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Renault Scenic Fiji 1.4ltr 16v petrol car, 5 speed...

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

Renault Scenic Fiji 1.4ltr 16v petrol car, 5 speed...


Renault Scenic Fiji 1.4ltr 16v petrol car, 5 speed man gearbox, 111,000 miles (un-warranted), 52reg - lot located at: Aunby, Lincolnshire

Please Note: MOT expired Feb 2015 - engine, gearbox etc OK - sold as spares or repair - VAT is charged on the 15.5% Buyers Premium only on this Lot.

Auction - March Collective Sale

Sheet Metal / Pressing / Welding / Wire Eroding
2x Megoform type D25.65 CNC hydraulic upstroking pressbrakes, 65tonne x 2500mm capacity, Selectra CNC-402 control (2000) (no tooling)
Tranemo B7E-2000-1 2000kN hydraulic press, 1900x1000mm bed, 100ms, Sick light guards front & LC Automation light guards rear, hydraulic clamping, tool load / unload station, air cushions, double action (bed pin ejection), 4x2m footprint x 4m high (approx), 16,000kg weight, s/n 83-16 (1983)
Muller Exp200REK eccentric mechanical press, 2000kN, 20-140mm stroke adjustment, 40SPM, 1100x750mm bed, mechanical guard
Dassett DCP-10 hydraulic trimming press, 630x600mm bed, 250mm max stroke, 3mm/sec max pressing speed, s/n 31470 (1997)
Oerlikon CitoArc WRN2000 TAC254 AC/DC TIG / ARC  welder
Eulecteic Castolin Castomag 180 mig welder with equipment
Miller Compact Blu 243 tig welder
2x Messer Saturn 300 mig welders, 300A with equipment
Esab Smashweld 250 welder with gun
2500x1250mm steel welding table
Taizhou Fangylian CNC wire eroder, CNC (MC)-A control, Sino SDS2MS DRO

Takisawa MAC –V2 CNC vertical machining centre, Fanuc control (1982)
Beaver VC-45-2000 CNC vertical maching centre, 2000mm table, Heidenhain TNC355 control, 16 tool ATC (1990)
Mori Seiki SL-3 CNC turning centre, Fanuc Control
Delapena E1000S CNC horizontal honing machine, small & medium batches, Siemens Simatic Multi Panel Touch control with equipment, s/n 8111101 (2011) (unused)

Machine Tools / Small Tooling
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 7 ½” CH x 30”b.c, 25-2000rpm. Raglan capstan lathe, 85-1750rpm
2x Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathes, 7 1/2" CH x 50"b.c, 25-2000rpm
Harrison M500 gap bed lathe, 250mm CH x 2000mm b.c., 31-1600rpm, Anilam Wizard DRO
Asquith ODI 4-6 radial arm drill, 42x33” box table, 58-1550rpm
Solberga Mekaniska SL725 single spindle production drill, 14x14" RF table, 50-1200rpm
2x Pollard single spindle drill on fixed base, 157-1920rpm, foot pedal
Kobe KBE-271 single spindle bench drill, 240x200mm RF table, 425-2545rpm, 240v
Jones & Shipman 1011 surface grinder, 600x300mm mag chuck, coolant / extraction with equipment, s/n 28463A
Jones & Shipman 540P surface grinder, 18x6” mag chuck, powerfeed, coolant with equipment, s/n BO95568
Churchill NB surface grinder, 18x6" mag chuck
IDP 150mm dia single wheel lapping machine, 250x160mm table. Qty various double ended grinders.
Adcock & Shipley No 1AC horizontal milling machine, 26x7” bed, s/n 1520B
Heska HE5260 horizontal bandsaw, 3660mm max blade, 260mm clamp
Imet BS 280/60 ECO horizontal mitre cut band saw on base with coolant, 280mm capacity, 170mm vice
Qualters & Smith horizontal hacksaw, 440mm blade. 2x saw benches.
4x Zipper Z1-HB204 planer & thicknesser, 1250W, 240v, 204mm wide blade, 740x200mm table (boxed & unused)
2x Zipper ZI-TKS250H table saw, 1.5kW, 240v, 250mm dia blade (boxed & unused)
Wadkin CD1623 cross cut table saw, 16" dia blade, 72x20" table
Cooksey table saw, 450mm dia blade, 1000x700mm table

Qty small tooling inc: drills, taps, dies, end mills, slot drills, collets, vices, chucks, reamers, tool holders, side & face milling cutters, involute gear cutters, rotary tables, CI cubes, steadies, face plates, chucks, collets, mag chucks, tapping head etc

Laboratory / Inspection
Metris ModelMaker 24M7v2.6 arm on CMM table with scanner, PC, software & equipment (2010) (calibrated until March 2016)
Safelab Systems Air One 1800-GS freestanding fume cabinet, 1650x700mm aperture
Baty SM20E profile projector with 38-175mm gauge projection lens & x25 lens.
Mitutoyo PJ-250C profile projector, 250mm dia screen. Wilson 5TY RB hardness tester. Barnet Industrial dead weight tester. Crown Windley grade 2 600x600mm granite surface table.
1200x1000mm CI surface table. Biodrier mobile parts wash & dry station (2012).
Ashworth 111/1HTA manual spring tester, 110lb capacity, s/n 5233. Fel Electric D106 demagentiser.

Qty inspection equipment inc: height gauges, micrometers, Vee blocks, slip gauges, surface testers, bore gauges, CI angle plates, CI cubes, leak detectors, NDT equipment etc etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Morgan fibreglass LV enclosure, 5300mm long x 3000mm wide, 90mm battens @ 1000mm centres, twin door (2014)
Komastu 2.5 ton diesel forklift truck, triple mask, 4500mm max lift height, side shift
Tennant 42E push along battery floor sweeper with charger, 24v
HPC ASD 32 rotary packaged compressor, 18.5kW, 8bar, Kaeser Sigma control, s/n 1833 (2005)
Motivair compressor on air receiver, 2.2kW
Caber 240C through feed degrease / wash tank, 170ltr tank capacity (1995)
Vibrating rotary parts rumbler / deburrer, 1459rpm
Turier 1800x1200mm digital platform scales, 2500kg capacity (2003)
2x Combat 40G gas fired factory heaters, 117kW output
2x Electrolux Wascator W375H industrial washing machines, 7.5kg max load, 5800W
ICS Cooling TAE031 chiller unit, 5.9kW (1997)
2x RFPP RF50S generator with Electro VAP MC dehumidifier
2550x1800mm dia stainless steel vertical vessel. GIS 250kg electric chain hoist, pendant control
Qty wooden storage crates, 650x430x260mm approx ID, mobile wooden storage cases, 1720x660x830mm approx ID, Stainless steel 8 drawer mobile storage cabinet, 750x850x1500mm.
2x Dalmec PRS industrial manipulators, 35kg SWL (2000 & 2003). Tennant 42E walk behind sweeper.
2x Interior Partners floor mounted cantilever bar racks, 1000kg max load per arm, 2150mm (L) x 3000mm (H)
Qty various oil drip trays, multi drawer storage cabinets, mobile forkable tipping skips, brass (CZ132) & Aluminium bar stock, maintenance spares, power tools, manual pallet trucks, office furntiure etc.
Hydrovane 13PUM compressor, 2.2kW, s/n 20HV225411. Harrild powered hole punch, adjustable width holes
11ft x10ft x 8ft high approx metal clad portable building. Tool Temp TT-9500 chiller unit
Renault Scenic Fiji 1.4ltr 16v petrol car, 5 speed man gearbox, 111,000 miles (un-warranted), 52reg