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Rainbow HSSD-D heated belt, 110v

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Rainbow HSSD-D heated belt, 110v


Rainbow HSSD-D heated belt, 110v

Auction - Equipment formerly used by Esco (UK) Ltd

Foundry / Casting
Core / Shot
Laempe L20 automatic core shooter, s/n 1572 with Laempe SM-3 core sand mixer, s/n 3901 (2005), gas generator, hopper & hydraulic power pack (1998)
Laempe LKFZ120 automatic core moulding production centre, s/n 1324 with 1 ton integrated handling beam, Laempe SM6 9/2 core sand mixer, Laempe L6 1.5" gas generator, hopper & hydraulic power pack, desiccant dryer (1997)
Tilghman Wheelabrator WTB 28 tumble blast machine, twin wheel, 1000mm drum dia x 1200mm drum length with control, shot recovery system, extraction & load / unload station
Doug Booth HP- EU80-TW tumble blast machine, twin wheel, 1600mm slat width, with control, shot recovery system, extraction & load / unload station (refurbished 2008)
Tilghman Wheelabrator LE/M3/1500 hook blast machine, 1500mm dia x 2200mm high approx working envelope with overhead loading gantry & Stahl electric chain hoist, shot recovery, s/n 809-4156
Doug Booth supplied hook blast machine with overhead loading gantry & Stahl electric chain hoist, shot recovery

Melt / Furnaces
Fuchs 3 ton electric arc furnace, 90” bowl, hydraulic lift & swing lid, mechanical body tilt / pour with Metropolitan Vickers 3500kva transformer, controls, C02 fire suppression cylinders etc (refurbished 1997 & PLC upgrade 2006)
2x Saflame gas fired ladle pre heaters, 1300degC max temperature with control
7x Roper geared crane ladles, 44” dia, bottom pour
2x furnace scrap charging buckets with crane lift bale, petal opening, 1400mm O/D x 1400mm high approx
2x Chatburn Chantry (Furnance Spares & Maintenance) F9342 high temperature batch ovens, 205-625degC operating temperature, 760degC max temperature, 1372x2590x660mm high approx ID (1997)
5x Chatburn Chantry (Furnance Spares & Maintenance) F9500 gas fired high temperature batch furnace, 1200degC max temperature, 1900x3100x1200mm approx ID (3x 1997, 1x 2005 & 1x 2010)
Chatburn Chantry gas fired core drying tunnel oven, 150degC max temperature, chain driven loading system (1997)
Furnace Spares & Maintenance furnace loader / heat treat charger, 5 ton approx max capacity, triple fork, turntable
Quenching tank with overhead gantry, electric chain hoist, cooling pumps, BAC quench cooling tower etc

Sand Plant / Mould Handling
Sand Plant comprising FTL tip loader to 1950x1350mm approx shakeout deck, OMEGA attrition unit (2014), blower, Richards cooler classifier, blower to 3 sand hoppers, controls, extraction unit etc (2003)
BAC TXV 135 sand reclaim cooling tower, twin 7.5kW airblast fans, 40degC to 25degC cooling (2003)
FTL stack mould handling system complete with mould pouring, storage & cooling conveyor system with 14 conveyor lines 14,500mm long each x 800 mm wide approx. 12 pallets per line, 813x813mm pallet size, 55 slabs per hour moulding rate, loading station, 2 transfer cars, pallet lift, jacket lift & tip over unit.

Extraction / Filtration / Sundry Equipment 
Luhr DWF 3.0/7.5/2.3/68/98 dust collection plant, full PLC monitoring, 56,000 CFM (1997 - refurbished 2006)
BMD Garant FS722 / 5.00 / 700 furnace extractor, 60,000 CFM, s/n 502456 (1998)
Rotary dust extraction unit. Reverse pulse dust extraction unit.
Marley MDG26-1-9-12D cooling tower, s/n KD70081 (1997)
AB Dust Control Ltd vertical packed tower acid scrubber, 6000CFM, 18.5kW centrifugal fan, 1.5kW neutralising pump (1997)
FTL sand distribution hopper, 2800mm dia x 5500mm high with blower, control & low sand level alarm (2006)
Ronan XSD-1000 Auto Start radiation detection system with monitor panel,315kBq check source (8.5 microcuries) of CS-137 (1990)

Machine Tools
Archdale 1100mm radial arm drill, 40-2000rpm, Jet brake, 870x600mm table
Herbert twin spindle drill, 36x16” RF table, powerfeed, 106-2850rpm
RJH Bandfacer 100mm wide horizontal belt linisher (1999)
Excel double ended grinder. 2x 12” disc sanders
Gecam 213HP5/73 vertical belt linishers, 75mm wide belt (2006)
Fintec 75mm wide vertical belt linisher with extraction unit (1997)
2x Fintec 521 70mm wide belt linishers
2x Morrisflex CG1-7P Cougar 100mm wide linisher with Mardon MS100 extraction unit, 3HP
3x RJH Cougar 100mm wide linisher with Mardon MS100 extraction unit, 3HP
Promach UE-330SA 13” metal horizontal bandsaw, 82-270FPM (2009)
Battipav Elite 80 concrete table saw, 2000W (2012)
Makita 2414B pull down saw, 110v. Makita 2414NB pull down saw on bench
Brown & Sharpe 1024VSL centre lathe, 5” CH x 24” b.c., 40-2500rpm with hydraulic copy attachment

