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Qty various gear hobs / finishers, 2.25MOD x 20PA...

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Qty various gear hobs / finishers, 2.25MOD x 20PA...


Qty various gear hobs / finishers, 2.25MOD x 20PA etc - Lot Located at: Basildon, Essex

Auction - Robert Pringle Engineers Ltd & Esl Engineers Ltd

Cincinatti Arrow 1000 CNC vertical milling machine, 4th axis (10" chuck), 1000x500mm bed, 8000rpm, 20 tool ATC, Heidenhain 410 control, s/n 7049-HOA-RA-0382 (1998)
Yang ML-25A CNC lathe, 8" chuck, 3500rpm, tool setting probe, parts catcher, swarf conveyor, tailstock, 12 turret positions, Fanuc series O-T control, s/n E10409 (1995)
Colchester 350 CNC lathe, 12 tool turret, tailstock, Fanuc series O-T control
Bridgeport Series 1 MD1 CNC turret mill, 860x300mm table, 50-3750rpm, Heidenhain TNC131 control

Machine Tools
Meddings 3 spindle in-line drill, 950x400mm table, 80-4000rpm
Jones & Shipman 1300 cylindrical grinder, swivel internal, 6" CH x 27" b.c., powered head & tailstock, s/n 69107
BSA Churchill 1EC centreless grinder, grinding wheel & control wheel, 4" wide x 16" dia wheel, 1300rpm, coolant, s/n 4G 59/1-294 (rebuilt 1995 - No MMT2995)
Ajax - Cleveland 21382B universal mill, 1600x300mm table, 28-1400rpm, s/n 16069
Adcock & Shipley 1ES horizontal milling machine, 30x8" table
Colchester Mascot 1600 Mkll gap bed lathe, 8 1/2" CH x 60" b.c., 20-1600rpm, 3 jaw chuck, tool holders, tailstock, s/n 7/0203/12727
Colchester Master 2500 manual lathe, 6 1/2" CH x 30" b.c., 3 jaw chuck, collet chuck, tailstock, quick change tooling, s/n S/0001/07729
Dowding & Doll automatic Accuratool peg board capstan lathe, pneumatic bar feed, 6 tool turret with tooling, s/n 3951
Britan repetition lathe, collet chuck, 1.5m pneumatic bar feed with 25 solid collets, HSS tooling, s/n 3174E1A

Gear / Broaching
Skyes HV14 gear cutting machine (universal gear hobber), 14" max dia, spur & helical gears cutting, 12” max spur height with tooling
Pfauter gear cutting machine, 52-208lpm
3x Mikron 106-01 gear hobbers & Mikron 102 gear hobber
TOS type FO-6 gear hobber, 16" dia table, 24" to height 18" max cut, 15-190rpm with cabinet & tooling, s/n0432595
Maxicut 3A gear shaper, 24" max dia x 5" stroke, 710-24000 rpm, tooling
Cornelius threading machine, 3 jaw chuck, 0.75-4" dia bar, 3m bed, 60-975rpm with tooling
Churchill Hydraulic SG620 spline grinder, 5" CH x 30" b.c., 6000rpm, s/n 1204
2x Parkinson great testers & David Brown gear tester
Large Qty gear shapers / hobs / cutters, broaches (pull & keyway type) etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Worthington Creyssensac RLR1500AE4 rotary packaged compressor, 11kW, 8 bar, 3000rpm, 100m3/h (1999)
Vanco parts rumbler
Colchester lathe steadies part assembled, spares, tooling, cabinets etc