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Auction - Penn Elcom Ltd

Equipment located at: Penn Elcom Ltd, Washington,Tyne & Wear.
Pressing / Machine Tools
Yangli JH25-2500 mechanical double crank open back press, 2500kN nominal force,430-550mm die set height, MCGS touch screen control, 2700x920mm bed, 2100x700mm upper die, 275mm stroke, SDKFLI light guards, s/n 345176 (2015) (FE05)
Worcester 30ton mechanical inclinable C frame press, 24x18" bed, mechanical guards, adjustable stroke
Cressex 30ton mechanical inclinable C frame press, 27x20" bed, mechanical guards
Centre M3 turret mill, belt head, 1270x250mm table, powerfeed, 66-4540rpm, s/n 904170110 (2017)
Shuangyang M7125A surface grinder, 500x250mm mag chuck (2015)
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, Eclipse 14x6" mag chuck, s/n BO75584
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 14x6" mag chuck
Interwood IMP hydraulic veneer / laminating press, 2550x1350mm bed, headted top & bottom platens, s/n 76 (1997)

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous

Almig V35 screw compressor, 40kW, 1.07 to 6.02m3/min flow rate, 13 bar max pressure, AC3 controller (2013)

Demag Sprint 050 screw compressor, 30kW, 162CFM, 4.6m3/min, AC1 controller (1999)

Beko RA80 compressor air dryer (2014)

Hankinson oil / water seperator, filter set etc (2009)

Atlas 1300FDA Fuel Depot bunded diesel dispensing tank, Cube 56 dispenser, 1235ltr capacity

Equipment located at: Penn Elcom Ltd, St Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex
Trumpf Trubend 3120 CNC pressbrake, 1200kN tonnage, 200mm stroke, 3100mm bed, Trumpf control, Leuze tooling, s/n B0204B2017 (Nov 2009)
Durma (Axe & Status) AD-R2060 CNC downstroking pressbrake, 2050mm x 60ton capacity, Durma DU6000 control, Fiessler light guards, front support, segmented tooling, s/n 7301126665 (2012)
Seyi SN2-110 double crank mechanical press, 110 ton, 110mm stroke, 45-90SPM, 350mm die height, 90mm slide adjustment, 1880x660mm bolster area (1998) (small crack in base of press - drilled)
Richtmaschine leveller ungerer, 1520mm bale length, 3mm material thickness, 9 straightening rolls
Frech D Sinsheim levelling machineAlmig Belt 22 screw compressor, 22kW, 125CFM, 3.54m3/min flow rate, ACP controller (2014)
Almig Flex 30 screw compressor, 30kW, 37 to 143 CFM, AC1 controller (2008)
Gardner Denver ESE30 compressor, 30kW, 162CFM, 4.6m3/min flow rate, GD controller (2006)
Beko Owamat 6 oil / water seperator (2001). CompAir line filters.