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Marconi 2955 radio communications test set

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Marconi 2955 radio communications test set


Marconi 2955 radio communications test set

Auction - January Collective Sale - Electronics

Over 250 lots inc:
Analysers / Generators
HP 8410B network analyser. HP 8563A & HP 8592A spectrum analysers, 9kHz – 22GHz.
Agilent 8595E spectrum analyser, 9kHz – 6.5GHz. HP 8594E spectrum analyser, 9kHz – 2.9GHz
Anritsu MT8801C & MT8802A radio communication analysers. Anritsu MP1550A PDH/SDH analyser
NSC 446AR computing spectrum analyser. Bestobell Mobray MCAZ combustion analyser
Anritsu MP1552B with MP0121A SDH /PDH/ATM analyser. Anritsu MP1520A PDH analyser
HP 1653B logic analyser with 15455A 8 bit data drive
Wandel & Goltermann DA31 protocol analyser. Wandel & Goltermann DA-30C internet work analyser. GM ELMI ETP71 Telecom protocol analyser. HP4952A protocol analyser in case. HP 3764A digital transmission analyser. Eaton 2075 noise gain analyser. Wandel & Goltermann PDI frame analyser. GN Nettest MPA 7300 multichannel protocol analyser.
HP 8016A word generator. HP 3314A function generator. Thandar TG105 pulse generator, 5Hz - 5MHz. BT Tester 351B/UEO/2 pattern generator. Marconi 2031 signal generator, 10KHz - 2.7GHz

Lecroy Wavepro 7100 1GHz oscilloscope. HP 54503A 500MHz & HP 54100A digitizing oscilloscope. Tektronix 2235A 100Mhz oscilloscope. Hameg HM208 digital storage scope. Hitachi V-552 oscilloscope. HP 1980B oscilloscope measuring system. Tektronix 11302 programmable oscilloscope. HP 54112D digitising oscilloscope. Philips PM3217 oscilloscope, 50MHz. Tektronix 2465A DM oscilloscope. Philips PM3217 oscilloscope, 50MHz. HP 54520C 2 channel digitising oscilloscope, 500MHz, 1GS/S

Power Supplies / Test Meters
HP / Agilent 66312A dynamic measurement DC source. Kenwood PR-657 DC power supply. AW TR3209 fuel valve power supply. HP 6632A/B system DC power supply. Else MSU-055-S-M mains supply unit. Solartron 1412.2 power supply, 40v, 5A. Solartron AS1414.2 power supply. Aplab LVB 3/2 multi-output power supply, 0 - 30v, 2A. Thurlby LB15 power supply, 15v, 2A.
Fluke 887A AC/DC differential voltmeters. Thandar TM356 digital multimeter. 3x Williams Fairey safety ohmmeters, 66-6. Datron 1041 multi function voltmeter, 100v. Fluke 8502A digital multimeter. Datron 1061 Autocal digital multimeter. Fluke 8520A digital multimeter. 4x Solartron 7150 Plus digital multimeter. 3x Solartron 7065 microprocessor voltmeter. Fluke 8000A digital multimeter. Derritron Hasting RMS voltmeter, 300v

Test Sets
6x Marconi 2955B radio communication test sets in storage case
Marconi 2955 & Marconi 2955A radio communication test sets. Agilent 87050A-K22 test set. Servo & Beeper TR2979 valve test set. Sea King EDL 2704 cruise guide test set. Castle Electronics AC test set, 2A. Wessex TS6650 3 tone test set, 1.5GHz - 1.6GHz, 15W
4x Racal 6103E digital radio test set, Anite distribution unit, OPVS 01/02
3x HP37724A SDH/PDH test set with HP37772A optical interface. 2x Trend Aurora test set in case

