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June Collective Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 18th June 2020)


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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 16th June 2020 - by appointment only

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Bidding Opens - June 2020
Bidding Closes - Thursday 18th June 2020

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Colchester Tornado 210 CNC Lathe, Fanuc 21i-T Control, 10” powered 3 jaw chuck, 65mm spindle bore,12 Station VDI 40 Turret, 18.5kW, LNS swarf conveyor, parts catcher, coolant with MBF1000 magazine bar feed, manuals (2000)
2x Cincinnati Milacron Maxim 630 CNC twin pallet HMC, Acramatic 950 control, swarf conveyor, 630x630mm pallet (1998 & 1999)
Mazak Mazaktech FH-6800 CNC HMC, Mazatrol PC-Fusion-CNC 640m control, 80 tool ATC, swarf conveyor, 630x630mm pallet (2001) (removed from FMS)
Hurco BMC30/M CNC VMC, Ultimax 3 CNC control, 24 tool ATC, 8000rpm, 1180x500mm table, swarf conveyor, s/n B3M 92107066AC
Mazak FJV-25 CNC VMC, 1250x500mm table, Mazatrol M plus control, twin pallet, swarf conveyor, 800kg max work mass, 12,000rpm, 40 too ATC with swarf management system
Mikron UME 710/900 CNC vertical milling machine, 1200x600mm table, Mikron TNC407 control (1995)

Machine Tools / Inspection / Sheet Metal / Welding
Kitchen & Wade 12/60 mkII E32 radial arm drill, 60” arm, 40-2040rpm, 48x30” CI ‘T’ slotted table
Taylor-Hobson JH 110/6635-117 engraving machine
Boxford VM30 milling machine, 600x150mm table
Brevetti B84 mitre saw, 6 bar max pressure, 1500mm wide twin supports, 2.2kW
Qty various small tooling, inspection equipment etc
EMC Chamber (shielded enclosure only - “Farday cage”) capable of testing RF Conducted Emissions and RF Conducted Susceptibility (RTCA DO160/MIL461), 5000x3750mm approx. external dimensions
3x Olympus NDT Bondmaster 1000E+ composite inspection instrument with charger
Taylor-Hobson Talyrond 61 roundness tester, 380x400mm RF table
Sigmascope 923-04 shadowgraph, 500mm dia screen, Quadra-Check 2000 control, s/n 1547
Thermo Multifuge 3S centrifuge
2x Particle Measurement Systems Lasair 11 310A-A particle counter in transit case with accessories
Cloos HWR-3DP-1200N-1250mm automatic welding station, unload / load positioner, light guards, Cloos Quinto GLC603 welder, pendant (2005)
Norton fly press
Fefi Nuova 92 pipe threader with Rigid 1/2” - 3/4” universal pipe dies

