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Gastronorm 90 under counter fridge

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

Gastronorm 90 under counter fridge


Gastronorm 90 under counter fridge

Auction - Schaeffler (UK) Ltd Auction

Over 1,100 lots of high quality equipment used in the bearing / tappet manufacturing industry including:
Mori Seiki SL-2500 BMC CNC turning centre, Mori Seiki MSD-501 II control, 10 tool turret, tail stock, swarf conveyor (1998)
Mazak Quick Turn 10N CNC turning centre, Mazatrol Cam T-2 control, swarf conveyor, 8 tool turret, setting probe, tail stock, 4000rpm
Mazak Multiplex 620 MkII CNC turning centre, twin 12 tool turret, twin chuck, Mazatrol T plus control with cut feeder, 80 bar feed, tool setting probe, swarf conveyor (1995)
Mazak Dualturn 20 CNC turning centre, twin 12 tool turret, twin chuck Mazatrol T plus control, tool setting probe, FLEX-G2-100C load / unload station, 10kg load cap, swarf conveyor (1998)
Bridgeport VMC 460-12 CNC VMC, 835x360mm bed, Easi Load Airmatic, 12 ATC, Heidenhain control (1994)
Maho MH600E milling machine, 35x18” table, 80-4000rpm, coolant, tooling, 4th axis, 092978hrs, s/n 64403
Harrison Alpha 400 CNC lathe, 8” CH x 50” b.c., 15-2500rpm (1996)

Drilling / Honing / Milling

QS QSR radial drill, 750x530mm RF table, 60-1750rpm
2x Meddings Drilltru single spindle bench drill, 500-4000rpm
Meddings MB4 single spindle bench drill, 10x11” RF table, 80-4000rpm
Uniprize bench type single spindle drill, 300mm dia RF table, 240v
Delapena Speedhone honing machine, s/n 2677
Bridgeport turret mill, 42x9” table, powerfeed, Sin Pro DRO11-2M control, s/n 297810179U
Bridgeport turret mill, 48x9” table, powerfeed, riser block, Heidenhain control, s/n 486930691Y
Bridgeport turret mill, 48x9” table, powerfeed, 50-3000rpm, Heidenhain control, s/n 2324805765
Bridgeport turret mill, 42x9” table, powerfeed, Heidenhain control, shaping attachment, s/n 334780580V
Grinding / Deburring
Jones & Shipman universal grinder, 22x5” table, 5” CH swivel / internal spindle
Jones & Shipman 540P surface grinder, 26x7” table, power feed, Optidress attachment, coolant, s/n BO98986
Jones &Shipman 540 surface grinder, 26x6” table, power feed, Optidress attachment
Jones & Shipman vertical cone grinder
Jones & Shipman 1400 surface grinder, 24x7” table, power feed, 18x6” mag chuck, coolant, s/n BO91360
Jones & Shipman 1400 surface grinder, 24x7” table, power feed, 24x8” mag chuck, coolant, s/n BO97379
Jones & Shipman 1311 universal grinder, 26x7” table, 5” CH, swivel / internal spindle, coolant, s/n BP96930
Wickman optical precision grinder, 20x4” table, 3” CH Heidenhain control
Jones & Shipman 310 tool grinder with extraction
Cincinnati No2 cutter / grinder, 39x5” tables.
Wolf 8” d/e grinder on pedestal base
Gate Milford-300 d/e grinder on base, 1800rpm, 300mm dia
RSA Deburrer mono deburring machine, 1500 / 3000rpm (1995)
Turning / Sawing
Harrison M300 gap bed centre, collet chuck, 6” CH x 24” b.c., 58-2500rpm
Colchester Student 2500 gap bed centre lathe, 6 1/2” CH x 24” b.c., 58-2500rpm
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed centre lathe, 7 ½” CH x 30” b.c., 25-2000rpm, Heidenhain DRO
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed centre lathe, 7 ½” CH x 50” b.c., 25-2000rpm
3x Amada Cutmaster HA-250 horizontal bandsaws, 18” wide vice, roller feed (1994, 1990 & 1980)
Rapidor horizontal hacksaw, 14” blade
Startrite V500F vertical bandsaw, 20” throat, 24x24” table, blade weld attachment
Qty small tooling including: drills, chucks, collets, machine vices, CI cubes, reamers, angle plates etc.

