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April Collective Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 2nd April)



PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire

Viewing Info

All lots can be viewed on our on-line auction system including photos. From Monday 30th March to Wednesday 1st April arrangements can be made for a virtual viewing by Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype etc by prior appointment - please contact us to arrange - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email:

Physical viewing is only possible where it is critical to your business process by prior appointment and with strict hygiene requirements in place.

Bidding Info

Bidding Opens - Friday 27th March 2020
Bidding Closes - Thursday 2nd April 2020 starting from 9.30am

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Over 650 lots of high quality Broadcast & Electronic Test Equipment

Broadcast Equipment
Miranda Imaging Symphonie with 8x ADA720i analogue cards & 8x SDA720i digital cards, dual power supplies
Qty Argosy 14 way MDU’s. Evertz 500FR change over frames
Evertz 400FR audio distribution frame. 2x Sony MSW-M2000P/M2100P digital video cassette players
18x Harmonic R-PRM-1K-CHS-AC-1G-1L digital video multiplexers
8x Grass Valley K2 Edge integrated playout servers
8x Harmonic ELC9240 rack type encoders. 16x Ericsson RX8200 rack type receiver
3x Soniflex RM 2S10 reference monitors. 5x Soniflex RB-UL4 quad unbal-bal convertors
2x Soniflex Redbox RB-SM2 stereo-mono convertors
Axia XY router control panel. TSL PAM2-3G16 reference monitor
2x Hamlet DS900 digiscope. Evertz EQT-32X32 series router
Soniflex CM-CU21 commentator unit. 4x Appear TV XC5000 chassis, various inputs
2x Harmonic IRD-2900 professional receiver decoder. Telos z/ip one controllers
Lynx series 5000 chassis with RX5804 quad fibre optic receivers
Soniflex PS-Play IP-Audio streaming decoder. Triax TMM5X24 multi switches
2x Screen Polistream U4000 subtitle screen transmission system
Black Magic multi view 16. Black Magic multi bridge pro. Black Magic compact video hub
Black Magic smart scope duo, 4K. Apple A1613 iMac, 27" screen with keyboard
Apple QDS-BRCM1029. Tieline Codec-Solutions bridge-it. Enensys ASI/IP video gateway. Qty various Samsung 37” to 48” flat screen televisions. Cisco Systems Catalyst 6500-E enhanced 9-slot chassis with ethernet switches & power supplies. 2x T-VIPS TVG410 gate way. Glensound GS1U-051ATM reference distribution switch with rack type power switch. 2x DB rack type 10 way MDU's. BAL floorman combiner. 2x Behringer SRC2496 ultra high resolution sample convertor, 24bit. Balprism multiviewer. Leitch KL-86 Mix Box with PSU. Raritan enhanced user station. 2x Raritan KX232 Dominion KVM switch over IP. 3x Raritan USTIP2 KVM enhanced user station. 2x Bluebell FO1100 fibre optic transceiver. 2x Bluebell BB110 fibre optic transceiver. Video Products 6200 rack fitted with 9000 multiplexer, 9000 de multiplexer
Axon SFR18 'Synapse' modular media system. 3x Matra Communication D6002 DVB-PI adapter
4x Tandberg TT1220 receiver. Tandberg TT1100 MPEG2 decoder. Cal 5050 HD TV test generator
Pal component distribution chassis. 9x Trimon ZM-SG100C 3D glasses (boxed)
Aegis Neo (one) speaker, 120W. Wayne Kerr MB300 electronic thermometer. CTP Systems PL4XX editors earpiece volume control unit. Nevion plus TV-C plus decoder. Epson R285 stylus photo printer (boxed)
Raritan Paragon UMT1664 KVM switch controller. 2x Sony Digital Betacam DVW-A510P digital video cassette player. 2x Tyco Electronics fibre termination panels (boxed)
Foundry Networks Big Iron RX-4 switch. 2x Rohs AP-34 network boxes, 2x BT Duet 60 phones, similar BT phone & Qty various brackets in 2 boxes. Skytronic G-24-060 DC to AC power inverter, Tacima SC5467CL UK-USA 110-220v transformer. Qty Salcomp C39280 PSU's. Gould VPA10 video probe amp
8 channel fibre cable distribution panel. 2x Listen LT-82 IR transmitters with 2x Listen LA-140-GY IR radiators
AMX Optima Auto patch switch controller, Kramer VS-802 XL 8X2 vertical interval video audio matrix switcher
HP Storage Works Enterprise LVLDC-0301 systems library. 45x Olson socket extensions.
Qty various Sun Micro Systems inc: 2x Nectra X1, 4x TI 105, 2x ST D130 servers, 3x Sun Micro Systems inc: 3x Sunfire X4200, Sunfire X2270 servers
32x Eaton PW9135G6000-XL3UEU rack / tower UPS, 4200W / 6000va output, LCD display, 23x Eaton Powerware PW9135N6000-EBM3U UPS battery unit, 180v / 30A output (10AH cap)
8x Sanus CFR2115 mobile 15U component racks (unused)
6x Bisley black 2 door storage cupboards, 1000mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 500mm (H) (packaged & unused)

