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1400x800mm metal framed workbench

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1400x800mm metal framed workbench


1400x800mm metal framed workbench

Auction - J.R.J Engineering Ltd

Machine Tools
XYZ Pro Turn SLX425 CNC lathe, Proto Trak SLX control, 25-2500rpm, 80mm spindle bore, 240mm CH x 1250mm b.c. (2008)
XYZ Pro Turn 410 CNC lathe, Proto Trak LX3 control, 15-2500rpm, 205mm CH x 1250mm b.c. (1998)
Correa A25/30 CNC bed mill, Heidenhain TNC155 control, 3000x900mm bed, s/n 9250116 (mid 1980s)

Drilling / Boring
Asquith ODI Mk2 14 / 54 radial arm drill, 40-2040rpm, box table (1980)
Kitchen & Walker 4’6” E2 radial arm drill, box table, 25-1560rpm
Q&S Drillmaster QSE4 50” radial arm drill, box table, 60-1750rpm
Richmond SR3 radial arm drill, 30x22” RF table, 50-1500rpm
Archdale 1300mm radial arm drill, box table, 15-1500rpm
Medding DriTru single spindle pillar drill, 10x9” RF table, 500-4000rpm
Meddings single spindle pillar drill, 280x250mm RF table, 80-4000rpm
Union WMW BFT80 horizontal borer, 1120x900mm indexing table, 2.8-1000rpm with tooling & tailstock
Kearns D3 horizontal borer, 3.9-440rpm, 60x36” indexing table, DRO with tooling & tailstock
Juaristi horizontal borer, 36x24” table, 30-1000rpm, DRO with tooling & tailstock

Grinding / Linishing
Jones & Shipman 540P surface grinder, 18x6” mag chuck
WMW SU315x1500 universal grinder, drop down internal, 315mm swing x 1500mm b.c.
Churchill surface grinder, 36x9” mag chuck
BM 150mm wide belt linisher
Arboga 200mm double ended grinder
8” double ended grinder on base
Excel Optimum Opti PSM250 double ended polisher
Superior 12” dia double ended disc sander

Huron MU6 universal milling machine, 8-1200rpm, 2000x460mm table, Philips DRO (rebuilt 1980)
Huron KU5 universal milling machine, 1630x460mm table, Philips DRO, 26-2000rpm, 40 Int taper
Adcock & Shipley horizontal mill, 1250x250mm table, 30-900rpm
Parkson No 3N universal mill, 1700x3500mm table, 22-1330rpm
Wadkin universal milling machine, 48x26” indexing table, pendant control, 70-3000rpm, Acu-Rite DRO
Parkson No3V vertical milling machine, 1780x420mm table, 17-1000rpm
Gate PBM 2VS-L turret mill, power feed, 1070x230mm table, 60-2400rpm, DRO
Baron-Max KM-2V turret mill, 1070x230mm table, 60-4200rpm, power feed, DRO (1995)
King Rich KRV200 turret mill, 1260x250mm table, power feed, 60-4200rpm, Goodwin DRO
Ajax AJT4 turret mill, 1360x280mm table, belt held, 50-3750rpm, GBR Electronics DRO
Pinnacle turret mill, 1260x250mm table, 70-3800rpm, powerfeed, DRO

Sawing / Pressing / Slotting
Cama TL315 pull down chop saw, 315mm dia blade (1998)
CAM E-100LS 100 ton garage press, 1050mm between columns
Marlco manual bench type press
Butler 4” precision toolroom slotter, 14” dia table, 13-56rpm
Butler 12” vertical slotter, 30” dia table, 4-12” stroke
Invicta 4MR horizontal shaper, 11-101SPM, 14x10” CI ‘T’ slotted cube

Swift 16V5 heavy duty gap bed lathe, 20” CH x 108” b.c., 4-230rpm, Executive DRO with equipment
Swift 12/24 VE gap bed facing lathe, 24” CH x 40” b.c., 4.5-420rpm
Excel XL740 gap bed lathe, 12.5-1250rpm, 400mm CH x 4000mm b.c., Sino DRO (late 1990s)
Colchester Mascot 1600 MkII gap bed lathe, 8½” CH x 80” b.c., 20-1600rpm
Colchester Mascot 1600 gap bed lathe, 8½” CH x 80” b.c., 20-1600rpm, Foic DRO
Colchester Mascot 1600 straight bed lathe, 8½” CH x 40” b.c., 20-1600rpm
2x Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 7 ½” CH x 50” b.c., 25-2000rpm
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 7 ½” CH x 50” b.c., 25-2000rpm, Acurite DRO
Colchester Triumph 2500 straight bed lathe, 7 ½” CH x 30” b.c., 14-2500rpm, DRO
DSG 13x30 lathe, 13” swing x 30” b.c., 35-1600rpm (1961)

