linvar 33-12-35 vertical storage carousel, 100kg max per carrier, 3500kg max per load, 250x400mm shelf x 6m length approx
Total Process WLDA842207ZTP4 cooling chiller unit, 51kW (2015)
Donaldson Torit UMA253K7 dust extraction unit, 3.0kW with control (2004)
2x Technomark multi 4 table top marking machines
Qty various metal partition offices / stores & wire mesh areas
Qty general office furniture / equipment, laboratory workbenches, tool cabinets, component storage units, pallet racking, fume extraction, water recycling units, lifter, trolley jack, scales etc.

Ipsen Heat Treatment Line inc: Ipsen DAC-4-GR furnace, 80kW,750degC, Ipsen TQ-4-GM furnace with control, 155kW, 1100degC, Ipsen G750-G nitrogen generator, 1000degC max, Ipsen WPD-4 quenching line etc
Hardening line inc: Birlec electric furnace, 800mm dia approx, 700degC, Wild Barfield TRT1020 electric furnace, 5kW, 650degC, Wild Barfield 2018C electric furnace, 20kW, 700 degC on metal platform staging
Wild Barfield twin station bell furnace, 30kW with 6 pillar gantry, 3T SWL, Morris electric chain hoist pendant control, 10x3m approx footprint
Birlec 1300mm dia electric furnace, 100-700degC
Wild Barfield HM3 electric furnace, 20kW, 650-1000degC, 350x350mm aperture
2x Wild Barfield TRT1010 free standing electric pot furnaces, 4kW, 650degC, 550mm dia with control
800mm dia electric furnace with control
Ardox free standing spray booth, 39x22" aperture
Rockwell 30UR Bench type hardness tester
Reicherter 187.5H Bench type hardness tester (1971)
Avery 6403 hardness tester on stand, 3000kgs capacity
Electrostatic NDT Line complete with overhead monorail system, Ely PD-4 developer tank, dye penetrant station, Marr Thermopak electric oven, Ardox electrostatic spray booth, H92 remover tank, Pre-wash tank etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Engine Systems (Coventry) equipment previously shown in the phase 1 auction sale flysheet is now to be included in the phase 2 auction sale alongside Engine Systems (Birmingham) equipment - further details to follow shortly.

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