Electronic Test Equipment
HP 8560A, HP 853A-8559A & Marconi 2386 / 2380 spectrum analysers.
2x Schlumberger 4000A, HP 8656B, HP 8656A, HP 8640B, Adret 742A & R/S SMG signal generators.
HP 3336 C Synthesised / level generator. HP 8753A, HP 8754A network analyser.
Analogic Data Precision 2020-100 Polynormal Wave form Synthesiser
2x HP 8018A Serial Data Generator. Racal 1250 Universal Switch Controller
Qty HP 5334, 5328A, 5328B, 5335A universal counters. HP 3770 B & 3771 A Telephone Line Analyzers.
Qty Philips PM3070, Tektronix 2235A, 2245A Oscilloscopes.  
HP 8350A / 83522 A Sweep Oscillator. AIM MBA 90 Modular Avionic Bus Analyser
2x HP 3325 A Synth Function Generator. HP 5343 A Frequency Counter & 5344 A Source Synchronizer
HP 16500 A Logic Analysis System with Keyboard. HP 3708 A Noise and Interference Test Set
R/S ZWOB 2 Network PolySkop. 2x HP 8970 A Noise Figure Meter. Racal 9901 & 9905 universal counter timer. Marconi 6960 RF Power Meter. HP 4815A Vector Impedance Meter. 2x HP 3575A gain phase meters. HP 3586A selective level meter. 2x Marconi 2305 modulation meter. Philips PM 3295 & 3365 Scopes. HP 1662 A Logic Analyser. HP 35665 A Dynamic Signal Analyser. HP 16500 A Logic Analysis System
Spectral Dynamics SD 345 Spectrascope III. HP 1670 D Deep Memory Logic Analyser with Pods
2x Schlumberger 4901 RF/AF Measuring Unit. Tektronix 2430 A Digital Oscilloscope. Tektronix 434 Analogue Storage Oscilloscope. Tektronix 141 A Test Signal Generator. HP 8903A Audio Analyser. Marconi 2017 Signal Generator. HP 6943A Multi Programmer Extender. HP 8614 A Signal Generator. 2x Racal Dana 9104 RF Power Meter. Philips 6650 Counter Timer / PM 6634 Frequency Converter. Cel Electronics Model 22 Television Standards Converter. HP 54111 D Digitizing Oscilloscope. HP 8642B Signal Generator. HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator. Marconi 2430A Frequency Counter. EIP 371 Source Locking Microwave Counter. HP 5345 A & 5355 A Electronic Counter. Philips PM6654C Programmable High Resolution Timer Counter. HP 8640B Signal Generator. W&G RG 1 Noise Generator. HP 3781A Pattern Generator. Yokogawa HR 2300 Highbrid Chart Recorder. Kikisui Dss 6521 Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Tektronix TM 503 & PG 508 Pulse Generator.
Tektronix TM 501 & AM 503 Current Probe Amplifier. Norbar Tools 40019 Torque Tester. 2x Marconi 2163 S Attenuator. HP 8673C & HP 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator. Qty Farnell etc power supplies. HP 5350B Microwave Frequency Counter. Schlumberger / Enertec 2710 Universal Counter. 2x HP 415E Swr Meter.
2x Wavetek 164 Sweep Function Generator. Schlumberger 4010A Stabilock Mobil Radio Test Set. Time 9821 Multi Function AC/DC Calibrator. Marconi 2330 Wave Analyzer. EEV EZV CX1559 Electronic Valve. HP 3336C Synth Level Generator. Sony PCM701ES Digital Audio Processor. Taylor-Hobson Optical Device in Transit Case. Vintage Shackman Polaroid Oscilloscope Camera in Case. 2x Marconi 6500 Amplitude Analyser
