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Brit SF13-11 manual pallet lifter, 700kg capacity

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Archived Lot


Brit SF13-11 manual pallet lifter, 700kg capacity

Auction - Ceramtec UK Ltd

Manufacturers of High Quality Ceramic Products:
Over 850 Lots including:- Ceramic Production, Toolroom, Maintenance, Laboratory, Factory Plant, Office / IT, etc:

Clay Production
2x Winkworth Machinery 43ZHMX dough mixers with control, 22kv motor (1980 & 1982)
Winkworth 21Z.LD.NT mixer, top loading, twin paddle.
5x Hersteller Gebruder Netzsch rotary ball mills, 6200ltr capacity, 2200mm dia approx (1977)
3x Heinrich Zeidler hydraulic slurry / filter presses, 3200mm long approx, 35 to 45 plates
Qty Netzsch etc twin sided liquid pumps, rotary slurry tank mixers, Dorst twin level vibratory sieve,  
4x Moh Pumpen, Hersteller Gebruder Netzsch waste tank mixing / agitating units
10x Mailbox Mouldings steel frame conical hoppers, 1200mm dia x 2000mm high approx
2x fibreglass waste liquid / slurry storage tanks, 2600mm dia x 2100mm high approx
10x Schutz & Dehoust 2000ltr approx plastic water storage tanks, s/s filtration, pumps, control etc
30kg capacity bonder mixer. Jacob Carl atomiser mixer (1993)

Extrusion / Pressing
Dorst V15 GSP extruder, hydraulic down stroking press, hydraulic pallet loading / unloading, adjustable feed conveyors, (refurbished 2010)
Dorst B10/5 extruder with twin infeed conveyors, down stroking press, 2100mm approx max length (refurbished 2001)
Dorst V10/5 extruder, Festool component down stroking press, belt conveyors, 2200mm approx max length (refurbished 2001)
Dorst V10SP horizontal extruder, conveyor & vacuum feeder
Dorst 110/5 extruder with infeed conveyor. Dorst TPA 50/2 extruder (incomplete)
Dorst TPA6 hydraulic vertical dry press, hopper feed, Balluff & HBM controller (1998)
Dorst TPA30 hydraulic vertical dry press, hopper feed, control, rotary turntable, conveyor
Dorst TPA 50/2 hydraulic vertical dry press, Dorst control (1990 – refurbished 1996)
Purpose built Eurofuse 9mm production line inc: Dorst V10/15 extruder, powered conveyor, 4x ceramic conveyor heaters, 9000W capacity, cooling fans, controller etc (incomplete)

13x Ceramtec 300mm capacity cutting machines, stop / start control, waste outfeed chute, product counting
2x Ceramtec horizontal multi disc tube cutters with extraction
2x Ceramtec 0531001 horizontal disc tube cutters with extraction
Ceramtec horizontal spindle single disc cut off machine with manual clamping
Ceramtec horizontal spindle twin head disc cut off / grinding machine, adjustable cutting length
2x Ceramtec 6 head rotary feed semi automatic tube cutters, 1800mm bed length, controller

Grun 4 pallet gas fired 8 burner front loading kiln, 4000x1400x1400mm approx ID, 1380degC max temperature, Stange controller, Krom Schroder gas pump system (2000)
Grun 4 pallet gas chamber kiln, 4800mm long x 2000mm wide x 2200mm high approx, 1400degC max temperature, Krom Schroded gas compressor, control, ducting, skid mounted
2x Grun DRO rotary gas kilns, 1380degC max temperature, 3x burners, feed hopper, control, rotary conveyor (2001)
Nabertherm small component electric kiln, C40 controller, 150x150x300mm approx ID, 1300degC max temp

Centreless Grinding
12x Herminhausen SR2G centreless grinders, 25mm capacity, coolant, rotary bowl feed in acoustic cabinet  (1968 to 1973 – some reconditioned)
4x Herminhausen SR3 centreless grinders, 21kW, coolant, AA rotary bowl feed & load conveyor (1976 to 1982)
Herminhausen SR1 centreless grinder, coolant, control

Washing / Drying / Rumbling
DIHR HT11 s/s rotary washer with tables (2007)
GFT V71-0 s/s top loading washer / dryer, 700mm diameter with electric hoist, 500-1000rpm (2000)
2x Walter Trowal Circion 1000mm diameter vibratory top loading wash / tumbler with control & lid
Heine Lentrifuge top loading rotary dryer, 700mm diameter, Stahl 500kg electric chain hoist
Ceramtec stainless steel drying machine
6x Walter Trowal A150 & B150 600mm diameter powered rotary rumblers, manual R&F
2x twin barrel powered horizontal rotary rumblers, 1200x800mm barrel

