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Jones & Shipman 1 ton arbour press on base - lot l...

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Jones & Shipman 1 ton arbour press on base - lot l...


Jones & Shipman 1 ton arbour press on base - lot located at: Six Mile Botton, Cambridgeshire

Auction - July Collective Sale

Sheet Metal / Pressing / Welding / Riveting:
Trumpf Trumatic L3030 laser cutting machine, 3kW, 3m x 1.5m bed, Trumpf (Bosch) control & Trumpf Laser TLF 3000 turbo, rotalass, Keller surface filter, KKW TR12 extraction, light guards, s/n 110959 (1997)
Megoform type D25.65 CNC hydraulic upstroking pressbrake, Selectra CNC-402 control (2000)
Gabro manual hand guillotine / notcher, 1.6mmMuller Exp200REK eccentric mechanical press, 2000kN, 20-140mm stroke adjustment, 40SPM, 1100x750mm bed
Hare 15TCN 15 ton hydraulic press, 18x12” table, 18” daylight, mech guards
2x Hare 5IT production hydraulic presses, 5 ton, indexing table, mech guards
2x Jones & Shipman arbour presses, 3 & 1 ton
Wiedemann RA-41P turret punch, 75mm dia max capacity, multi head turret with tooling
Eulecteic Castolin Castomag 180 mig welder with equipment
Miller Compact Blu 243 tig welder & Esab Smashweld 250 welder with gun
Quasi Arc ACP300C stick welder, 20-300A
Turner TR50 orbital riveter

CNC / Machine Tools / Small Tooling:
Hurco BMC25 CNC VMC, Ultimax II control, 800x450mm table, 40int taper, 20 tool ATC
Harrison M500 gap bed lathe, 260mm CH x 2000mm b.c., 31-1600rpm, Anilam Wizard lathe DRO with equipment
Harrison M500 gap bed lathe, 520mm swing x 1500mm b.c., 1600rpm, Anilam DRO with equipment
TOS Trencin model SUI 32 centre tool room lathe, 13” swing x 36” b.c., 20-3150rpm, DRO with equipment (1989)
Brown & Sharpe 1024VSL centre lathe, 5" CH x 24" b.c., 40-2500rpm with hydraulic copy attachment
Huron J2 tool room mill, 1020x350mm table, 38-1680rpm, 40 int spindle, Sony 3 axis DRO (1982)
Condor 2VS turret mill, 48x9” table, varispeed head, 70-4200rpm, power feeds, R8 spindle, Mitutoyo DRO (1995)
Semco type LC-18VS heavy duty turret mill, 48x9” table, varispeed head, 50-3750rpm, 40 int spindle, Mitutoyo DRO
Ajax Cleveland No 2U heavy duty universal mill, 54x13” table, 30-1050rpm, double swivel vertical head, 40 int spindle
Elliot Rapid No 2 heavy duty vertical mill, 48x12” table, 30-1050rpm, swivel head, power feeds, 40 int spindle
Asquith OD1 5ft radial arm drill, full length T slotted table, No 5 morse taper
Archdale 1100mm radial arm drill, 870x600mm table, 40-2000rpm, Jet brake
Meddings single spindle bench drill, 500-4000rpm, 12x9” RF table
Elliot Progress No1 single spindle bench drill, 340-2580rpm, 13x13” RF table
Startrite Mercury II single spindle bench drill, 350-3830rpm, 220x210mm RF table, 240v
Herbert 4 spindle in-line drill, 44x16” RF table, 106-2850rpm
Pollard single spindle drill on fixed base, 157-1920rpm, foot pedal
Jones & Shipman 540AP surface grinder, 6x18” closed pole mag chuck, Optidress, demagnetiser, coolant
Myford MG12HA hydraulic cylindrical grinder with drop down internal, vari speed workhead, collet attachment, coolant
Jones & Shipman 310 tool & cutter grinder, 16x8" capacity, coolant with equipment
Churchill NB surface grinder, 18x6" mag chuck
Hopkins 8” DE grinder & Elliot Selecta 6” DE grinder
Newall 1520 tool room vertical jig borer, 66-3000rpm, 15x20” table, Digipac 5 DRO, tool cabinet & equipment
Forte BA250 automatic horizontal bandsaw, 250mm capacity, twin 240mm clamps (1990)
Ajax 8” super power saw
4x Zipper Z1-HB204 planer & thicknesser (boxed & unused)
Wadkin CD1623 cross cut table saw, 16" dia blade, 72x20" table
Cooksey table saw, 450mm dia blade, 1000x700mm table
Qty small tooling inc: drills, taps, dies, end mills, slot drills, collets, vices, chucks, reamers, tool holders, side & face milling cutters, rotary tables, CI cubes, chucks, collets, mag chucks, tapping head etc
Carl Zeiss Jena 300mm diameter precision tilting rotary table, twin digital readout screens