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Reliance Mercury tow tug / push back tractor, front & rear tow points, 4 wheel drive, Perkins V8 engine, automatic gearbox
Solving Mover SP80 pneumatic moving system, 80,000kg capacity, 8 bar, twin 5000x900mm platforms (2011)
Boxer Design & Manufacturing aluminium roll forming machine in 20ft container, 600mm max width x 4000mm long x 2mm thick approx, Twiflex MR decoiler & GIS 1000kg electric chain hoist
2x Hoval Ultragas 250 gas fired boilers, 250kW boiler rating, 44-250kW boiler output, 5 bar max operating pressure, 90degC max operating temperature (2014)
3x Hamworthy Purewell Variheat 180 gas fired condensing boilers, 180kW boiler output, 85degC max water temperature, 6 bar (2014)
3x climate controlled containers with built in air conditioning, heating and lighting (2017)
4x climate controlled containers with built in air conditioning, heating and lighting, & integrated caged enclosure (2017)
Filtermax SI6 extraction unit (2005)
ABB IRB6600F 6 axis robot with controller (2005)
AL Mig 35 variable drive compressor, 1250-6000rpm, 40kW with Beko Dry Point dryer (2011)
Mannsen Demag Sprint 050 compressor, 3000rpm, 30kW (1993)
I Car multimatic FH20 power rectification unit, 415v 235kvar, 50Hz (2013) (unused)
Ultrapac MSD0050 heatless regenerating adsorption dryer & receiver
2x Linde Cryoflex CTF/A4-60 through feed freezer, 4kW, 600mm conveyor (2014/11)
Clarke Devil 4055 5kW electric heater
Sip Fireball 35 freestanding heater, 240v
Mitsubishi PUHZ-ZRP100YKA3 air conditioning unit with equipment (2017)
Aerial Access S13T mobile electric cherry picker, 120kg SWL with charger
Hyster S150 gas forklift truck, 15000lb capacity, jib attachment & forks, 1780 running hours
Lansing R16 reach truck with charger, 1600kg capacity 48v, 5800mm max lift height, 2500mm closed mast height, s/n 113J12005216 (1998)
Lansing E20P electric fork truck with charger, 2000kg capacity, 48v, 3080mm max lift height, 2400mm closed mast height, s/n 335J12001520 (1998)
Parts washer, 620mm dia basket
Qty various maintenance equipment / spares inc: hand tools, power tools, sensors, spray nozzles, hoses, scales, regulators, motors, gearboxes, pumps, bag sealers, metal stands, pressure transmitters, filters, switches, V belts, cables, connectors, temperature probes etc (some unused)
Hirst HMI5084 conveyor demagnetiser (2018)
Versatool mobile work bench with lights / sockets, 1000x550x1830mm
Art Metal 1530x870mm multi drawer metal work table
Star MK VI heat bag sealer, 1000mm capacity approx
Metal lockable storage box, 1300x450mm
9x Trilogiq mobile trolleys (interchangeable)
Numatic ETB / TTB 4055 / 100 electric floor cleaner, 240v
2x Tennant battery operated floor sweeper with charger
Kobe industrial wet / dry hoover, 240v
Portotecnica Mirage 1629 mobile industrial vacuum, 2000W
Gleneagles left hand security doors
Andrews G100DV portable gas heater, 240v (2001)
Biemmedue EC40 diesel fired factory heater (1997)
IAC acoustic hearing room (dismantled)
Evacusafe evacuation chair
Leonard mobile forkable tipping skip
Atlas 1300FDA Fuel Depot bunded diesel dispensing tank, Cube 56 dispenser, 1235ltr capacity
3000x1500mm double sided floor type bar rack
20ft shipping container
4 wheel curtain sided towable trailer
Taski Combimat 500E floor scrubber / dryer, 240v
Bisley black 2 door storage cupboard, 1000x600mm (unused)
CTX container toilet block, 2x toilets, 2400x1400mm, etc.

