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Panasonic AU-CTB11 teaching box, Sony SVRM-100D re...

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

Panasonic AU-CTB11 teaching box, Sony SVRM-100D re...


Panasonic AU-CTB11 teaching box, Sony SVRM-100D remote control unit

Auction - Epic Studios

Over 700 lots of Studio Equipment inc: Vortex, Sennheiser, Canon, Avitel, Thomson, Bowers & Wilkins, Vinten, Tannoy, Casio, Apple, Pro Bell, JVC, Grass Valley, JL Cooper Electronics, Crystal Vision, Tektronix, Tascam, Genlec, Klark Technik, HP, Samsung, APC, Kramer, Avid, DVC, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Balcar, Berkeys, Eagle, Strand Quartz etc monitors, surround sound speakers, microphones, viewfinder camera screens, video cassette recorders, camera pedestals, video cameras, cash registers, UPS, Mac Pro computers & screens, printers, remote controls, 24 channel digital production switcher, safire controller, talkback system panel, production light holders, studio editor, graphic equalisers, stereo tuners, servers, colour quad processor, balanced / unbalanced audio transcoder, dual compressor limiters, large format printer, spot lights, full & half size par cans, mixers, complete studios, clocks, flight cases etc

Mixers / Controllers
ProTools Digidesign Focusrite MC124 control (2001)
Tascam DM-4800 digital mixing console. Mackie SR24-4 24-4-2 4 bus mixing console
2x Soundcraft Spirit FX16 16 channel stereo mixer. 2x Audio Development AD145 Pico mixer
Audio Development AD146 mixer. Mackie Onyx 1220 premium 12 channel analogue mixer
Crystal Vision Safire controller. Grass Valley digital production switcher

Rogers, Spender LS3/5A stereo speakers
Qty Genelec 8030A, 8020A Bi-amplified monitoring speakers
Genelec 7060B active subwoofer. 2x Genelec 7050B active subwoofers
Qty various Fostex 6301B, Canford Audio personal monitor speakers
JBL Control 1 2 way speakers. Tannoy NFM8DMT studio reference monitor speakersTannoy DC-200 dual concentric system speakers. Tannoy Little Red monitor speakers, 100W


Studio / Sundry Equipment
Orad Proset virtual studio system with blue reference screen.
2x RTS BKP-4 4 position desktop keypanel
Qty JVC GY-HD251 compact studio-capable camcorder.
Qty various Manfrotte, Jessups etc camera tripods
JVC PM-210 remote control units. Philips CP330 control panel. Tascam 112B tape deck
Marantz ST151L stereo tuner. RadioCom BTR-800 wireless intercom base station
Qty Mobatime etc analogue pulse clocks. Canon J20X super lense. JVC BR-HD50 HD video cassette recorder. Sony HDV mini cassette recorder. Shure FP16 microphone amplifier. Shure M267 Series microphone preamplifier. BSC DBR-402 compressor peak limiter. Balcar Fluxlite, Quadlite lighting systems. Polaris, Arri 01000 & 02000 studio lights. Thomas 600W Par 64 lanterns. 4 colour halogen lighting rigs. CP Dynamic FX 5 level retractable seating rigs, 400kg max load, 176 seat capacity. IAC soundproof studio booth, 5ft x 5ft x 8ft approx.
IAC 2000x1000mm approx soundproof studio door. Projector mirrors, extension ladders
Qty various Peller, Hog 500 etc plastic storage / flight cases
Mapex Professional drum kit, with stool & symbols
Orange TH30 twin channel amplifiers with Orange PPC412 compact guitar speakers
Dedolight Aspherics DLH4 light kit. Jem Fogger smoke machine.
Qty Apple Mac Pro Intel computer with screen, keyboard, cables etc
HP DesignJet 5000 large format printer, 6 colour
Sony VPL-VW100 video projector. Plus U7-132HSF data projector. Sony Cineza projector

Memorabilia / Vintage Equipment
Signed drum skins inc: Ed Sheeran, The Jam, James Bay, Howard Jones, Steve Harley, The Animals, The Undertones, Justin Lee, Dr Feelgood, Big Country, Del Amitri etc
Qty various prints, photos, posters etc around the walls of the studio
Bolex G16 cinema projector. Elmo 912 dual type editor. Bell & Howell filmosound.
Kalart Victor 90-25 sound projector