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2 bays Mecalux 7515P light duty boltless pallet ra...

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2 bays Mecalux 7515P light duty boltless pallet ra...


2 bays Mecalux 7515P light duty boltless pallet racking, multishelf, 1850x600mm - Lot located at: Southam, Warwickshire

Auction - Praxair Surface Technologies Ltd

Machine Tools / Sheet Metal / Welding
RJH Bison 250mm double ended grinder
RJH Band Facer, 100mm horizontal linisher
Startrite 18-V-10 vertical bandsaw, bladeweld attachment, 450mm throat, 480x480mm table
150mm throat manual arbor press on base. Mubea 8” hand shear
Meritus PS8B 8kva spot welder. BOC Transarc 400 arc welder, 450A

ABB IRB 6400 M96 6 axis robot with controller, 6.7kva (1998)
ABB IRB 1400 M97A 6 axis robot with controller, pendant, 4.5kva (1997)
ABB IRB 1400 M94 6 axis robot (1994) (no controller or pendant)
ABB IRB 6400 6 axis robot with S4C controller [located at the Swindon site]
ABB IRB 2000 M93A 6 axis robot with S4 controller [located at the Swindon site]

Laboratory / Inspection
Emcotest Struers Durascan 20 micro Digital Vickers hardness tester (2014)
Instron (Wilson Instruments) Series B2000 Rockwell hardness tester, 150kg capacity (2010)
Struers LaboPress-3 mounting press
Struers Uniforce levelling device
Struers Cito-Vac vacuum impregnation unit
Elga Purelab Prima 60 demineralised water plant with storage tank, 11 bar (2008)
JLS electric oven, 36kW, 550degC temp, Eurotherm controller, 1000x1000x1000mm ID
JLS electric oven, Eurotherm controller, multishelf, 1200x600x1800mm ID
CVE 524 vacuum oven, Eurotherm temperature controllers, Eurotherm 6180A controller, s/n 330 (1990) (contactor missing)
Edwards EH500 hydraulic mechanical booster (refurbished)
Edwards 8 two stage vacuum pump
Edwards 175 one stage vacuum pump
Edwards E2M8 high vacuum pump
Edwards EH500 mechanical booster
2x pump units on trolley with DAB 7kW motors, 6.24m3/hr flow rate
BioQuell Monair Miniflow 8 bench top extraction unit, 600x600mm, 240v, 147hrs (2010)

Extraction / Compressors
CamFil Farr GS24 dust extraction, 4 bag system, 10,000 CFM, 22kW motor (2008)
Delta Neu Jetline K 300 3x4 Cartouches triple bag extraction unit, 7500 CFM (2014)
Delta Neu Jetline K 400-4 modules 16 filter extraction unit (2012) with Gutteridge waste transfer system
Delta Neu International Deltajet T60 8x1500/18 extraction unit, MDPP 500 differential pressure switch
Delta Neu International Jetline C30 twin bag extraction units (1989)
DCE Unimaster UMA 252K5 dust extraction unit, 2.2kW (1998)
Farr Tenkay 16 cartridge Filter unit [located at the Swindon site]
Mark compressor MSC4518 rotary compressor, 45kW output, 8 bar (2008)
Ingersoll Rand SSR ML45AC rotary packaged compressor, 744m3 / min, 7.5 bar, 2960rpm, 45kW output (1998)
Hiross PGNI40 compressor air dryer, 3kW (2006)
Ingersoll Rand D7801NA compressor air dryer, 14 bar, 13,000l/min air flow (2012)

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Firbimatic SPA FD100V Standard metal degreasing machine, Eliwell 16902 temp controllers, 480x320x230mm basket size, 6.5ltr capacity, 5-200degC temp range, 15kW, 50kg basket cap (2010)
Wheelabrator Sonar 900 Automated Ultrasonic cleaner [located at the Swindon site]
10x 7m approx. metal partition office, windows, built in lights, sockets, doors
4180x3120mm partition laboratory office, lighting, sockets etc
CCL 125kg SWL articulated floor mounted swing jib, 10ft span, Donati electric chain hoist, pendant control (2009)
2x CCL 125kg SWL articulated floor mounted swing jibs, 2000mm swing, JDN pneumatic hoist, pendant control (2007)
Floor mounted swing jib, 125kg SWL, 5ft span, Clayton electric chain hoist, pendant control
Lift Mate VV300 / 1500 manual lift truck, 300kg capacity (2006)
Lift Mate VV100/1500 mobile pedestrian lift truck, 100kg capacity (2007)
Vixen Jetair VM36 bead blast cabinet, single gun, 900x700mm work area (1997)
Guyson Euro 6PF System bead blast cabinet, 1000x750mm work area (1995) with Guyson 70DC extraction
Guyson Super 6 bead blast cabinet with extraction unit, single head
Guyson Super 4 bead blast cabinet, 800x500mm work area
Yale electric chain hoist, 1000kg SWL, remote control
Donati 214D electric chain hoist, 500kg SWL, pendant control (2011)
2x 20ft shipping containers
4x mobile storage racking, 900x1000mm shelf size (1999)
Qty various Link etc metal lockers
Qty canteen tables & chairs
Avery 3205 platform scales, 500kg capacity
6ft x 3ft cleaning bench
Qty double sided etc galvanised security fencing with gates
20 station gantry for acetylene tanks
Qty Youngman etc fibreglass steps, ladders etc
Qty office furniture, racking, benches, etc
Graphtec FC8600-60 cutting plotter