Inspection / Laboratory
Henry Ceramtec fuse grading / checking machine complete with vibratory infeed hopper, rotary bowl feeder, Heinz automatic infeed system, vacuum ‘good / bad’ outfeed chutes, SP Automation control system
DMC fuse quality control checking machine with hydraulic bin tipper, conveyors, QA station, control (1999)
Aeroel ILS/ALS40 laser diameter measuring machine with CE10 controller, Eurobowl feeder etc
Ohaus MB25 electronic moisture tester
Taylor Hobson Talysurf 10 roughness tester, 600x400mm table with control & readout
Mitutoyo PJ300 profile projector
Mettler Toledo ID5 digital scales, 60kg capacity. Kern DE36K10N digital scales, 36kg capacity.
Avery Weigh-Tronix H506/E1210 digital platform scales, 600kg x 0.1g capacity
5x various Metler Toledo, Salter etc digital scales. Ohaus MB25 moisture tester.
Qty inspection equipment inc: height gauges, micrometers, vernier calipers etc

Toolroom / Maintenance Workshop
Alzmetall AB35S heavy duty pillar drill, 500x370mm RF table, 25-3000rpm
Elliot No1 single spindle pillar drill, 15x13” RF table, 340-2580rpm
Axminster HD18FC single spindle bench drill, 280-2300rpm (2010)
Elliot 921 mkII surface grinder, 500x200mm mag chuck, coolant.
Ribon RUR500 universal cylindrical grinder, drop down internal, 6” CH x 16” b.c.
Maho MH600P toolroom vertical mill, power overarm, 700x400mm table, 40-2000rpm, Heidenhain DRO
Maho MH500 toolroom vertical mill, power overarm, 600x300mm table, 40-2000rpm
Ajax FUTV125 turret mill, 1250x280mm table, 35-1800rpm, Anilam SuperWizard DRO
Colchester Master 3250 straight bed lathe, 175mm CH x 1300mm b.c., 17-3250rpm, Heidenhain DRO
Colchester Triumph 2000 straight bed lathe, 7.5” CH x 30” b.c., 25-2000rpm, DigiPac 5 DRO
Emcomat bench type lathe with pneumatic grinding attachment, 65-2800rpm
Optimum PSM double ended polisher. Draper BDS368 belt & disc sander, 240v. 2x Wolf 6” double ended grinders.
Axminster AW12BSB2 table saw with extraction unit (2003)
Klaeger HBS 220 DG horizontal bandsaw (2003)
Startrite 14RWF vertical bandsaw, 14” throat, 17x17” table, blade weld attachment
Bosch CCM105 pull down mitre saw. 2.2kW single bag dust extraction
Cebora Prof90 plasma cutter. Migatronic Pilot 2000 AC/DC tig welder. RS 36R4 hand shear, 4mm capacity
Nederman wall mounted extraction unit (1999). Record N50AV powered pipe threader, 110v (1996). 36” powered rolls.

