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Triumph Structures - Farnborough Ltd

On-Line Auction Sale

Location Farnborough, Hampshire
Viewing Info Tuesday 5th February 2019 - by appointment only
(other dates / times may also be available by prior appointment with the Auctioneers only)
Bidding Info Bidding Opens - February 2019
Bidding Closes - Friday 8th February 2019
Flysheet Availability Download Flysheet
Catalogue Availability January 2019 - Request a catalogue
Description CNC Machining Centre
CMS Antares 26/15-PX5 CNC 5 axis high speed machining centre, 2500x1500mm table, X=2600mm / Y=1500mm / Z=1200mm, twin 8 station ATC, Fanuc Remote control, vacuum pump, s/n 6497 (2013)
CMS Ares 48/18 PX5 CNC 5 axis high speed machining centre, 4800x1380mm table, X=4800mm / Y=1800mm / Z=1200mm, twin 8 station ATC, Fanuc remote control, vacuum pump, s/n 6660 (2014)

Laboratory / Inspection / Clean Room

Aeroform autoclave with controller, 220degC max working temperature, 7barG max working pressure, 2700x1650x4400mm internal working dimensions (2001)
Aeroform gas fired autoclave with controller, 250degC max working temperature, 90PSiG max working pressure, 2400x1600x4290mm internal working dimensions (1988) (moved into storage)
Aeroform autoclave with controller, 220degC max working temperature, 100PSiG max working pressure, 2700x1830x6800mm internal working dimensions (1999) (moved into storage)
Aeroform autoclave with controller, 2630x2150x6000mm internal working dimensions further details to follow (moved into storage)
Instron 5969 tensile tester, 50kN max load with controller, class 1 oven (2011) (calibrated 08/2019)
Lloyd-Ametek EZ20 tensile tester, 20kN max load with controller (calibrated 07/2019)
AEX Technologies A51025-VO reticulation machine, touch screen control, 2800x1400mm approx. work area, twin fan / heater (2011)
NDT test facility with 1850x1100mm tank, Sonatest 410D Dryscan flaw detector
EVT Gigant / 45-TOP-TRI stainless steel solvent degreaser (PERC), 36kW heating, 500kg capacity max load, EVT control (2010) (calibrated 05/2019)
Twin gas fired class 1 ovens with shared AIC controls, 93-190degC, 4.3m3 x 3.9m3 ID (calibrated until 2019)
Binder twin door environmental test chamber
72x48 granite surface table
Qty various size cleanroom benches
Nordmann RC4 steam generator
Hach Met One 3400 Ultra Analytics particle counter in case (2007)
Qty various Steinel heat guns
2x AA Adam GFK 75H digital platform scales, 75kg x 0.001kg capacity

Compressors / Extraction / Lift Equipment
Renner RSF15 variable speed compressor, 15kW, 10 bar (2018)
2x JP Sauer WP271L-100 high pressure compressor, 39kW, 30 bar, 236m3/hr, 1470rpm (2007)
CompAir Cyclon 215 rotary packaged compressor, 17.2kW, 7.5 bar (1996)
Ingersoll Rand D480LN-A compressor air dryer, 1.73kW, 8000l/min, 14bar (2017)
Ingersoll Rand TMS compressor air dryer (2003)
Cool technology 790ltr air receiver (1992)
Rednal Pneumatics 500ltr air receiver
2x Aeroform 4500x1600mm dia air receivers (1995)
2x Donaldson WMA 253K7B extraction units, 3kW (2013 & 2014)
6 bag dust extraction unit, 15kW motor. Floor type 4 filter extraction system
Clark GEX30 electric FLT, 3000kg capacity, sideshift, 4800mm max lift height with charger, triple mast (2009)
ThorWorld TMD-2T-2755-DP mobile adjustable height platform, 1100-1550mm height, 500kg capacity, 5500x 2600mm approx. platform (2018)
Komatsu Swift Stacker battery pedestrian lift truck, built in charger, 1650mm max lift height, 1000kg capacity
Advanced Handling SP-NT-VOY-1000C battery lift truck, 800kg capacity, built in charger (2005)
Konecranes 250kg capacity floor mounted swing jib, 3000mm span, 6000mm approx. high, pendant control (2018)

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous

Haimer Power Clamp VWK 7/1-S tool pre-setter (2014)
Vacublast Ventus 150PMB shot blast cabinet, single head with reclaim unit & extraction unit (2004)
Vixen JetAir titanium blast cabinet with reclaim & extraction unit, single head
RDM self-contained spray booth, 3x3x3m approx. footprint with wash facility & can shaker (2010)
Chemstore Firevault 5000x3000mm metal clad chemical store, twin sliding doors, lifting points (circa 2010)
Climavent HDCB 1509 extraction bench, 4000m3/hr, 1500x900mm work area
Pakawaste Ltd P85 horizontal waste compactor
Elite RVK60 wet / dry industrial vacuum
Sealey Power Clean 477 industrial vacuum cleaner
2x Numatic industrial vacuum cleaners
2x Numatic HZD570-2 industrial vacuum cleaners, 2400W
Stertil RR300_Plus electric roller shutter door, 2500mm wide (2011)
2x Airedale Alphacool temperature / humidity air handling units
Eco Air dehumidifier
Star MKVI bag sealing machine
Adexa stainless steel twin door freezer
2400x1400mm oil drip tray
Qty various manual pallet trucks, heavy duty boltless pallet racking, cupboards, work benches, flammable storage cupboards etc
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