Inspection / Laboratory / NDT
ARL Model 3460 Spectrometer
Brown & Sharpe MXCEL 7-6-5DCC CMM, 950x840mm granite bed, 900mm between columns, 650mm under bridge, Renishaw PH10M probe (1998)
950x850mm granite surface plate on base
KF MAB09 hardness tester. Ridsdale 50mm long swing impact tester
Endecotts 1mk1.1 test sieve shaker with Qty sieves
Magnaflux crack detector in enclosure with UV lights, control panel etc

Factory Plant / Lifting
Worthington Creyssensac RLR150V7 rotary packaged compressor, 110kW, 9.5 bar, 2980rpm (2011)
CompAir L160-7.5A rotary packaged compressor, 160kW, 1500rpm, 28.4m3/min, 7.5 bar, Delcos 3100 control (2007)
CompAir L75SR rotary packaged compressor, 87.6kW, 9.51-12.2m3/min, 750-4800rpm, 13 bar (2001)
CompAir Broomwade 6020E07A rotary packaged compressor, 16.6kW, 7bar, 2.32m3/min (1994)
Ingersol Rand SSR M18.5 rotary packaged compressor, 18.5kW, 8.5 bar, 15502hrs
ERP compressor on 100ltr air receiver. Ingersoll-Rand RS-32 air dryer, 16 bar (1996). Hankison air dryer (2003)
CompAir SmartAir system controller.
Hi-Line Industries HPS950 twin tank air dryers, 10 bar with control panel
3x Reservoirs X Pauchard 2000ltr floor standing air receivers (2007)
Winder Electrical 3500kva transformer, 11200v HV / 220v LV (refurbished 2006)
1400kva transformer
5x Demag & Morris 10 ton / 20 ton overhead cranes, 15m approx span, pendant / remote controls (1x crab upgrade 2008)
Pelloby 2 ton SWL floor mounted swing jib, 14ft span, Stahl electric chain hoist (2005)
Pelloby floor mounted swing jib, 500kg SWL, 3350mm swing with Stahl electric chain hoist pendant control (1999)
Qty various flour mounted & girder mounted swing jibs with electric chain hoists, pendant control
Demag overhead gantry, 4m span x 10m runway, 630kg SWL, Stahl electric chain hoist, pendant control
Demag floor mounted type overhead gantry with Demag electric chain hoists (dismantled)
Linde H25D01 diesel fork lift truck, 2500kg capacity, triple mast, side shift, hydraulic fork width adjustment, 1655hrs (2012)
Linde H20D01 diesel fork lift truck, 2000kg capacity, triple mast, side shift, hydraulic fork width adjustment, 3107hrs (2012)

Tennant 6400 ride on floor sweeper, 4.6kW with charger (1997)
Clarke StrongArm AHP25 garage press, 25ton capacity, 650mm b.c., adjustable height (2008)
Ridgid 300 pipe threader, 110v, 1500W. BOC oxyacetylene profile cutter. Rockweld oil filled welder, 250A 
2400x1200mm steel welding table with Record No25 bench vice
2x 3600x1000mm paint dip tanks. Qty Rhino YWF4E-500 industrial fans
Alpheus Miniblast SDI-5 dry ice blast cabinet (1997)
Josef Kihlberg BT foot operated stapler. Qty various manual pallet trucks
Wagetechnik Tipgrip 2 ton electric crane scales
Salter Weigh-Tronix WI-125 digital platform scales, 1250x1250mm platform
Avery Berkel L116 digital scales, 150kg x 0.05kg capacity
2x Igranic etc electric crane magnet, 1150mm dia
Qty various wooden railway sleepers
Tecmix TM1100 mixer, angle grinders, torque wrenches etc.
Qty various Dexion Speedlock heavy duty boltless pallet racking, multishelf
Qty various 600mm wide roller conveyor. 3 phase industrial hoover
Larzep hydraulic power pack, 2.2kW. Manual metal strap bander.
Qty various metal tipping skips, metal storage bin etc to 1600x1500x650mm
2x Mardon Engineering MS100 dust extraction units, 3HP
Qty various 2700x1700mm stove trays
MIM 063-13 twin pump vacuum system, 15Psi VAC
Qty various ABB, SEW, Rossi etc motors / gearboxes to 37kW
Qty various single / multicore / 3 phase / SWA etc cables
Invicta Vibrators 6.2kW vibratory motor, 960rpm
Fenner 160kW inverter drive unit, variable speed, thyristor control (unused)
Qty maintenance spares inc: FAG, SNR, BSL, Renolds etc bearings, Vee belts, chains & sprockets, rotary valves, probes, sensors, actuators, nuts, bolts, gearboxes etc
Qty various steel bar stock inc: round, bar, plate etc
Qty office furniture inc: light oak desks, book cases, meeting tables, partition screens, upholstered chairs etc