Datum 9100 Time Code Generator. HP 1631D Logic Analyser with Pods. W&G PRA-1 Frame Analyzer. Rohde & Schwarz CMTA54 Radio Communication Analyzer. Kenwood CV1245 Waveform Monitor Qty various National Instruments PXI 1000B Mainframes. Qty various Farnell, Dana, Fluke etc digital multimeters, multimeters. ElectroData ATS2E Audio Test Set in Case. Wavetek 2520 A Synthesized Signal Generator. Rohde & Schwarz SWOB5 Polyskop. HP 3779C Primary Multiplex Analyzer. HP 5345 A Counter & 5354 A Frequency Converter. HP 3710A IF/BB Transmitter & 3716A BB Transmitter. Rohde & Schwarz CMT54 Radio Comms Tester. HP 4957A Protocol Analyzer. Qty HP 54503A, 54501A digitizing oscilloscopes. HP 6942A & 6944A Multi Programmers. HP 3852A Data Aquisition Control unit with cards. R/S FSAS Spectrum & Network Analyzer. HP 8662 A Synthesized Signal Generator. HP 8690B Sweep Oscillator. Dale 600E Safety Analyzer. 2x HP 8005B Pulse Generator. Comark 6600 MicroProcessor Thermometer. Schlumberger / Solatron 7075 7.5 Digital Voltmeter. Tektronix 620 X-Y Display Monitor. Sony IF-500 Multiple Interfacebox. Philips PM3055 & HP 54600A Oscilloscope. Phillips PM2554 AC Milivoltmeter. Servomex LF 141/VP 142 Variable Phase LF Signal Generator. Datron 1061 Bench Voltmeter. 2x Wavetek 172B prog Signal Source. Technipower Variac.
HP 4191A & 4192A Impedance Analysers. HP 5371A Frequency & Time Interval Analyzer. HP 54522A Oscilloscope. SRM 100/3 Surface Resistivity / Resistance Meter. Narda 8616 Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor. Thrane  Maritime Transceiver / Easy Track. Chapel / Marcaddy AP 500 52009. HP 3702B & 3710A IF/BB Receiver & Transmitter. Eaton 445B / 188 AM Power Signal Source. Marconi TF2361 / TM9692 Sweep Generator. HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit. Solbraze HP350TCD & HP100TC Handipot with Solder. Solbraze HH 100T Hotplate. Eraser MH1 Rush wire stripper DIV. Tektronix/Sony 308 Data Analyzer. HP 4951 B Protocol Analyzer. Tektronix J16 Photometer with J6523-2 Luminance Probe. Farnell TM8 True rms Sampling RF Millivoltmeter. Philips PM6307 Wow & Flutter Meter. Philips PM5171 Amplifier/Logarithmic Converter. Malden 738 Pulse Generator. HP 11713 A Attenuator / Switch Driver. 2x Marconi 2850 & 2850S digital transmission analyser. Malden Electronics 356A/VTS/1 Frame & pattern generator. Tektronix A6902A Isolator. Misc Engineering Items Crimp tools, force gauge etc. General Radio Precision Precision capacitance measurement system 1616 bridge, 1238 detector,1316 oscillator. HP 8445B Auto Preselector. 2x Marconi 2019 Signal Generator. Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope & 7D20 Programmable Digitizer. Tektronix 11301 A Counter / Timer Oscilloscope. HP E409B Protocol tester. Bruel & Kjaer 2131 Digital Frequency Analyser. HP 89411A Down Converter. HP 8568A Spectrum Analyzer. HP 4204A Oscillator. W&G SPM 19 Level Measuring Set. HP 181A Oscilloscope. Gould DSO 4084 Digital Oscilloscope. HP 11846 A DQPSK I/Q Generator. HP 4262A LCR Meter. Shibasoku SV11A/2 Video Sweep Generator etc etc.

7x climate controlled secure containers with built in air conditioning, heating and lighting (2017) (1x complete with 3.3kW test load)

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