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2x Gould PB60 differential probes - Lot Located at...

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

2x Gould PB60 differential probes - Lot Located at...


2x Gould PB60 differential probes - Lot Located at: Aunby, Lincolnshire

Auction - September Collective Sale

Over 700 lots including:

Machine Tools
Huron MU155 CNC milling machine, 8-1200 speeds, safety guards, Heidenhain TNC155 control (Rudolph Carne rebuild - Sept 1990)
Bridgeport Series 1 MD1 CNC turret mill, 860x300mm table, 50-3750rpm, Heidenhain TNC131 control
Morris Mor-Speed radial arm drill, 24x18" 'T' slotted table, 42" arm, 75-1500rpm
Qualters & Smith QDM500 twin spindle inline drill
Meddings IBARMIA B-50 single spindle pillar drill, 160-1300rpm, 500x500mm RF table (electrical fault)
Jones & Shipman 1310 EIU universal grinder
Jones & Shipman 1300 cylindrical grinder, swivel internal, 6" CH x 27" b.c. powered head & tailstock, s/n 69107
Jones & Shipman 540P surface grinder, 18x6" mag chuck, powerfeed, extraction, s/n B077521
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder. Elliot RapiGrind surface grinder.
Jones & Shipman 310 tool & cutter grinder. Richards Flashlite single wheel fettling grinder
Loser KS350 belt linishing machine, 4kW (1996)
Grinding Master wide bed linisher
XYZ Pro3000 turret mill with ProtoTrak control, 3600rpm, 1370x305mm table (1993)
King Rich KRV200 turret mill, 1260x250mm table, power feed, 60-4200rpm, Goodwin DRO
Chen Ho CHV1500 turret mill, 42x9" table, Powerfeed, 70-4200rpm, Anilam Microwizard DRO (1992)
Mega H460-A automatic horizontal twin column bandsaw, 18” capacity (1992)
Jaespa 260 horizontal bandsaw
Kobel G25 table saw with extraction, 400x650mm table
Leten LHM280 hydraulic high speed horizontal power hacksaw, 140mm stroke, 80-120SPM
Tyro R02.15LAB cutting panel saw, automatic / manual operation (2004)
Invicta 2MR / 4MR horizontal shaper, 11-101SPM, 14x10" CI 'T' slotted cube
Harrison M300 centre lathe.  Harrison 16" centre lathe.
DSG 1307 x 40 lathe. Boxford 250 Industrial lathe
DSG 13x30 lathe, 13" swing x 30" b.c., 35-1600rpm
Ward 7 capstan lathe, 6 tool turret

Small Tooling
Qty small tooling inc: drills, reamers, tool holders, vices, end mills, slot drills, CI cubes, CI surface plates, machine clamps, rotary tables, dividing heads etc

Sheet Metal / Welding / Pressing
Mebusa RH65/25 hydraulic upstroking press brake, 65 ton x 2.5m capacity, Hurco Autobend 5C control
Mebusa 50 ton 2m hydraulic, upstroking press brake, Hurco Autobend 5C control
Bronx 50-25UH pressbrake, 50 ton x 2500mm capacity, light guards, s/n 16378 
Promecam RG-25-12 press brake, 25 ton x 1200mm capacity (spares or repair)
Amada SP30 turret punch, 85mm stroke, 29 ton capacity, 290mm daylight
Amada CSHW-220 double notcher (1986)
Pratt Bros S50 heavy duty billet shear / guillotine
Ridgid 300C powered pipe threader, 110v with equipment (boxed & unused)
Ridgid 300 powered pipe threader, 110v
George Fisher pipe threader. 2x Record / Rotax pipe clamps on tripods
Nexus NXM400 mig welder with wire feed, 400A
Oerlikon M250 mig welder, CitoArc 2WD wire feed, 250A
Migatronic Pilot 1500H mig welder
Star Kamanchi Cutta70 plasma cutter, 70A, 12-15mm capacity
Triangle 'Oil 120' arc welder, single phase
Astonarc 180 oil cooled electric welder / battery charger & boost starter, input volts 240-415-440, welding current 30-180A / 6-12v charge, 1-75A DC, boost start, 240v
Inverter Fusion Tig welder. Murex 250A oil filled stick welder
Oxford RT 180 oil immersed electric arc welding set, 20-180A welding current, 5.4kva
200 approx stainless steel sheets. Qty Press Brake tooling
Power Press Works K2232 power press, 160T-P pressure, 37SPM, 6.3” slide stroke
100 ton capacity hydraulic press with power pack
Hare AL630 pneumatic press, 63kN, 100mm stroke, 450x290mm bed (2002)
Heavy duty hydraulic garage press, 900x600mm bed, 200mm stroke

