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Aqueas dip pressure test rig, 900x650mm pneumatic...

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Aqueas dip pressure test rig, 900x650mm pneumatic...


Aqueas dip pressure test rig, 900x650mm pneumatic lift platform

Auction - Baxi Heating UK Ltd - Auction Sale


FMS Fastems System inc: 3x Toyoda FH630S CNC HMC’s, 630x630mm pallet, Fanuc Series 30i Model A control, 1x 90 tool ATC & 2x 40 tool ATC, swarf conveyors (2004) & Mazak Mazaktech FH-6800 CNC HMC, Mazatrol PC-Fusion-CNC 640m control, 80 tool ATC, swarf conveyor, 630x630mm pallet (2001), load / unload stations

2x Cincinnati Milacron Maxim 630 CNC twin pallet HMC, Acramatic 950 control, swarf conveyor, 630x630mm pallet (1998 & 1997)

Mazak FJV-25 CNC VMC, 1250x500mm table, Mazatrol M plus control, twin pallet, swarf conveyor, 800kg max work mass, 12,000rpm, 40 too ATC with swarf management system (1996)

Mikron UME 710/900 CNC vertical milling machine, 1200x600mm table, Mikron TNC407 control (1995)

Gildermeister-Devlieg Microset & tool presetter, DRO


Welding / Factory Plant / Miscellaneous

Cloos HWR-3DP-1200N-1250mm automatic welding station, unload / load positioner, light guards, Cloos Quinto GLC603 welder, pendant (2005)

Qty various mig & tig welders - further details to follow

Mecwash Midi 400 component wash, E300 control, 600ltr wash tank, 390x600x250mm capacity (2002)

Guyson Alka – Jet C BSRT-M1111 component wash, 380x600x300mm capacity, Siemens OP7 control (2004)

Nederman Filtermax SI6 extraction unit (2005)

Carver mobile fume extraction unit

Knoll AF110 oil / coolant filtration system, 14.7kW (2004)

Donati CBBA floor mounted articulated arm swing jib, 125kg SWL, electric chain hoist, pendant control, 12ft span approx (2017)

Eepos floor mounted swing jib, 125kg SWL, 14ft span approx., pneumatic lifter (2016)

Demag floor mounted swing jib, 125kg SWL, electric chain hoist

Floor mounted swing jib, 125kg SWL, 8ft approx. span, Demag electric chain hoist, pendant control

6 pillar gantry system with pneumatic lifter & Demag electric chain hoist, 4m span x 12m length approx.

4 pillar floor mounted gantry crane, 125kg SWL, Demag electric chain hoist

3x Handling Concepts Assist Arm Cector 100 articulated arms

Water pressure test station. Various pressure testing rigs

Qty various gluing stations, assembly, pressure testers, leak detection, flow meters, etc

Qty cleaning / fettling stations. Qty various welding booths

Avery 3205 CLE floor type scales, 405lb capacity

Qty workbenches, tooling, miscellaneous, pallet trucks, stillages, tipping skips, oil drip trays etc

Ajax Crusader 8” DE grinder on base

Foundry Equipment

Loramendi SLC3 60L CF core blowing machine, 80ltr blow capacity, 600ltr air tank capacity, 85kva, with ABB IRB6600F robot core handling system, Luber gassing unit, MDR-2 sand mixer, hydraulic tank & sand installation, FMS vent (2005)