Small Tooling / Inspection
Qty small tooling inc: reamers, drills, end mills, taps, dies, tips, chucks, drill chucks, sleeves, turning tools, tapping heads, boring heads, die heads, vices, rotary tables, mag chucks, dividing heads etc
Qty inspection equipment inc: height gauges, vernier calipers, digital micrometers, slip & dial gauges etc
72x36” CI surface table

Sheet Metal / Welding
Pearson 6’ x 3/8” hydraulic guillotine, back gauge adjustment, front support
Keetona 8’ x 1/8” guillotine, front support
Bronx 50-25UH pressbrake, 50 ton x 2500mm capacity, light guards
Kingsland Multi 70 hydraulic metal worker, s/n 324005
Walton BPFM 50/16 box & pan folder
Morgan Rushworth PBR2500 powered rolls, 4mm capacity, drop end
Kingsland 48” powered rolls
48” manual rolls
Qty 72x36” welding tables
Blacksmith’s anvil
Oerlikon Cito Cut 40c plasma cutter, 120A
Citorc Plasma cutter
BOC Transmig 350 welder, WF350/4 wirefeed, 350A
Parweld Weldboy 250EG AC / DC stick welder, 250A
Murex portable oil cooled welder.
2x Oerlikon CitoArc M308 mig welder, CitoArc F32 wire feed, 300A
Oerlikon CitoArc M403 mig welder, CitoArc F403 wire feed, 400A
Oerlikon M250 mig welder, CitoArc 2WD wire feed, 250A
Oerlikon CitoArc AP15-1 portable arc welder
Oxford oil cooled welder
Mosa TS200 Electronic Plus portable generator / welder, 110v / 240v output
Nexus NXM400 mig welder with wire feed, 400A
TecArc 421 Squarewave AC-DC tig welder, 420A
Koike IK-12 Beetle portable oxy cutting machine, 110v
Qty various steel welding tables, welding rod preheat ovens, welding screens, torches etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Nissan Cabstar 35.13 flatbed van, diesel, 84000miles approx, 09Reg
Vauxhall Combo van, CDTi, white, 5 speed, 57 Reg
Iveco 75E15 long wheelbase flatbed truck, S registration, 288,000km
Komatsu FD30T-16R diesel FLT, 3000kg capacity, sideshift, 4000mm max lift height (2005)
Henley 12000lb capacity gas FLT converted to Diesel
Nissan 20 diesel FLT, sideshift, 2000kg capacity
Bonser 2 ton diesel FLT, sideshift
Broomwade Silent B7000 HP10 compressor with air receiver on skid mount, 7.5kW, 10bar (1995)
Bunded oil storage tank
UPG 3000CL portable generator, 8.0HP engine, 110v / 240v output
2000kg SWL mobile ‘A’ frame, 14ft span with manual chain hoist
Karcher HDS 690 steam cleaner
8ft span approx girder mounted swing jib with Morris 1 ton electric chain hoist, pendant control
Wilmat Handling Mod59 pedestrian lift truck, 500kg SWL
2x Colchester universal work benches
BVC TH6 industrial hoover, 110v, 2100W
2x Konforma Thermobile recycled oil factory heaters
Safety Kleen parts washer.
Qty power / hand tools, workshop equipment, racking, benches, transformers, extension leads, magnetic clamps, clamps, sodium / LED factory lights, tipping skips etc
Qty various bar racks with bar stock inc: steel, stainless steel, brass etc

Office / IT
Qty office furniture inc: beech / light oak effect ‘L’ shape desks, book cases, filing cabinets, 2 door storage cupboards, upholstered swivel chairs etc
Qty IT Equipment inc: FellowsP-48C paper shredder, HP LaserJet 1320 laser printer, Samsung LCD monitor, HP OfficeJet Pro K8600 A3 colour printer etc
Avaya IP Office 500v2 phone system with Avaya 1408 telephones
Xerox Document Centre425DC A3 photocopier
Konica Minolta Bizz Hub223 A3 photocopier