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21x rolls various polythene packaging, 1800x3600x5...

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21x rolls various polythene packaging, 1800x3600x5...


21x rolls various polythene packaging, 1800x3600x500g bag size (unused)

Auction - Kent Facilities Ltd - Manston Kent's Int'l Airport Tender

Runway Systems / Control Tower
Southern Avionics SA50 non-directional beacon, single 50W transmitter, 190-535kHz (1999)
Avionic Services Ltd (ASL) IACS 5000 voice communication control system, 6 position (1999)
Racal Avionics DN811 localiser, dual transmitter (course only) (refurbished / installed 2003)
Navia Aviation Normarc 7000 localiser, dual transmitter (course & clearance) (1999)
Navia Aviation Normarc 7000 glide path, dual transmitter (course & clearance) (1999)
Jotron 8x TA7325 & 1x TA7310 air ground transmitters, 25kHz channel spacing (1999)
10x Jotron RA7201 air ground receivers, 25kHz channel spacing, not 8033kHz channel spacing (1999)
Stonefield airfield information management system (AIMS), dual server & 5 workstations (2008)
Vaisala MET System (wind) complete with 2x Cross Arm each with V037 & V056 Anemometer & Wind Vane and WT501 Data Transmitter, 3x WD50 displays (1x Master, 1x Slave, 1x Slave with RS232 output)
Vaisala MET System (temperature / humidity & pressure) complete with 1x HMP45D TU probe with DAT12 data transmitter, 1x PTB220 barometer & 1x DD50 Display
2x Wharton master clocks (MSF). AEG 20kva UPS.
2x ATG Micro 100 constant current regulators. 18x ATG constant current regulators, 4-20kva.
3x Simon Parmeko constant current regulators, 15kva. Qty Avionic Services CCR control panels
2x Siemens DC power supplies and charger unit 24v. Meridian telephone system with phones
Red / white container Marconi S511 Radar, S band, 2 channel, remote control
9x5x2.5m approx control tower, external stairs. Various Thorn, Alstom, ASM,
ATG runway lights inc: high intensity runway approach lights, stop bar lights,
ground taxi way lights, stop bar lights, bases, Lighting Columns etc