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Cleaver Little BOX TU-16A Event Timer Unit (boxed)

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Cleaver Little BOX TU-16A Event Timer Unit (boxed)


Cleaver Little BOX TU-16A Event Timer Unit (boxed)

Auction - My Red Border Ltd

Over 150 lots including:

Electronic Test / Communication
JDS uniphase PE3 pmd elimater (2001). Fluke 2635 Hydro data bucket (no power)
Quartzlock A10B Radium frequency standard,1-5 - 10MHz
Agilent E3630A Triple Output power supply, 0.6v / 2.5A
2x Agilent 66319B Mobile communications DC source, dual output
HP 83487 Optical electrical module,1063/1250 Mb/s
HP 83485 4th order filters, 2.488/9.953 Gb/s, Opt H92 
HP 83481A optical electrical module,155/622 Mb/s
2x HP 66102A DC power supply module, 0-20v / 7.5A. Krautkramer USK7 flaw detector
2x HP 70311A clock source range,16.1MHz - 3.3GHz. 
4x Rohde & Schwarz TSMW universal communications analyser
2x JDSU OSA-110M Spectrum Analyzer Module. JDSU MSAM C100 multiservice application module
Keysight 34941A Quad 1x4 RF Mux, 50ohm. 
Sunrise Telecom RXT2000A RXT carrier module with MTT test modules
JDSU MTS8000 Family Tester. JDUS MTS 6000 Family Tester, option EM
Exper Data E20 CSMA/CD Tester in case
Anritsu BTS Master MT8221B+MT8222B High Performance Handheld Base Station Analyzer, software V.455 
in Peli carry case
AVO RM215-L/2 AC/DC Breakdown leakage & Ionisation Tester
JDSU MTS8000 Optical DWDM Analyzer in case, OSA-300 Singleport
2x Technology Wrobel AMS3 Azimuth - measurement system 3 in Peli 1700 carry case
Kaelus IPA-0900A Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyzer with RTF-1000A ranger in Peli carry case (2013)
Kaelus IQA 1800C IQA Series Passive Intermodulation Touch screen Test set in Peli carry case (2013)
LMW Electronics ST9FSV ST Survey Signal Generator in Peli carry case
Agilent N5770A DC Power Supply, 150v / 10A,1500W
2x Agilent J6827A Eight Port E1 BNC Monitor Tap in carry case
Wandel & Goltermann OLA-15 Optical Attenuator, 20dB max in carry case
Kathrein Portable Control Adaptor in carry case
Acterna ANT-5 SDH/PDH Access Tester in carry case
Sumitomo 25ES Electric Optical Fibre Fusion Splicer with equipment inc: Handy FC-7 Cleaver
Wandel & Goltermann PFA-35 Digital Communications Analyzer
Racal Fit Mobile Tester with RF Head, 1700MHz - 2000MHz
4x Westover Scientific JDSU ZP-EMD90036 Fibre Microscopes in carry case
2x Westover Scientific Fibre Endface Inspection & Analysis System with equipment in cry case
Megger TDR2000/2P Time Domain Reflectometer (no power)
Anritsu S820D Site Master broadband analyser
JSDU Fibre Check Pro Automated Fibre Endface Inspection Handheld Controller in case
Anritsu S251C/10B dual port Site Master in case. Kathrein Portable Control Adaptor in carry case
Spirent Tech-X Flex Module Cuivre with equipment in 2 cases
3x Sunrise Telecom Sunset MTT/MMC to PCMCIA Adaptor Analyzer in carry case
3x Sunrise Telecom RXT-1000 Analyzer with RXT-2600 Module in carry case
Sunrise Telecom RXT-1000 Analyzer with RXT-2000A Module in carry case
Wavetek MTS 5100e Media Test Set in case
Chauvin Arnoux C.A 8335 Power & Quality Analyzer in carry case (no power)
3x Argus 152 Network Tester in carry case. JDSU JD724C Cable & Antenna Analyzer
JDSU OBS-550 Fibre 9/125 Analyzer in carry case
2x JDUS JD723C Cell Advisor Cable & Antenna Analyzer in carry case
Argus 145+ Network Tester in carry case
Wandel & Goltermann SPM-30 Level Meter, 200Hz - 1.62MHz.
Wandel & Goltermann PS-30 Level Generator, 50Hz - 1.62MHz
HP 16702A Logic Analyzer System. Gill Instruments 1390 Aquasonic Anometer
HP 54825A Infinium Oscilloscope, 500Mhz, 2GSa/s
Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer, 4 channel. Fluke 1652 Multi Function Tester
Agilent J6830A TX Ethernet Module, Agilent N6733A DC Power Supply
2x NEC 100012721 Single Board Computer. 2x Exfo FTB-8510G Packet Blazer
2x Biro 5010 Directional Power Sensors. 2x Acternia Interface Modules
Qty Various Sunset Telecom Modules inc: RXT-2600, MTT Plug-In, SDH / Sonet etc
JDUSU HST-3000 SHDSL 4Wire Ethernet Service Interface Module

