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Airflow Developments Ltd SJ-30 Hg Mercury manomete...

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Airflow Developments Ltd SJ-30 Hg Mercury manomete...


Airflow Developments Ltd SJ-30 Hg Mercury manometer

Auction - Archfact Ltd

Machining Centres / Drilling
2x Cincinnati Arrow 500 CNC VMC, CT control, 700x520mm table, 21 tool ATC, PTG 4th axis, s/n 7042-C00-R0-0014 (1996) s/n 7042-C00-R0-0335 (1994)
3x Emco VMC100 CNC drilling / milling machines, EmcoTronic TM02 control, 10 tool turret, 420x125mm table (1995)

Sliding Head Autos
Star SB-16 type 480 CNC single sliding head auto, Fanuc series 18i – TB control, parts catcher, s/n 0382 (2003) with FMB turbo 2-16/3200/A 3m CNC bar feed (2002)
Manurhin KMX413 CNC single sliding head auto, Siemens control (2001) with FMB Minimag 3200 CNC bar feed, 3m capacity (2001)

Emco Turn 345-II CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc series 21i-T control, 12 tool turret, collet chuck, parts catcher, s/n R2FV03 (2003) with Hydrafeed Multifeed 3-XON CNC short magazine bar feed (2003)
Emco Turn 342 CNC turning centre, Siemens Sinumerik control, 12 tool turret, collet chuck, 42mm capacity, driven tooling (1997) with Hydrafeed ML1 short magazine CNC bar feed (2000)
Emco Turn 320 CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc series 0-T CNC control, 8 tool turret, tailstock, 25mm capacity (1996) with Hydrafeed ML1 short magazine CNC bar feed (1996)
Emco 320 CNC turning centre, GE Fanuc series O-T control, 25mm capacity, 8 tool turret, tailstock (1995)

Machine Tools
Perramo MDP120EH auto stroke hone with AR340 controller, 310-1860rpm (2002)
Perramo MDP120E manual stroke hone with AR340 controller (1996)
Hydrafeed Conemaster CM-3 bar chamfering machine s/n 6158
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 18x6” mag chuck, coolant with extraction, s/n 1747/174
Boremaster Tip lap drill grinder.
Selecta 7” double ended grinder on base
Nu-Tool CH6 150mm double ended grinder, 240v
Lapmaster TFL/2 24” dia lapping machine (1996)
Excel RKTM380V turret mill, powerfeed, 1360x250mm table, 70-4200rpm, Anilam Wizard 350+ DRO
Pinnacle turret mill, 1270x250mm table, powerfeed, 70-4200rpm, Newall Digipac 5 DRO
Darex SP2500 ultra precision drill sharpener, 0.25HP (1996)
Clarke CS6-9C linisher / disc sander, 240v (2004)
Powered horizontal bandsaw, 240v, 230mm vice, 750kW
Vertical / horizontal light duty bandsaw, 240v
Myford super 7 model makers lathe on cabinet base, 25-2150rpm, 3 1/2” CH x 19” b.c
Yunnan CY-S-1740G gap bed centre lathe, 8 ½” CH x 40” b.c, 20-2000rpm, Anilam Wizard DRO (1996)
Arborga single spindle pillar drill, 550x250mm compound RF table, 200-3600rpm
Fobco Star single spindle pillar drill, 300x200mm RF table, 475-4260rpm
2x Meddings DriTru single spindle bench drills, 280x240mm RF table, 500-4000rpm
Fobco Star single spindle bench drill, 230x230mm RF table, 475-4260rpm
Clarke CDP 16 EBN single spindle bench drill, 250x250mm RF table, 180-2700rpm (1993)

Qty small tooling inc: drills, taps, machine vices, bench vices, rotary tables, tool holders etc etc

Injection Moulding / Pressing
Arburg Allrounder 221-M350-75 horizontal injection moulder, 350kW clamping force, 4kW heating, Arburg Multronica control, s/n 1641/1 (1995)
Arburg Allrounder 221-55-250 horizontal injection moulder, 250kW clamping force, 3.46kW heating, Arburg Polytron ICA control, s/n 131779 (1986)
Piovan DX101T desiccant dryer (2000)
Arburg Thermolift 100-2 dryer, 0.85kW blower, 100ltr capacity (1984)
Conair Churchill 3100 tool heater
HB-Therm HB-150 M/3 tool heater, 300degC max temperature
Arburg Thermolift 100 dryer, 0.95kW blower, 100ltr capacity (1985)
Cressex M1 15ton mechanical press, 16x12” bed, mechanical guards, inclinable, adjustable stroke
Denbigh No6 flypress, 6” throat.  EMG table type manual lever press
Semco bench mounted manual press, 260x150mm bed

Electronic / Laboratory / Inspection
Avery 6402 bench type hardness tester, s/n 3699
Weigh-Tronix PC-802-50 digital scales, 50kg capacity
Avery manual scales, 3kg capacity, 2g division
Teraoka Seiko DC-190 digital counting scales, 10kg capacity, 0.2g divisions
Cambridge Instruments stereo microscope, 0.8 – 4.0x zoom
2x Desoutter twin table type spring balances, 1.4 – 2.4kg capacity
2x Bachi 115 DEC 900 SCR coil winders, s/n 1976, variable speed, Bachi model 900 8 channel counter (1997 & 1999)
Forward Technology Industries Omega MAO ultrasonic welder, G2010 control, 200mm throat, 380x300mm table (1998)
Sanyo CFC free incubator, model MIR-153, 126ltr capacity, 158W, 580x250mm shelf size, s/n 80301468
Magus Power LP series single phase frequency counter
Failsafe SFC2800 static / frequency converter (2001)

Qty inspection equipment inc: digital height gauges, digital vernier calipers, microprocessor force console, surface tester, CI surface plates, combination bench centres, Mercer Clearline gauges etc etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Kerry Ultrasonics Microsolve M350-1 ultrasonic cleaner with loading / unloading station, E200 controller, 10kg SWL, 300x200x400mm max basket, s/n 61977-1-03 (2003)
Vixen Jet Wash top loading parts washer, 830mm dia basket, 120degC max temperature
Ellermatic bead blast cabinet
Walter Trowel Omega CD 110 parts rumbler with lid, 800mm dia (1995)
Walter Trowel mini parts tumbler, 400mm dia
Tri Cool HLA010 chiller unit, 6.8kW cooling capacity, 26bar (2006)
HPC Plusair 5X6 screw compressor on 170ltr air receiver, 4kW, 7.5bar max pressure, 31516hrs (1999)
HPC Plusair SSM6 screw compressor on 100ltr air receiver, 4kW, 7.5bar max pressure, 28510hrs (1991)
HPC Plusair TA11 compressor air dryer, 16bar working pressure, s/n 113766 (1998)
Large Qty light duty boltless storage racking, multishelf, 900x900mm & 900x500mm bay size
Qty various size work benches & work tables
900x600x450mm flammable liquid 2 door storage cupboard
AquaVac Industrial 3100 type 9121P wet / dry hoover, 240v, 1100W
Clarke CW1D parts washer (2015)
Clarke Strong-Arm PT550 manual pallet truck (2002)
BT BTVB 08-2 manual platform lift truck, 264lb capacity
Qty IT equipment inc: PC’s, printers, paper shredders etc
Qty office furniture inc: ‘L’ shaped desks, filing cabinets, tables, upholstered chairs, 2 door storage cupboards & display cabinets etc