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Crown & Windley 450x300mm granite surface plate

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

Crown & Windley 450x300mm granite surface plate


Crown & Windley 450x300mm granite surface plate

Auction - Sankey Laminations Ltd T/A Kienle + Spiess United Kingdom

Over 550 lots including:

Mazak AJV-35/60 CNC VMC, Mazatrol M-32 control, 1750x750mm table, 60 tool ATC, swarf conveyor (1999)
Mazak VTC-20B CNC VMC, Mazatrol M Plus control, 1450x500mm table, 24 tool ATC (1997)
2x Jones & Shipman Format 5/150 CNC surface grinders, 18x6” mag chuck, AB control, coolant

SIP Hydroptic 7 jig borer, Acu-Rite DRO, 40-2000rpm, 1550x1000mm table, elevating rail, 1500mm b.c. with equipment
TOS heavy duty 72” radial arm drill, 48x36” box table, Instabrake, 20-2000rpm
Herbert single spindle drill, powerfeed on 3 spindle base, 46x24” RF table, 1455rpm
Herbert single spindle pillar drill.
Grindmaster 1300 horizontal through feed sander, 1300mm capacity, Grindingmaster control
Lumsden 230XS vertical spindle rotary table grinder, 48” dia mag chuck.
Jones & Shipman 1311 EIU universal grinder with internal, coolant, Heidenhain DRO
Thompson heavy duty horizontal surface grinder, 96x24” table, 1200x600mm mag chuck, 18” wheel, coolant
Webster Bennett 54” elevating rail vertical borer, 5 tool turret, DRO, pendant control (recently reconditioned cross & vertical slides)
Jones & Shipman 540L surface grinder, power rise & fall, 18x6” capacity, 14x6” mag chuck
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 18x6” capacity, 14x6” mag chuck
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 14x6” mag chuck, s/n BO 95637
Kuikka 1288 surface grinder with Dedtru attachment, coolant
3x Parker Majestic No2 surface grinders, 12x6” electro mag chuck
Moore No3 jig grinder, Anilam Wizard 350 DRO, 24x11” table
SIP Hauser S40-NC bridge type jig grinder, 630x770mm table, Acu-Rite DRO, Hauser control
Jones & Shipman vertical cone grinder, 745-1420rpm, 1200mm b.c.
Brown & Sharpe visual form grinder, 6x18” table with Lite Scope & 18x18” screen
Brierley drill grinder on cabinet base
Union 12” heavy duty double ended grinder
Parkson No1 NA universal milling machine, 46x10” table, 450rpm with 18” rotary table
DoAll vertical bandsaw, 36” throat, 30x30” table, blade weld attachment
Muller HBS280 horizontal bandsaw, 280mm capacity (1999)
Qty small tooling inc: sine tables, engineers vices, vee blocks, punch formers, clamps, slip gauges, drills, reamers, tips, taps etc

Trumpf Trumatic HSL2502C CNC laser, Trumpf control, 2x TLF3200 lasers, twin head, 2500x1300mm capacity, 2x 3.2kW laser power, Sick light guards (2003)
Bystronic Bysprint 3015 CNC laser, Bystronic control, 3000x1500mm capacity, BTL1800 Turbo laser, Sick light guards (1998) complete with loading gantry & 200kg plate lift
RG Luma Automation robotic welding cell with Kolfor 150kg loading arm, GOT1000 control
Whitby RC50021U cleater with roller conveyor
Sciaky Rapid 25 spot welder, 25kva
Miller Compactblu 243 welder
Welders / small welding station
Hare P10 hydraulic press, 12x18” table.
BLN No3 1/2 lever press on stand
Forsyth VO30 30 ton hydraulic press, modified bed
Forsyth VO30 30 ton hydraulic press, 24x20” bed
2x Taylor & Challen BI 1/2 power press.
HME 150 DCP 6 0290 twin crank mechanical press, 52x39” bed, 150 ton, 6” stroke
HME 150 ton twin crank mechanical press, 52x39” bed, 5” stroke
75 ton mechanical, inclinable, adjustable power press, 40x25” table
40 ton mechanical, inclinable power press, 40x26” table
Charmilles Robofil 2030 SI CNC wire eroder, Charmilles control unit (1999) with ICS TAE Evo 020 chiller unit (2011)
2x Charmilles Robofil 6020SI type F16020-CSL2 CNC wire eroder, Charmilles control (1997) with ICS TAE 020 chiller unit (1999 & 1997)
Charmilles Robofil 6020 type F16020-CSL2 CNC wire eroder, Charmilles control (1994) with ICS chiller unit
Charmilles Robofil 6020 type F16020-CSL2 CNC wire eroder, Charmilles control (1996) with ICS TAE 020 chiller unit (1996)
Charmilles HD8 EDM drilling machine, Heidenhain DRO / control, 24x12” table (1999)

