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Hobart gas bratt pan, 700x600x200mm

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Archived Lot


Hobart gas bratt pan, 700x600x200mm

Auction - BBC - Phase 1 (Canteen)

Canteen Equipment located: BBC Television Centre
MKN Hans dampf compact electric combi oven. 3x Hobart s/s electric fan ovens. 2x Rational SCC201G self cooking centres. Electrolux gas combi oven (2002)
Falcon 6 ring gas hob with twin cupboard. 2x Hobart s/s cookers with hotplates. MOFFAT Banqueting hot cupboard. Valentine s/s twin deep fat fryer. Electrolux gas multi grill
Hobart gas heated bratt pan (2004). 2x Zanussi & Falcon gas heated bratt pan.
2x Hobart gas boiling pans. 2x King Edward hot jacket potato oven. Turbo Chef s/s pizza oven
15x Foster, Williams, Electrolux, Gram s/s double fridges, under counter fridges, upright fridges.
Williams GEM chilled display cabinet. 2x True (Coca Cola) chilled display fridge cabinets.
8x Foster, Williams, Gram, Victor, Iarp, Insta etc s/s glass display fridges
Polaris s/s upright freezer. Walls freezer. Oasis, Walls etc fridge / freezers. Norcool cold display cabinet
EMA International Bain Marie, hot cupboard & shelving. Hateo warming stations.
Lincat mobile hot serving counter. Lines & Jones mobile hot serving counter.
4x Victor hot plate serving station. 2x Victor hot plate warmer
Meiko B460VAP s/s through feed dishwasher. 2x Hobart s/s glass washer. Hobart s/s dish washer
3x Panasonic NE1037, Sharp etc s/s microwave. Rhin Cher electric griddle / toasting machine. Lockhart through feed toaster. 2x Rowlett 4 slice toaster
2x American Metal Ware twin hot drinks machine (2001). Lapaziale 6x Vivaldi 11, Black & White, MF Bistro & Grindmaster fresh coffee machines.  Autonumis chilled milk dispenser. 9x Bravilor Bonamat B10, Lincat, Lyons & Brasilia hot water dispensers. s/s sinks & hot cupboard
Orwak 5030 rubbish compactor (2003)
10x canteen round tables & chairs
Qty s/s racking / shelving, sinks, preparation tables, trolleys, utensil cabinets, pots, pans, trays etc
4x s/s glass display unit

Canteen Equipment located: BBC White City
Hobart 304G high speed steam oven (2006)
2x MKN CGC211433 Hans Dampf combi ovens. 2x MKN Hands Dampf CGE610121-01 combi ovens. MKN Hans Dampf combi oven. Hobart combi oven. Leventi booster oven.
2x Chiefbain oven with 4 ring gas hob. Hobart oven with 4 ring hob. 2x Electrolux Therma single & twin steam boiling pans. 2x Electrolux deep fat fryer. 2x Falcon deep fat fryer. Emodis deep fat fryer. Euro Grill twin compartment rotisserie.
Crypto Peerless EM30 mixer, 30 ltr cap. Crypto Peerless EM20 mixer, 20ltr cap. Hobart Mixer
6x Foster, Electrolux s/s upright fridges
4x Foster s/s under cabinet fridge. Foster Upra twin compartment fridge.
7x Electrolux, Fosters & Iarp display fridges.
2x Foster s/s upright chiller blast freezer. 2x Polaris freezer
3x s/s twin hot cupboards. Nilfisk BA410 floor sweeper
Robot Coupe CL50 vegetable preperation machine. F300CL meat slicer
Hobart FTN-SC s/s conveyor dishwasher. Hobart s/s dish washer. Hobart FXD400 glass washer. 3x s/s microwaves. Hatco Toastmax toaster
Electrolux Thermaline roller grill. 2x Bakers Prider pizza ovens. Bravilor Bonamat B10 hot water dispenser. 2x Lincat hot water dispensers. Casmetal filtered water machine
Brasilia 4 station coffee machine. Instantia hot water machine. Scotnan EC45 easty-fit ice cube machine. Rowlett twin griddle. Qty Ancillary trolleys, storage bins
Qty round & rectangular canteen tables & chairs.
3x IBM 4840 point of sale system units.

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