Denbigh bench type fly press, 5” throat
Morgan 1/4 SWG x 6ft cap powered guillotine
Edwards 49x14g manual folder
Metal work bench inc: manual press, pipe bender, hand shear
CI anvil
Rotostock Rex Re80A pipe threader, 1/4”-3”, 110v
Oerlikon Solomig Citoarc M210C mig welder, 8kvA, s/n H-030516184
Tecarc 301 AC/DC square wave tig welder
Thermal Dynamics 35mm cut master plasma cutter
Oxford oil immersed welder
Tecarc UK compact MIG 313B mig welder
Lincoln Invertec V145 stick welder

Polytec TMS-1200 Topmap interferometer with TS-140 PSU on 1000x850mm granite surface table (2017)
Polytec TSM100 TopMap Metro lab interferometer (2017)
Polytec TSM100 TopMap Metro lab interferometer (2012)
Sylvac Scan52 Flexclick horizontal optical measuring machine (2017)
Sigmascope 923-04 shadowgraph, 500mm dia screen, Quadra-Check 2000 control, s/n 1547
2x Starrett Sigma HB400 shadowgraph, Quadra-check 2000 control (1996)
Starrett Sigma VF-600 shadowgraph, Quadra-check 200 digital control
Mahr GD25 plus roughness measuring station, 700x550mm granite bed
Kasakalab surface tester with Surfcorder readout (2010)
Taylor-Hobson Series 2 Form Talysurf surface tester, 750x500mm granite bed with bench
Taylor-Hobson Talyrond 61 roundness tester, 380x400mm RF table
WBJ 48x24” grade 0 granite surface table
Tesa Micro-Lite 500mm digital height gauge
Indentec 4150BK digital hardness tester, 150kgf (2008)
Indentec 4045IK digital hardness tester
Wilson 3JS hardness tester
Weylux 165D bench type scales, 50kg x 100g capacity
Avery Weigh-Tronix G236 digital scales, 50kg max
AND GF-2000 digital scales, max 2100g, 170x165mm
Olympus SZ40 lab microscope
TSB metrology lab microscope
Torqueleader static torque meter
Olympus SZ10 research stereo lab microscope with Olympus highlight 3001 light source
ATA Saphir 530 twin wheel sample polisher, ATA digital control (2018)
2x Struers Roto-2 twin wheel sample polisher (1999)
Struers Disotom-6 cut-off saw (2007)
2x Struers Knuth-Rotor 3 twin wheel sample polisher
Struers Labotom sample cut-off saw, 3000rpm & similar sample cutter
Ultrawave precision ultrasonic cleaning tank
Jenway 3510ph meter
Metrohm 814 USB sample processor with Metrohm 905 Titrando, Metrohm 772 pump unit
2x Fumetec fume cupboard with extraction, air flow monitor, 900x700mm aperture
Laboratory fume cabinet, 930x500x700mm aperture
Nach Large DR2800 water quality tester
Miele professional G7883 S/S dishwasher
Domestic laboratory fridge
Memmert laboratory oven, 200 degC temp
Gildermeister-DeVlieg 67-10-127 Microset tool pre-setter, Heidenhain control (1984)
Gildermeister-DeVlieg EGH-3050 Microset tool pre-setter, DPS control (1996)
CSM revetest scratch tester with controller
​Hirst GM08 gaussmeter
Qty various height gauges, micrometers, vee blocks, dial gauges, slip gauges, plug gauges, clock stands, digital scales etc.