Broadcast / Electronic Test
Over 250 lots of high quality broadcast / electronic test equipment inc:
3x climate controlled containers with built in air conditioning, heating and lighting (2017)
4x climate controlled containers with built in air conditioning, heating and lighting, & integrated caged enclosure (2017)
Qty Rohde & Schwarz PHU-901 UHF amplifiers (2017)
Qty NEC DTU-L10/6RS rack mounted transmitters, 600W (2017)
Emerson GXT4 UPS, 2000va (2017)
Certa CRT+ 400R 3kva UPS (2017)
Evertz 3405FR-BNC high capacity bulk optical conversion platforms (2017)
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Ethernet / fibre switches (2017)
HP 6622A system DC power supply
HP 54503A digitising oscilloscope, 500MHz
HP 54501A digitising oscilloscope, 100MHz
Comark 6600 micro processor thermometer
Sony IF-500 multiple interface box
Kenwood CV-1245 pal waveform monitor
EEV EZV CX1559 electronic valve
HP 8970A noise figure meter
Schlumberger 4010A stabilock radiotelephony test set
Racal 9919 UHF frequency meter
Tektronix TM501 / AM503 current probe amplifier
Keithley 705 scanner
Tektronix TM503 / PG508 pulse generator, 50MHz
2x Wavetek 164 sweep generator, 30MHz
Marconi 2305 modulation meter
Philips PM6654C programmable high resolution timer / counter, 2NS single shot resolution
Datum 9100 time code generator
Blakley Electrics STS/2/S1-13 isolating transformer, 2kva, 240v input / output, 50Hz
HP 1670D deep memory logic analyser
HP 8970A noise figure meter
2x Wavetek 172B programmable signal source
2x Soniflex RB-SM2 stereo to mono convertor
Axia Audio XY router control panel
Soniflex Redbox RB-UL4 QuadUnbal-bal convertor
Wohler VMQ-4 analog audio monitor panel
2x Hamlet DS9000 digiscope measuring / monitoring unit
Quartz CP-3200A router
Appear TV SC2000 & TV XC5000 chassis with plug in cards
Path 1 VX8000e controller
Ericsson RX8200 receiver
5x Harmonic R-PRM-1K-CHS-AC-1G-1L digital video multiplexer
3x Harmonic ELC-8230-HW-AC-L-07 encoder
2x Harmonic ELC-8140-HW-AC-L-01 encoder
2x Harmonic PRM-1K-CHS-AC-1GR-1L digital video multiplexer
4x Harmonic ION-4-HW-A-C-L encoder
2x Eyeheight controller
CSS CDQ Prima 110 stereo bi-directional codec
Evertz 5600MSC master clock / SPG
Crystal Vision SW808 controller with Crystal Vision Indigo2 PSU
Thomson Vibe CP6000 contribution platform (2016)
Murray Pro EZ-MON HD monitor unit
Prodys pronto ISDN2 controller
Telos Zephyr digital network audio transceiver
JVC DT-E21L4 multi-format LCD monitor
Schwarz Beck mess-elektronik D-6901 VHF-stormessempfanger, 30-300MHz
2x Grant 1001 Squirrel meter / loggers
Tektronix 2465A DM 4 channel oscilloscope
Fluke 6160B frequency synthesizer
2x Listen LT-82 IR transmitters with 2x Listen LA-140-GY IR radiators
AMX Optima Auto patch switch controller
Kramer VS-802 XL 8X2 vertical interval video audio matrix switcher
Pressure test rack
2x Druck gauges
2x Schaevitz gauges
2x Schaevitz pressure sensors
1x Druck sensor
Sony LMD02110W LCD monitor
JVC DT-V20L3G multi format LCD monitor
2x Intralux 4000-1 light sources
2x Lambda Gen 100-15 programmable PSU, 0-100v, 0-15A (boxed / unused)
Status Scientific PGDC53 5 point charging dock with 5x Mentor PGD3-1R gas detectors
Status Scientific PGDC53 5 point charging dock with 5x PGD2 gas detectors
Agilent 86060C lightwave switch, opt 002, 012, 051, 163, 208
Amacon EZCD parallel port CD-ROM drive (boxed)
Kodak 28612 IS HD digital camera
2x Ling Electronics TAP1000 test article protector
AVO RM215-L/2 AC/DC breakdown leakage tester
Yokogawa LR4110 chart recorder
2x HP 83480A digital comms analyser
10x Agilent / HP manuals
Qty various AC adaptors, PSU Tektronix 1106 battery pack
TSI thermo systems piezo balance respirable aerosol mass monitor