Extraction / Factory Plant / Lifting
Donaldson Torit DCE C75HK18 dust extraction unit, 18kW (2012)
Donaldson Torit DCE C50HK11 dust extraction unit, 11kW (2008)
3x Donaldson Torit DCE C484K15 dust extraction unit, 11kW (2003 & 2005)
DCE Unimaster UMA152 extraction unit, 2.2kW
Handte STWR-T cyclone extraction unit
Worthington Creyssenac Rollair RLR50V6 rotary packaged compressor, 9.5bar, 37kW (2004)
Worthington Creyssenac Rollair RLR40V6 rotary packaged compressor, 9.5bar, 30kW (2004)
2x EcoAir D50 rotary packaged compressor, 37kW (1993 & 2000)
AMD Fruilair AMD52/AC compressor dryer, 14 bar (2008). EcoAir KX60 compressor dryer (2000)
Romer 100ltr air receiver (2000). Cool Technology 575ltr air receiver (1991). Qty various Donaldson, EcoAir filters, Domnick Hunter, EcoAir oil / water separators.
Reidel Kaltechnik 965650 laser cooler unit (1996)
TYC-333 20ft export storage container, end & side opening doors (2011)
AKA 225kva diesel standby generator, 168.9hrs with bunded tank
Selbstregeinder 125kva diesel standby generator, AVK alternator, 10 cylinder engine, 353hrs
65kva diesel standby generator, Brush alternator, Lister 4 cylinder engine, 1349hrs
Qty various Reznor, Powermatic, Warmco, Darvo etc ceiling type gas fired factory heaters (to 2006)
2x Dietz FDR132MB/20 vacuum pumps with MANN filters & control
Qty Link 51H heavy duty boltless pallet racking,
16 bays light duty boltless storage racking, 1950x900mm bay size, 2000mm high approx with boards
Toyota BFBET 15 Triagg 48 3 wheel electric forklift truck, 1450kg capacity, side shift, triple mast, 620hrs (2012)
Lansing Linde E15 3 wheel electric forklift truck, 1500kg capacity, side shift (1994)
2x Jungheinrich EMC100 battery operated pedestrian lift truck, 1000kg capacity (2000 & 2003)
Pilot 2000kg capacity manual pallet truck  with Avery Weight Tronix digital scales
Qty Crown, MIC, Jungheinrich, Record etc manual pallet trucks to 2003kg capacity (to 2011)
Bizerba pallet scales, 1500kg capacity with readout & printer
Bizerba ST pallet / hopper scales, 1500kg capacity (2003)
Orwak 5031-E compactor / baler, 0.75kW (1993)
Floor mounted swing jib, 60kg SWL with vacuum lifter

Miscellaneous / Office / IT
Ceramtec AG 4 head brushing machine with suction plate, 200mm wide approx through feed belt conveyor, collator / stacker, Hengstler Signa 721 counter
Centriforce 49-10-0 coolant filtration / clarifier plant inc: 2x centrifuges, 1500ltr coolant storage tank, transfer pump & control (2001)
Keller Luft Technik Uni Star X spray booth with fume extraction, 3600x1100mm approx footprint, 809hrs
Sealey SB974 shot blast cabinet
R&D Automation automated product transfer system (2009)
Interdibipack FT 3kW continuous heat shrink tunnel. Trumpf TLF1200 Turbo laser power source
Wright ALS6 sand plant inc: Aseeco lift, steel twin compartment silo, DCE extraction, twin 500x350mm vibratory powered sieves, sand elevator etc
Qty 900x820mm forkable mounting pallets, 1850x900mm double sided stock loading pallet racks, 1200x800mm plastic pallets
Open ended wooden framed drying enclosure with 6x electric fans
Qty various waste bins, office fans, storage cabinets, ultraviolet lights, light boxes, storage racks, skips, step ladders, safety steps, lockers, foot staplers, boxes, staple guns, various trolleys, vacuum cleaners, fire extinguishers, canteen tables, workbenches etc
Sealey Premier YK30F 30 ton hydraulic garage press, adjustable height. Ryobi RBL30MVB blower (2011)
Nilfisk G582 & G583 industrial vacuums. Makita HW121 pressure washer (2013)
Nilfisk Alto Poseidon pressure washer (2013). Baccini laser machine (spares only)
2x Hako Hakomatic B650/750/850 battery floor sweepers with charger
Titan 2500ltr bunded fuel tank. 6x 1000ltr plastic diesel storage tanks. STS mobile barrel trolley.
Effluent treatment with various transfer pumps, 25ft high x 8ft approx vertical sludge tank, 3x modified skips
Qty maintenance spares inc: cable, fuses, nuts, bolts, clamps, valves, motors, pumps, relays, chart recorders, pipe fittings, switches, plastic / metal ducting, sprockets etc
Worcester Bosch 40CDi Conventional condensing boiler. Elgastat C810 pure water machine, 70 PSi.
Qty Daikin etc air conditioning / heater units. 4x Mitrefinch clocking in systems with Qty swipe cards
Qty first aid equipment inc: Cardiac Science Powerhear AEI63 automated external defibrillator, first kits, leather therapy bench etc
Qty office furniture inc: filing cabinets, boardroom table & chairs, reception seating, storage cupboards, coat hangers, dining tables, sideboards, pedestal units, upholstered chairs, security safes etc
Qty IT equipment inc: Dell, Brother, Fujitsu, Ricoh, IBM, HP, Canon, Siemens, BenQ etc PC base units, monitors, printers, photocopiers, telephone handsets, projectors, servers, scanners,  Panasonic KXBP535 white board etc
Emergency Power Systems TT20-0-3/3 20kva UPS. Secure Power Systems UPS


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