Broadcast / Electrical
Qty Various Speakers, Crossovers etc. 3x Symetrix 308 VCA Volume Control / Loundness EQ
Mipro MU-55HN Headset Microphone in carry case
Sennheiser EW100 Microphone, EW300 Diversity receiver, Body Pack Transmitter.
RDL EZ-VMD4 VGA/XGA Distribution Amplifier (boxed)
RDL EZ-VDA3B Video Distribution Amplifier (boxed)
Cleaver Little BOX TU-16A Event Timer Unit (boxed)
Australian Monitor Digi Page 8 Zone Distribution with Digi Page JR M16 Paging Microphone
BSS Audio BLU-H1F Telephone Headset Interface (boxed)
Australian Monitor Pagenet 88M Zone Paging Microphone
6x Australian Monitor Pagenet 88M Zone Paging Microphone (boxed & unused)
2x Australian Monitor Pagenet 88 8Zone Distribution with Digi Page JR M16 Paging Microphone
3x Robert Leacroft Headphone Level Indicator. Nexo 8PS Analogue TD Controller
Mipro AD-707 UHF 4 Channel Antenna Divider. Symetrix 8X8DSP Audio Matrix
Gentner SPH 10 Analog Broadcast Interface. Drake PD5030 Chassis inc: 3x PD9486B Cards
Audio Design ProBox 10 Sample Rate Convertor. BSS Soundweb 9088 Network Signal Processor
Robert Leacroft Headphone Level Indicator. Camco Vortex 4 Amplifier
Cleaver MA4120MP 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier. DBX Zone Pro 640 Digital Zone Processor
Dedicated Micro's Ecosense Recorder. JVC A-K11 Stereo Amplifier, JVC T-X22L Quartz Stereo Tuner
Rolec MT1000S6 Broadband Multituner. 2x Soniflex DAW-PT Production Office TBU
Magni Monitor Base Unit. Symetrix Cobra Link Symnet Audio Matrix
Nuvo Simplese Whole - Home Audio System. TOA A-2030 PA Amplifier. QVIS CCTV multiplexer
Yamaha CDR-HD1300 Natural Sound HDD / CD Recorder
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C Upsampling Compact Disc Player
Pace PSM8000 4 channel SMA TV system. Rotel RT-9508X AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Soundlab AX70 Amplifier. TOA A-506U Amplifier. Miles M59 SD Cue Dot Generator
Work Disco 500 Power Amplifier. Wegener Communications chassis with plug in cards
Snell & Wilcox Prism Precision Digital Decoding System
Nikko STA-5010 AM/FM Stereo Receiver. 3x Mipro ACT-82 Digital Wireless Receiver
2x Symetrix ARC-PS Adaptive Remote Control Power Supply (boxed & unused)
Symetrix 440 Foreground Audio Controller (boxed)
Mipro ACT-52 Wireless Receiver in carry case
2x Sennheiser EW500 G3 True Diversity Receivers in Green Transit case
Furman ARPro AC Line Regulator, TSL 12 Way MDU'S in Transit case
Camco Vortex 4 Amplifier, DBX Zone Pro 640 Digital Zone Processor in Transit case
Phonic Icon 760 Professional Amplifier in Transit case
2x Rauch Precision DVT250S 2 Channel Amplifier, 525W in Transit case
Quest Q Tech QTA2120P 2 Channel Power Amplifier (boxed & unused)
Furman PS-Pro PE PL8 Multi Stage Protection Linear
Fusion AMAV 80P Subwoofer with 4"Satelitte Speakers, Cables etc (boxed & unused)
Qty Various Electrical Spares inc: Magno sensors, Diodes, Sockets, Meters etc
Fitel S326 Optical Fibre Cleaner in case
Qty Various Weyers, Muirhead etc Gearheads / Motors / Stepping Motors / Synchro Control Transmitter, Motherboards etc