WE 401 power supply, 30v / 1A max output
Qty Evertz 400FR & 500FR exponent audio distribution frame with plug in cards
2x Vision 360 AVH4 digital video recorder, 16 channel
8x Screen Polistream U4000 subtitle screen transmission system
Stream Labs stream multiscreen chassis
Black Magic compact video hub
CTP Systems PL4XX editors earpiece volume control unit
Skytronic G-24-060 DC to AC power inverter
Tacima SC5467CL UK-USA 110-220v transformer
Qty Salcomp C39280 PSU’s
Gould VPA10 video probe amp
Leitch KL-86 Mix Box with PSU
Raritan Paragon UMT1664 KVM switch controller
2x Farnell stabilised power supply
ICT Electronics QC0053 Victoria SDH / PDH hand held test set in carry case
Dynatech 1103 V24-X21 communication convertor
3M KT110 control
3x Telesoft processor units
AC rack type power control
2x HP 3788A error performance analyser
3M KT110 controller with cables in transit case
13x Triax TMM 5X24 multiswitches
Triax TMP 5X12 multiswitches
Nemacom raklite 15 monitor, 15”
Teica DV4000 TFT 1.5” colour LCD digital video camera (boxed)
Microsoft multimedia keyboard (boxed)
HP DesignJet 500 large format printer
7x Sanus 15U mobile component racks (unused)
HP 11846A TT/4 DQPSK I/Q generator
HP 3488A switch / control unit
2x Bentham lock-in amplifiers, display unit
Bruel & Kjaer 2131 digital frequency analyser
Eaton 188A power signal source
Glassman LV33-33 power supply, 0-33v, 0-33A
Philips PM5134 function generator
Farnell TM8 true rms sampling RF millivoltmeter
HP 11713A attenuator / switch driver
HP 6033A system power supply, 0-20v / 0-30A, 200W
HP 5371A frequency & time interval analyser
Electroplan 561 telquipment monitor
Philips PM3212 risetime
Connexions UG-403 printer sharer
Endevco 2792A isotron conditioner
CED 1401 RF test unit
GR precision capacitance measurement system inc: 1316 oscillator, GR 1238 detector & 1616 bridge
Neuro log digitimer encoder interface unit
RDP dataspan 2000 chassis with rack type fan unit
Environmental equipment 1531 power oscillator
Philips PM8237A multi point data recorder
Armagard IT enclosure, 600x600x700mm, with Eaton electric panel
2x RF channel meters
Orbit controls sample & hold module
Bestobell rate monitor
3x various PSU inc: stresswave, etc
2x Litre meters, LMDA 30, M.CD.1.30
2x Marcaddy cable reels with etherflex data cable in 2 boxes
Telecommunications fireberd 4000 communications analyser
HP 6032A system power supply, 0-60v / 0-50A, 1000W
HP Idacom PT500 protocol tester in carry case
Thrane & Thrane sailor TT-3026D/S/M maritime mini-C easytrack transceiver with cables (boxed)
Thrane & Thrane sailor TT-3050C antenna
Solbraze HP handipot, 240v
Malden electronics 356A/VTS/1 frame & pattern generator in carry case
Orban Optocodec 7600 audio codec in flight case
Miranda Imaging Symphonie with 8x ADA720i analogue cards, & 8x SDA720i digital cards, dual power supplies
2x Eaton PW9135G6000-XL3UEU rack / tower type UPS, 4200W / 6000va output, LCD display
Eaton Powerware PW9135N6000-EBM3U UPS battery unit, 180v / 30A output (10AH cap)
Kikusui 838315 automatic W/I test system with control unit, 874 voltage remote controller, 871s withstanding voltage / insulation tester in mobile rack
HP Storage Works Enterprise LVLDC-0301 systems library
Qty Olson 20 socket extensions
Oce 940 electric offline folder for large formal documents, 940mm max width
FUG NTL 6000M-50 in mobile rack unit
2x RS 180-7133 light meters
2x Testo 512 thermometers
SR Digital 874-E power controller
Acacia Clarinet book-USB E1/T1 ISDN test kit in carry case
MSA 531A gas indicator
Dunlop AA 1508 wheel spin up test set
Foxboro Miran IACF general purpose gas analyser with Philips PM8251 pen recorder in transit case, etc.

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