Eley Metrology Truth CMM, 1500x750mm granite bed x 600mm height, Renishaw PH10 head, MCR20 probe holder, MCU lite-2 control (Retrofit - July 2014) with PC & Eley TM4 software version 1.14.10, Renishaw UCC T3 plus & SPA3 units / controls
Ex-Cell-O Contour Projector Style 30-826 shadowgraph, 30” dia screen, 32x7” table
Wilson XR hardness tester
Hedenair electric box oven, 36x36x36” capacity, Eurotherm temperature control
Avery type 3303CLB scales, 25kg capacity
Trimos Vertical 500 digital height gauge
Eley 48x36” granite surface table. 48x48” CI surface table. Crown CI surface table.
Qty inspection equipment inc: hardness testers, surface plates, slip gauges, micrometers, height gauges, centres etc

Mitsubishi FB20NT 3 wheel electric forklift truck, 1225kg max capacity, triple mast with turnover fixture (2005)
Mitsubishi FB20PN electric forklift truck, triple mast, sideshift, 4750mm max height
Mitsubishi FGC40K 3600kg capacity gas forklift truck, sideshift
Mitsubishi FGC30NY 2400kg gas forklift truck, 4700mm max lift height, triple mast with turnover fixture
Mitsubishi GC30NY-LP 2600kg gas forklift truck, 4700mm max lift height, triple mast
Still R50-150 1.5T electric forklift truck, triple mast, side shift (2001)
Flexi ECO Euro AC 1500kg electric flexi forklift truck, 5010mm max height (2008)
Mitsubishi SBPIZNI 1200kg electric pedestrian pallet truck, 2500mm height (2006)
2x Liftmate 2000kg digital weigh scale pallet trucks
Konecranes XL200 2 ton single girder overhead crane with gantry, 12m long x 7m wide approx. pendant control
6x Konecranes 3.2T gantry crane, 5300mm wide with electric chain hoist, pendant control
Pelloby 10 ton SWL overhead crane, 15ft span, twin girder with pendant & remote control (dismantled)
Mobile ‘A’ frame, 11ft between uprights, manual & electric chain hoists
Kennedy mobile lifting hoist, 1 ton capacity, etc

CompAir L132RS-13A rotary packaged air compressor, Delcos-XL control, 16,375hrs, 13bar (2015)
CompAir L18RS 7.5A rotary packaged compressor, 18.5KW (2011)
Ingersoll-Rand UPS-15-7 rotary packaged compressor, 7.5 bar max pressure (2003) with Beko oil separator, CompAir air dryer & Rednal air receiver. Beko Drypoint AC air filter unit
Ingersoll-Rand SSR ML18.5 rotary packaged compressor
Ingersoll-Rand SSR ML11 rotary packaged compressor (1992)
Ingersoll-Rand SSR rotary packaged compressor with air dryer and air receiver
Ingersoll-Rand SSR rotary packaged air compressor, Intellisys M132 control
Hi-Line Tundra-159 air dryer, 0.61kW (2015)
Hi-Line Tundra 1020 compressed air dryer, digital control, 16 barg max working pressure (2014)
Cool Technology 2740ltr air receiver. AJ Metal 370ltr air receiver
ICS TAE EVO 161 industrial chiller unit, 6 bar, 21kW (2008)
Handle PF dust extraction unit, 7.5kW (1994)
DCE Unicell C72-4K11 dust extraction unit, 7.5kW (1998)
Cody mobile swing arm dust collector
3x Plymovent fume extraction units
3x Ramsell-Naber 500mm capacity pot electric furnaces, Ramsell-Naber control
2x knockout presses
Fettling bench with vice & quenching tank
Qty bar stock & tool steel. Bottle trolley with gauges & torch
Qty Flammable liquid cabinets, pins, screws, bolts, springs, washers, bushes, switches, sensors etc
Qty various Coolie etc pallet trucks, Polstore, storage cabinets, pallet racking etc
Qty various size stillages, tipping skips, SE5 etc boltless pallet racking, digital platform scales, banders, office furniture / IT etc
Ford Ranger pickup truck, red, diesel, X reg, etc, etc.