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Holden & Hunt Model SPOT10 spot welder, 460mm thro...

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Holden & Hunt Model SPOT10 spot welder, 460mm thro...


Holden & Hunt Model SPOT10 spot welder, 460mm throat depth, 10kva, 25A, s/n 10041

Auction - Phoenix Tavinor Engineering Ltd

Sheet Metal / Welding
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Edwards Pearson 500T/4100 PR10 CNC hydraulic pressbrake, 5000kN capacity, 4100mm wide, Cybelec DNC900 control, 365mm stroke, 450mm distance from light curtain to tool, Sick light guards & tool carousel, s/n 97P245 (1997)
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Qty flypresses, small hand rolls, corner notchers, microwelder, welding tables etc

Wire / Tube
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