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Abwood 200mm machine vice

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Abwood 200mm machine vice


Abwood 200mm machine vice

Auction - MTS Cambridge

Machine Tools

Meddings single spindle bench drill, 12x12” table, 80-1500rpm
Meddings single spindle bench drill, 10x9” RF table, 500-4000rpm
2x Startrite Mercury single spindle bench drill, 8x9” RF table, 350-3830rpm
Ixion BT15STP single spindle bench drill, 20-1500rpm
James Carr single spindle bench drill, 8” dia RF table
Clarke metalworker CDP501F single spindle heavy duty pillar drill, 400x350mm compound RF table, 12 speeds, 240v (2009)
Startrite single spindle heavy duty drill, 600x380mm RF compound table, 80-2800rpm
Q&S QDM1250 single spindle heavy duty drill, 14x14” RF table, 70-1500rpm
2x Progress No2GS single spindle heavy duty drill, 13x13” RF table, 70-1500rpm
Startrite single spindle pillar drill, 8x9” RF table, 95-3830rpm
Herbert single spindle pillar drill, 12x10” RF Table, 90-2945rpm
Progress 4E single spindle pillar drill, 14” dia RF table
OMG Gloria single spindle pillar drill, 450-4200rpm, 9x11” RF table
Sealey GDM140FX single spindle pillar drill, 250mm dia RF table, 12 speed, 240v (2005)
Clarke metalworker CDP351F single spindle pillar drill, 300mm dia RF table, 12 speeds, 240v (2004)
Pollard 150 A/2 2 spindle in line drill, 24x16” RF table, 38-1210rpm, power
Pollard Corona 2 spindle in line drill, 24x16” RF table, 470-2940rpm, power
Pollard 150 A/2/3 2 spindle in line drill, 900x400mm RF table, 55-1920rpm, power
3 spindle in line drill, 46x16” table
Burgmaster 6 head drilling machine, 16x12” table, 275-4010rpm

Grinding / Linishing
Jones & Shipman vertical cone grinder, 36” capacity, 745-1420rpm
Jones & Shipman tool & cutter grinder, 30x4” bed
2x March 305x150mm tool & cutter grinder. Clarkson 305x150mm tool & cutter grinder
Herbert Junior tool grinder, 10x5” mag chuck. Covel 72-184 tool grinder, 14x6” mag chuck, extraction
Brierley precision drill point grinder on cabinet base
Arboga Maskiner EP312 10” heavy duty double ended grinder on base
Grimston 8” double ended grinder on Drytex dust extraction. Wolf 4250 150mm double ended grinder
3x Grimax 75x2000mm belt linisher, 4.8 HP motor. Almi AL 100u-01 belt linisher (2008)
MultiTools GF75 grit flex centreless linisher, 4kW, 75mm wide belt (1999)
5-75 belt grinder. Vanco Flexiband 2” vertical belt linisher. RJH 150mm horizontal linisher
RJH Bandfacer 100mm wide linisher. Grython 100mm horizontal linisher
RJH trim lap wet tool grinder, 6” dia lap wheel, 9x5” table. Melchiorre SP3/600 600mm dia lapping machine

Huron KU5 production milling machine, 1630x400mm table, 8-1200rpm, Newall B60 DRO
Bridgeport turret milling machine, 42x9” table, powerfeed, 50-3750rpm
Meehanite Supermax YCM-1 ½ VS turret milling machine, 42x9” table, powerfeed, 50-3500rpm, Anilam microwizard DRO
Beaver VBRP turret milling machine, 56x10” table, powerfeed
Simplon universal milling machine, 1300x290mm table, 25-7500rpm, Mitutoyo 3 axis DRO
Bridgeport 2S universal milling machine, 1380x350mm table, 30-1500rpm, Anilam MiniWizard DRO
Waykor BC-2000 universal milling machine, 1200x280mm swivel table, 30-1320rpm, Newall Topaz DRO
Denbigh universal milling machine, 34x10” table, 19-720rpm
Harrison universal milling machine, 30x8” table, 45-1000rpm
Pro Mayska ALG-100 horizontal milling machine, 26x8” table, 22.5-1820rpm

Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 7 ½ “CH x 50”b.c., 25-2000rpm, Heidenhain DRO
TOS SN40B gap bed centre lathe, 8”CH x 48” b.c., 22-2000rpm
DSG 13x30 centre lathe, 35-2240rpm, 6.5”CH x 30” b.c.
Hardinge precision dovetail bed lathe, 5”CH x 20”b.c., 125-3000rpm
Smart & Brown 1024 centre lathe. 5”CH x 24”b.c.
HS1020 centre lathe, 5”CH x 20”b.c., 20-2000rpm (Russian Copy)

Startrite 316H vertical bandsaw, 700x660mm main table powerfeed, auxiliary table, 900mm throat
Midsaw vertical band saw, 42x30” table, 36” throat, blade weld attachment
Startrite 20RWS vertical band saw, 20x20” table, 20” throat, blade weld attachment
Tronzadoras TL-400-A semi automatic cut-off saw, 400mm dia blade, 3000rpm, pneumatic clamps (2006)
Pedrazzoli Delta brown upstroking saw, 10” dia blade
Thomas 315 super cut pull down cut off saw, 300mm dia blade (2007)
Imec CSO250 pull down cut off saw, 250mm dia blade
Elimatec MGS F2/30 pull down cut off saw, 350mm dia blade
Kaltenbach horizontal semi automatic plate saw, 15” dia blade
Wicksteed heavy duty horizontal power hacksaw, 16” saw blade
Warco horizontal power hacksaw, 16” saw blade
Twin swivel Elu head saw, 10ft capacity

Small Tooling
Qty small tooling / inspection inc: drills, reamers, end mills, slot drills, chucks, sleeves, machine vices, milling attachments, vernier callipers, height gauges, polishers, tool holders, blade cutters, 2x diaforms, box table, CI cubes etc

Sheet Metal / Welding / Tube Bending
Sahinler EKM-15 lock former with swaging head, 2.2kW (2002)
Murex Tradesmig 230 portable tig welder, 230A. Quasi Arc ACP300 tig welder, 300A, 24kva
Curvatubi Aquila 3 powered tube bender

Boge CL7 rotary compressor on 270ltr air receiver, 5.5kW with Boge DB6 air dryer (2003)
AirLink MJ 15-3 compressor on 150ltr air receiver, 3HP (1990)
MovingCool 155FE spot cooling system, mobile
Barjek Q96 fume extraction unit (2001)
Infrasun HR-35E-A-A diesel space heater, 31,800 Kcal/hr output
Sealey LF145 gas space heater, 43.5kW
Carbolite HRF 1XPID muffle furnace, 750degC temp, 200x220x500mm ID
Norton 50kN hydraulic press on base, 400x300mm bed, 180mm throat
Nodding donkey honing machine (spare or repairs)
12” wide powered straightener. Joshua Heap threading machine
Mikron 79 gear hobber with change gears. Engis Kent 3 automatic lapping / polishing unit
Ryobi 18v tool box with saw, drills, battery charger etc