Hydrap Pressen HPD6 100 hydraulic press, 1000kN press force, 150mm stroke, 600x800mm max die, Siemens control, loading / unloading stations (1996)
2x Herminghausen CNC centreless grinder, 500mm length x 650mm dia wheel, load / unload (refurbished 2003 & 1996)
Cincinnati Milacron 3-500 twin-grip centreless grinder (1987) (dismantled)
Cincinnati 3-330 twin grip centreless grinder, CNC, load / unload station, Filtermist extraction
Cincinnati 3-500AL twin grip centreless grinder, 500mm length x 610mm dia grinding wheel, load / unload stations 220mm conveyor, s/n 78-370389-02 (1990)
Mattison 230DD face grinding machine with Marposs E15 gauging, load / unload station
Wickman Scrivener duplex grinder, 20” dia wheel, 1168rpm spindle
Schutte SF51 6 spindle automatic bar auto lathe with Smog-Hog industrial air cleaner (1979)
Schutte SF81 6 spindle automatic bar auto lathe with Smog-Hog air cleaner, Brankamp C90 control (1984)
2x ZPS Say 8/32 8 spindle automatic lathe (1997) with loading system inc rotary bowl 700mm dia, 300mm powered conveyor
2x ZPS San 6/25-42 6 spindle curveless automatic lathe (1994) with loading system inc: rotary bowl 700mm dia, Smog Hog air cleaner
HVM Plasma DU1500 coating degassing station, 4 pfeiffer hipace 2300v vacuum pumps, Pfeiffer Henaline 300 vacuum pump, siemens sentron pac 3200 volt meter, s/n HVM-14001, 1000x1000x1800mm internal dia (2013)
Stahli FLM-755-3R isotropic polishing machine, 4000kgs, 900mm dia table, Siemens sigmatic flat panel touch screen control, triple head, 340mm, s/n 1409 (2017)
Honoutomat2 honing machine, 1140kg, Siemens Simatic HMi, touch screen control, Filtermist S400 extraction (2017)
INA Hobel honing machine (1999)
Supfina SM453 4 head honing machine. Huckapak honing machine (1977)
Studer S40-4 universal grinder, 400mm dia wheel, Studer control, internal spindle, 8” CH x 26” b.c., 65979hrs
Nova PGE 10/150 external grinder, INA control (1999)
Nova PGE 10/200 external grinder, INA control (1999)
Nova Modul T2F0100XGC internal grinder, Marposs gauging, Nova CNC control, unload station (1980)
Overbeck 6001 CNC internal grinder, Siemens control (1985) (refurbished 2001)
Alpha RVC 500/A rotary surface grinder, 600mm dia plate
Ace AL-2 auto lathe (1991) with 700mm dia rotary bowl load unit
Ace AL auto lathe (1995)
4x Ace AL horizontal auto lathes, coolant (1991 & 1992)
4x Shin-E STL-7 automatic lathe, (1986)
Ace autolathe A1 (1995) (spares or repair)
ZPS San 6/25 6 spindle automatic lathe (1994) (spares or repair)
Schutte AF26 8 spindle automatic bar lathe (1991) (spares or repair)
Nova R10165 CNC modified polishing machine (1986) (spares or repair)
Nova 2G internal pin grinder (1992)
2x Novamatic 2G-R10/65-F CNC selective face grinders, load / unload station, INA CNC95 control (1994-2008)
6x Novamatic R10/65 CNC polishers, CNC-P control
Novamatic 2G R10/65F CNC internal grinder
4x Rotzingerag CH-4303 Kaiserauqst automatic feed stations (dismantled)
ITF Coclea LC4 tunnel phosphate line, activation, phosphate baths, rinse, soap, oil, dryer, 600mm dia tunnel (1996) with Wilms water treatment plant, buffer, neutralisation, sludge tanks, Filox KF040-10-25 filter press (1996)
Mayfran International swarf disposal system complete with drag conveyor, chip wringer, rotary sieve, lift & dumping unit, screw conveyors. Mucki tipping skip load station swarf system, 500kg max
Mannesmann Demag sacks filtration plant inc: clean / dirty coolant tanks, return pump tank pumps, pressure belt with conveyor 800mm wide

Wild Barfield electric tempering furnace, 400mm dia x 300mm basket, Eurotherm 2204 controller
Ipsen Annealing VP-99-59X45 furnace, Siemens Coros OP5 control, Bamoller stillage filling system, 40949hrs (1996)
2x Turbo Safed TG120/2 gas furnaces, 900mm wide conveyor, Siemens Sigmatic OP37 control
Turbo Safed TX80/72 gas furnace, 600mm canveyor, Eurotherm 6180A control
Industrie Ofen KOE 101010114-2 oven, 400 degC max temp, chessel recorder, Eurotherm temperature control, 1150x1150x1250 int dia
Nutro DTR electric through feed tempering oven, 3600kg, 65kW, 3 zone, 600mm wide conveyor, Eurotherm temperature controllers (1991)
Marr therm tempering oven, 900mm wide conveyor, Eurotherm temperature control, s/n 13276B
Through feed triple stage tempering oven, Siemens Sigmatic OP37 control, 800mm wide conveyor
JLS stabilising furnace, 18kW, 550degC temp, s/n 88/4168
Safed through feed gas fired oven (spares or repairs)
Kockenovens HTC 1500 electric oven, 2000kg max load, 250degC max temp, 1x1x2m int dia (2006)
Linde Croyflex CTF/A4-60 through feed freezer, 4kW, 600mm conveyor (2014)
Linde Cryoflex CTF/A4-60 through feed freezer, 4kW (2011)
Frigothermic freezer, KS40 digital controllers, 1200x1200x1200mm int dia
LPW Programat SU6/1 washer, load / unload station, 7 zones, overhead loader, 18x12x7” baskets
LPW 5/1 5 station wash unit, load / unload overhead loader, conveyor unload / loading station, 18x12x7” basket, Siemens Sigmatic OP17 control, 97932hrs
ITF tunnel LT1/4 wash, 500mm wide belt, wash, rinse, dry zones (1997)
ITF tunnel LT1/45 wash, 300mm wide belt, wash, rinse, dry zones (1996)
ITF Coclea LC 3/4 drum wash, 600mm dia, Siemens Sentron PAC3200 control (1995)
ITF T120-2 drum wash, Siemens Sigmatic OP37 control
ITF HL2 drum wash, Siemens Sigmatic OP37 control
Marr dip wash, 1170x700x800mm, Ipsen gas fired through feed oven, 800mm, 1000degC max temp, 132kW, s/n 12913 (1988)
Turbex 800 wash, 820mm dia basket
Turbex 24” basket wash