Foundry / Casting:
Omega 4203/SP attrition unit (2014)
1960x1500mm powered vibratory shake out unit
Roper geared crane ladle, 44" dia, top pour

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous:
Clark CMP25D diesel forklift truck, triple stage mast, 4500mm max lift height, piped to carrage for third service, part cab (2001)
Clark CMP25D diesel forklift truck, triple stage mast, 4500mm max lift height, piped to carrage for third service, part cab, fitted with Bale clamp & spare forks (2001)
Baldwin & Francis 11kv switchgear panel, 1000A buzzbar rating, 625kA peak withstand (2007)
2x Merlin Gerin switchgear panel with Qty YW6 fuse handles (unused)
Qty various GEC Alsthom, Merlin Gerin, Denis Vanguard, Ottermill etc switches, switch fuses, switchgear, circuit breakers, etc
CompAir L160-7.5A rotary packaged compressor, 160kW, 1500rpm, 28.4m3/min, 7.5 bar, Delcos 3100 control (2007)
CompAir SmartAir system controller
Ultrafilter Ultrapac HED 0114 heatless desiccant compressed air dryer (1996)
Qty various ABB, Weir, Leroy Sommer, Halter, VEM, TEC, Camak, Vibtec etc motors, gearboxes, pumps etc to 37kW
Qty ABB Inductive Reversible AC Motors & 24v BN34 Brushless DC Electric Motors
3x Osram F3SJ-A Safety Light Curtain, Sender & Receiver
6x Zarges 6 & 7 rung fibreglass step ladders (packaged & unused)
Adamson Green Hi Cycle generator, 200v / 300Hz (reconditioned)
Qty NTN, SKF, RHP etc metal bearings, ball bushes, bearing houses etc
Qty 25mm & 28mm dia x 3050mm approx round steel & brass bars
2x Interior Partners floor mounted cantilever bar racks, hydraulic powerpack, racking, pallet trucks, chain hoists etc
Reznor LCSA75 gas fired factory heater, 73.13kW heat output
Star Artics 117263 stainless steel VAC gantry, 1500mm wide capacity
Clarke 10ton hydraulic garage press. 700kg SWL mobile platform lift (2009)
2x Dalmec PRS industrial manipulators, 35kg SWL (2000 & 2003)
Qty reels loudspeaker cable, PVC cable, 3D-Printer filament, aerosol spray, hand towels etc
3x RepRapPro Ormerod 1 3D Printer (boxed & unused)

Electronic / Test / Scientific:
Dynapert Precima EDB520 Utektik Bonder
Varian Porter 938-41 tester with test leak & SD200 Pump
Qty test equipment inc: 4x ISO-TECH IDS6072A-U & IDS6152A-U digital oscilloscopes (unused), 4x ISO-TECH IDS8104 & IDS8204 digital oscilloscopes (unused), ISO-TECH IPS3630 bench power supply (unused), HP 8901B modulation analyser, Anritsu MT8803G analyser satellite RF test unit, Anritsu MT8801B RF analogue RF test set, HP 8514B 20GHz S parameter test set, HP 3582A spectrum analyser, HP 8753A network analyser with 50ohm 85046A S Parameter test set, Horiba Mexa-201GE CO analyser, HP 8560A spectrum analyser 50Hz - 2.9GHz, Wavetek 296 50MHz 2 channel synthesised signal generator, Agilent 6654A power supply, LeCroy 9354CL 500MHz 4 channel oscilloscope, Motorola R2001D communications analyser, 2x Rohde & Schwarz XU250A trans receiver, LeCroy 9304A 200MHz 4 channel digital oscilloscope, Wandel & Goltermann PCMC4 prototype PCM convertor unit, Wandel & Goltermann PS-12 level generator 200Hz - 6MHz, Spirent TAS5600 universal interference simulator, Spirent SR5059 RF signal conditioning unit, Spirent SR3420 WCDMA network emulator, 4x Racal Instruments 6103E digital radio test sets, National Instrument GPIB-120A bus expander / isolator, HP 8757A scalar network analyser, Rohde & Schwarz SPR301 system panel rack, Solartron 760 & 7065 DVM, HP 3455A DVM, Eaton NM17/27A meter, Marconi 2305 meter, Wessex RF power amp, HP 3709 analyser, HP 54112D oscilloscope, Racal Dana 3101 synthesizer, Wavetex 178 waveform generator, Wandel & Goltermann DLM/3 oscillator, 6x Fluke CNX Wireless t3000 temperature modules & ISO-TECH IPM 244 power clamp meters (unused), broadcast equipment, electronic laboratory benches etc.
Baty SM20E profile projector with 38-175mm gauge projection lens & x25 lens
Qty various uniselectors, Trend electrical spares inc: digital panel meters, valve actuators etc