Miscellaneous Test Equipment
HP 8403A modulator. Solartron 1210 random vibration controller. IGC 16F ION gauge controller.
HP 5334B universal counter. Agilent 16700B logic analysis system.
Westland 30 head absorber tuning indicator in carry case
Lynx head absorber tuning indicator in carry case
Rotortuner line scan camera, 5308 radar signal simulator, Ferranti, 45841-99-125-4752
Chelton QB23 phase shifter. Westland test set, Rotor Overspeed control, similar control unit
GT tachometers, GTM51A / SP73 digital units. 2x Uniross rechargeable torches
H W Sullivan Decade capacitance standard C891/TR. Undercarriage test set SA330, engine starting simulator SA330. Nato Air PH810 hydraulic force pump in carry case. Raychem ED7 cont load 35A, 250v
Seaward PAT 2000i portable appliance tester. Marignane SA341 electrical test set in 2 cases
Federal magnification test kit. Qty Ikegami, JVC, Hitachi etc colour / black & white CRT monitors.
Sifco Process 3030 DC polarity unit, Celec sliding resistance. 6x Kit 50 BD60050 battery chargers
HE 600IR port heavy store, in band carrier. Brentford CT3/10 high stability current transformer
2x GBC manual binding machines, Qty clamp-on 240v table / strip lights
2x various pressure gauges & pipes. Wandel & Goltermann PCMC4 prototype PCM converter unit, Wandel & Goltermann PS-12 level generator, 200Hz - 6MHz. 3x Zeiss MC 100 digital controls
Ultra 1400 Series unit, Cencorp flux control unit. Seaward Nova portable appliance tester R1.2
Horiba Mexa - 201GE CO analyser. Fluke 332B DC voltage standard. 2x RF amplifiers, 3309 / 3X, 1 - 250MHz, 25W. AVO RM170 Super megometer. Cesium AN / ASQ - 504(V) magnetometer in case
Qty various Spaun equipment inc: SAT-relays, SAR 12F, Diplexers SEW 121F, 4 way splitters V2F 8F, SMS 5801NF, SBK 5503NF & Qty various Teleste Antennae. WPA long scale galvanometer & WPA moving coil galvanometer. 2x WPA moving coil galvanometers.
Hughes S Band travelling wave tube amplifier, Varian V2X6950KIK amplifier
HP 8970A noise figure meter, 20dBN max. Racal V-store recorder. Wallis Hivolt T30 insulation tester, Probe. Sentry card swipe, Mega Plus II camera control console, Aten CE-220 KVM extender etc
Agilent J300D 232/V.24 WAN advisor in case. 2x National Instruments PXI-1006 frame & cards inc: NI PXI4070 6 1/2 digit Dnm. Oertling JC41, HB63 & HC22 electronic balance scales. 2x 3m Photodyne 19XT optical attenuators in carry case. 9x Kistler 5007 charge amplifiers. Kent Industrial M105 chart recorder. Qty various electrical components inc: SCM RF Loopback KRD001, Aten Masterview CS 82A, Seaward PAC LT extension tester etc in 2 boxes
3x GN ELMI EPM05 PCM meters. 2x JVC KY-F30 colour video cameras, JVC AA-P250 AC power adaptor. Casira Endpoint button boards 8100 port portable 24XD-Rom drive
Asra 2001 audiometer, microphone & headphones. Wandel & Goltermann Protocol analyser modules, 2x DMT-1 modem testers, 7507/02 in carry cases. 5x Neotronic EXOTOX 60 atmosphere monitors, Neotronic EXOTOX gas monitor, Narda Alert monitor. Componedex miniscope DCE / DTE in case
Megger BM8 Mk2 insulation tester. 2x Trend Aurora test set units.
5x Marconi 2833 / A digital line monitors.4x Marconi 6960 /A RF power meters. 3x Racal-Dana 9500 universal timer counter. 13x Kistler 5001 /5007 charge amplifiers. 3x Marconi 2850 digital transmission

Qty electronic / electrical equipment inc: optical encoders, temperature sensors, thermocouples, run timers, speed indicators, transducers, industrial displays, pressure gauges, bulk erasers, earth bonding tester, anemometers etc

Montford Mini-P-Mech B environmental chamber, Montford Profile controller
2x Brumby Systems Ltd BSL27 LDB environmental chambers, Eurotherm temperature controller