Lansing Linde H30T fork truck, 3000kg cap, 4810mm lift height, sideshift, 06062hrs
Lansing Linde E20 electric fork truck, 2450kg, 2000kg cap, 3080mm lift height, 2300mm closed mast height with charger (1998)
3x Lansing Linde R16N electric reach truck, 1600kg cap, 4700mm max lift height (2002, 1998 & 1995)
Lansing Linde LI2 electric pedestrian truck
Tennant T7+ H20 nano clean electric floor sweeper (2015)
Tennant 7100 930kg electric ride-on floor sweeper with charger
Tennant electric floor sweeper
Nilfisk BA 410 electric floor sweeper (2011)
JLG Toucan 8E platform lift, electric, 200kg SWL (2011)
Grove Toucan Manlift 1150 electric pedestrian lift, 265kg cap, 11m lift height (1997)
2x Hymo hydraulic pallet lift platform, 1200kg cap
Advanced Handling HM-1000-820-M-BE manual pallet lift truck, 1000kg cap (2013)
Armanni electric lift truck, 500kg cap (2014)
Ezi lift MS500EH electric lift truck, 500kg SWL (1999)
Seco 350kg mobile platform lift
Vitax handling VSG25-152 mobile electric lift truck
Crawford Assa Abloy GB21625441 deck loader, 60kN load cap (2016)
Able 5T overhead gantry crane, pendant control, 6 pillar, 10m span approx, 24m down shop runway approx
Kone 5T gantry crane, 8 pillar, remote, 6m span approx, 22m approx. down shop runway
Dragon 4T overhead crane, 12m span approx, 22m approx. down shop runway, pendant control
Floor mounted 4 pillar gantry system, 240x84” dimensions with Demag 165kg electric chain hoist (2014) & Donati 2000kg electric chain hoist (2010)
Tom Smith & Clarke overhead gantry crane, 3200kg cap, 10m span approx, 40m down shop runway, pendant
Able floor mounted swing jib, 1000kg SWL with Stahl chain hoist, 8ft span approx., 1000kg (2016)
HoistQuip floor mounted swing jib, GIS electric chain hoist, 500kg
Able floor mounted swing jib, 125kg, with Demag electric chain hoist, 8ft span approx (2011)
Able floor mounted swing jib with Demag 125kg electric chain hoist, 8ft span approx
Floor mounted swing jib, 100kg SWL with Stahl electric chain hoist, 8ft span approx (1999)
Able OB-270 floor mounted swing jib, Donati electric chain hoist, 100kg SWL (2012)
Demag floor mounted swing jib, 12ft span, 250kg SWL, Demag electric chain hoist, pendant control
Floor mounted swing jib with Demag 80kg chain hoist, 12ft span approx

