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Amend: 1 bay light duty boltless storage racking,...

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Amend: 1 bay light duty boltless storage racking,...


Amend: 1 bay light duty boltless storage racking, 1900x600mm bay size with boards

Auction - Triumph Structures - Farnborough Ltd (Phase 2)

Laboratory / Inspection / Electronics
Aeroform composite curing electric firing autoclave system, 400degC, 100Psi, 600mm dia x 1250mm ID, 4 vacuum zones, Honeyywell control sytem, s/n AF104 (1990) (retro fitted by AIC 2016)
Aeroform composite curing gas firing autoclave system, 3000x1040x890mm internal capacity, 200degC, 100Psi (2000) with ICS Tae Evo chiller unit, Busch R5 vacuum pump, CompAir Cyclon compressor (retro fitted by AIC)
Plasticraft fully automated 12 station anodising line with overhead loader & pendant control, Clemark CKS Quality workstation, fume exhauset / scrubber unit, load / unload stations (calibrated 2017)
HTL Ltd electric curing oven, 200degC max temperature, Eurothem Chessell 6100A recorder, Eurotherm digital control. 42x38x39” ID (2007) (calibrated until march 2017)
Barlow Whitney pre heat curing oven, 180degC max temperature, 1000x1000x1000mm ID, Eurotherm control
AEW curing oven, 150degC operating temperature, Eurotherm control, 750x750x800mm ID (calibrated 2017)
Genlab Prime laboratory oven / incubator, 19x16x17” ID
Structual Diagnostics Inc SDI-5360 10 axis water C scan NDT machine (Water Jet Coupling (Squirter) Systems) on gantry, X= 192" / Y= 48" / Z= 60" scanning envelope, SDI 2420 linear / logarithmic amplifiers with PC & equipment, 18x6ft approx footprint (2010)
Kern ABS220-4N digital scales, 200g x 0.1mg capacity
2x Busch 0030 vacuum pump with Leroy Somer 0.6kW motor
Meccasonics D420 display unit.

Machine Tools / Sheet Metal
Wadkin VX 3 axis CNC router, Bosch CC120 control, 2750x970mm table
Wadkin Omega OM215 twin head CNC router, Num1060 control, 3250x1600mm table, 8134hrs
Meddings 3 spindle in-line drill on Progress base, 100-3600rpm, 1700x500mm table
Draper vertical bandsaw on base, 500x390mm tilting table, 300mm throat, 550W, 240v
Pratt Bros powered guillotine, 2ft x ¼” capacity, foot control, s/n 20294
Sweeney & Blocksidge No6 deep throat flypress on bench

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
12x13m approx. mezzanine floor, loading area, built in stairs, 3.4m approx to floor
4x 40ft steel shipping containers with shared gantry
2x Chemstore metal twin slidding door bunded paint storage unit, 28x5ft & 24x4ft approx
Ingersoll Rand D600IN-A compressor air dryer, 14bar, 1.73kW, 10,000L/min (2011)
2x Lowara FHC32-160/22/C pump, 2.2kW (2013), 2x DAB TF50S1 pumps & Vibtec MVSI3/500-S02 vibratory motor, 0.33kW
Excel VideoJet 2000 inkjet marking machine, 0.7SCFM, 1.2m3/hr, 100Psi
Hiclare sodium factory lights. Fibreglass storage tank on stand
Qty various tables, desks, cupboards, filing cabinets, lockers, racking, storage boxes etc