Inspection / Laboratory
Hunziker SBS 1200 continuous parts De-Flasher
Avery Dennison Scales, 750kg in 0.5kg intervals. Avery 3205 CLE platform scales
Avery 6502 CGB weighing tensile tester, 220lbs capacity
Amsler 6553 tensile tester.  Vickers PBA 6111 wire machine

Electronic Test
Qty electronic test equipment inc: Tektronix, HP, Marconi, Fluke, Solartron, Coutant, Thurlby, Farnell, Datron, Druke, Wandel & Goltermann, Seaward etc PSU’s, multimeters, oscilloscopes, optical attenuators, generators, power meters, test sets, analysers, undercarriage test set, valve test set, de-icing test set, spectrum analyser, digital measuring unit, PAT testers, test panels etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Remak Strahlanlage SMU 20 Satellite multi station blaster, semi automatic, 20 station, 200x300mm work envelope (2000)
SAS polypropylene circular storage tank, 1700mm dia x 800mm high
Jungheinrich EMC110 electric pedestrian truck, 1 ton capacity, 24v (2005)
2x Jungheinrich Swift 80230020 electric pedestrian truck, 1 ton capacity, 24v, (1x DRO scales) (1997)
Still EGU-16  electric pedestrian lift truck, 1600kg capacity with battery charger (1997)
Yale Warehouse ETM A166 reach truck with charger, 1600lb capacity, 5350mm lift height, 46v (1989)
Brimpex ST manual mobile lifter, 1120kg max. Wilmat 1022-6 electric manual lifter, 1 ton max (1980)
Harrington generator in acoustic enclosure, 20kva, 3000rpm, 7.6hrs, Isuzu diesel engine, 240v / single phase output, s/n 19/69/25 (2003)
Dopag MicroMix twin mixing station (2009)
Kuka KR125/1 Robot, 125kg capacity (1998) (no controller or pendant)
MWS LCP1313 digital platform scales, 1350x1350mm platform, 2000kg capacity, Micro 200 Weigh scales
Baldwin & Francis 11kv switchgear panel, 1000A buzzbar rating, 625kApeak with stand (2007)
Lobo Systems 3 step mobile safety steps, 250kg SWL
Omega 4203/SP attrition unit (2014)
Integrated Sands Systems screw mixer
PVC GRP booth, 940x760x1300mm ID
Dreher CraneCare Lift N load hoist, 100kg lift capacity
3x Purex SuperFlow Hi tech extraction unit
33x various colour Metalite Aviation Lighting portable airport lights with charger, 12v (to 2000)
Karcher HDS690 pressure washer. Cement mixer with Briggs & Stratton 3HP petrol engine
Truck body storage unit, 3800x2330x2550mm high approx
Dravo gas fired factory heater, 240v, 130,000Btu / hr output
ITT Reznor XA175, Warmco, Reznor Euro-C 40605 & Ambi-Rad SCA250 gas fired factory heaters
Baltimore Aircoil Company VXI-145-2R F100 cooling tower, 1135 KW @ 25.96 l/s cooling capacity (2007)
Marley Davenport MDG-8 cooling tower (2002)
Rosengrens S120 DIS fire safe computer cabinet (1986).  Stafford key type safe
Canon IR2270 & Canon IR3570 A3 photocopiers
Qty various colour upholstered / plastic office chairs