Atlas Copco GA75 VSD rotary packaged compressor, variable speed, 532CFM, 75kW, 3000rpm (2013)
3x Atlas Copco GA75 rotary packaged compressor, 75kW, 7.5 bar, 3000rpm (1998 & 2001)
Ultrafilter Ultratroc air dryer. Heavy duty floor type air receiver
2x MTA Aries Tech AST 100/N chiller unit, 102kW, digital control (2017 & 2012)
MTA TAE Evo 402 chiller unit, 51kW, Dixell digital control (2013)
MTA AS219/N chiller unit, 2000kg, 108kW, Drive digital control (2011)
3x Daikin VRVIII A/C inverters
Link 51 heavy duty boltless pallet racking, multi shelf, 2700x900mm bay size, 5m high
Qty various pallet racking, 900x2700mm shelf size, 2000kg per shelf, 10000kg bay load
SSI roller storage racking, 1800x1700mm shelf size
2x Chemstore 2 tier chemical storage, 6mx2660x1500mm
Ibis CC200PS pallet shrink wrap machine, 455kg, 2000kg cap, 1800mm platform (2014)
Strapex electric banding machine, various banding equipment
ProPen P3000 marking machine (2001)
Qty various mobile safety steps
Avery ZM201 digital platform scales, 1500x1500mm platform, 1500kg max
Rosler FB2400-PN shot blast cabinet, twin entry with shot blast & reclaim extraction system
Hunziker SBN 1520 shot blast, 20kW, twin blast wheel, load / unload stations, screw feed with extraction (1996)
Spencer Halstead M101 tumble blast, manual & automatic, 20005hrs, 600mm wide loader (1998)
Peter Ernst PEA500/A005 desulphur system, 60degC max temp (2014)
Anchor Pac static electric waste compactor with control
Enerpac 50T hydraulic garage press
Hare 8HP pneumatic press, 80kN cap, 100mm stroke, 14776hrs (1998)
Hare AM150 pneumatic press, 15kN cap, 60mm stroke on mobile bench (1995)
FMB-EPL1 stillage unloading system (1996)
Kardex Shuttle 1250x825mm shelf size carousel, 2x15000kg max, 250kg per shelf, 7m high approx (1999)
Bellheimer Shuttle vertical storage carousel, 1250x825x6800mm, 2x10000kg load, 250kg shelf (1996)
Bellheimer Shuttle vertical storage carousel, 1650x622mm, 2x10000kg total load, 250kg per shelf (1999)
2x KardexShuttle vertical storage carousel, 1650x622mm, 2x10000kg total load, 250kg per shelf (1995)
Lektriever sys-120-1411-06 carousel, 1400kg total load, 100kg per shelf (1996)
4x Hormann V2715SELR speedy door, control (2011)
Hormann V5015SEL speedy door, control (2011)
Qty various bar stock inc: round, flat, square, etc
Qty metal work benches, mobile work trolleys, tipping skips etc
2x Nilfisk CFM CTS40 industrial mobile vacuum (2013 & 2011)
Numatic WV470-2 vacuum cleaner
Numatic mobile industrial vacuum cleaner
Nilfisk CFM S3 mobile industrial vacuum
Filtermist FX5002 mobile extraction unit
Nederman mobile extraction unit
Nederman Filterbox extraction unit (2000)
Sealey SM46 wood working dust extractor
Nederman Filterbox extraction unit, 2.2kW.
Nederman P30 portable extraction unit, 3kW (1996)
3x Trion Boss extraction filter units
Jost vibratory feed unit, 35kg max
430x5000mm powered conveyor with Avery weightronix weighting system
Qty Powered conveyor 400x2700mm with hopper loading conveyor
Through feed drum unit, 600mm dia with 450mm conveyor
Through feed conveyor drum unit, 600mm wide
Through feed drum conveyor unit, 600mm dia
2x 20ft shipping containers (2015)
Linx 7900 ink printers
Karl Hesmer bench mounted powered chuck, 6” dia, 450-1400rpm (2011)
Kennedy red-hot dip tanks, 210 degC max temp
Barrel rumbler machine, 30” dia drum
2x Absolent ODR 3000 mist filter system, 7.5kW (2008)
Liebert air con unit
2x Stulz Comptrol 1002 A/C unit, humidity control
Pinder Versatool workbenches, multi drawer cabinets, powered conveyor
Qty canteen equipment inc: William Gem C100-SCS upright refrigeration unit, Lincat OCM61 S/S oven, S/S kitchen tables, sinks, Falcon 2 door gas hob oven, Lincat twin basket fryer, Moorwood Vulcan grill unit, Gastronorm 90 2 door refrigeration unit, Class EQ Hydro 957 dishwasher, s/s 2 door hot cupboards, canteen serving counter etc
Qty various office furniture inc: desks, mahogany meeting table,3800x1400mm with 11 brown leather chairs, 42x18" meeting table & 2500x1100mm meeting table with green upholstered chairs, 2x dark green Chesterfield leather sofas & dark green Chesterfield leather chair, Samsung 60” flat screen TV, A2-A6 heavy duty paper guillotine, glass display cabinets, glass partitioning etc
Amplivox CA850 series 5 automatic audiometer with IAC acoustic hearing room, with print out
Red telephone box
Modular smoking shelter
Zebra 4 Mplus label printer, etc etc.