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Lining / Sleeves line inc:- Loading, Rouchard mac...

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Lining / Sleeves line inc:-
Loading, Rouchard mac...


Lining / Sleeves line inc:-
Loading, Rouchard machining cells, 2x Vigel & Excello 312M borers, 2x Gehring & Citroen honing machines, RDR brushing, Hafroy wash, inspection etc.

Bids for individual pieces of equipment in the following lot may be considered - Please contact the Auctioneers for further information regarding this

Auction - PSA Peugeot Citroen - Douvrin

TU Conrod Machining Line
1st Operation inc: Ideatec loading, Gardner double disc grinder (facing), Renault Machine Outils rotary transfer machine (drilling & machining), 2x Karl Klink broaching machines (2 operations), conveyors etc
2nd Operation inc: Renault Machine Outils special purpose machine for drilling body & cap with in-line inspection, Guistina twin head vertical grinder for facing & seating, Nagel special purpose machine for assembling the body, Automatic Component large rotary transfer machine for finishing head & cap, 2x Gehringer super finishers (1x big & 1x little end), Hatroy washing & drying machine, de-magnetiser, Mecalix inspection & matching etc

TUF Conrod Machining Line
Manual load, Guistina grinder, Sceram special purpose machine, 2x Karl Klink cutting & broaching machines, Alfing in-line transfer machine, Polymatic assembly machine, Guistina grinder, Vigel borer (big & little end), 2x Gehring honing super finishers, Etea little end machining, Hatroy wash, de-magnetiser, Mecalix inspection & matching, final inspection etc

Crankshaft Machining Line
Manual load, Renault Machine Outils rough machining cell, 2x SRMO turning machines with NUM control & loaders (rebuilt 2008), 3x Renault SMC journal / pin turning lathes, 4x Salome turning lathes with NUM control & loaders, 3x TRMV crank turning machines (1x rebuilt 2006), Renault Machine Outils multi head drilling machine (flange & oilways), 2x Heganscheidt roller bemishing machines, Hatroy wash, 2x Landis journal grinders, Landis pin grinder, Naxos Union CNC pin grinder with NUM control, Landis pin grinder, 2x Newall / Gritton pin grinders, Newall pin grinder, Renault Machine Outils multi station drilling machine for flywheel flange & pin, 2x Salome CNC lathes for thrust bearing machining, 4x Construction Clichy angle approach grinders (2x NUM CNC control), balancing machine, 2x Landis multi wheel grinding machines with NUM control, inspection, Nagel super finishing machine, 3x SPMS super finishing machines, Hatroy wash, de-magnetiser, inspection / check, JTC pin lifting system etc

Assembly Line
Engine assembly line capable of assembling 4200 units per day (no robots included)

Flywheel Machining Line
Comprising of GTMI trasfer system, in-line checking, loading station, 2x Morando automated machining stations, Varine automated machining station, Morando drilling & machining station, Renault special machining cell, balancing cell, final inspection etc

PLEASE NOTE: Other Manufacturing cells available including: liners / sleeves, cylinder head / block