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HP colour LaserJet 5550N colour laser printer with...

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HP colour LaserJet 5550N colour laser printer with...


HP colour LaserJet 5550N colour laser printer with spare toners, network connectivity

Auction - Equipment Formerly Used By Sogefi Filtration Ltd

Norton FCP800 mechanical press, 800kN force, 170SPM, 850x680mm bed, 6-100mm stroke with Atkin twin arm decoiler & straightener
Norton FCP800 mechanical press, 800kN force, 250SPM, 16mm stroke, 840x680mm bed with Atkin decoiler
Bliss HP2-100-48- 30 mechanical press, 100 ton, 48x30” bed, 70 / 210 SPM, 17” stroke adjustment with BHP twin arm decoiler & straightener
Bliss HP2-200-48-42 mechanical press, 48x42” bed, 21” stroke adjustment, 40 / 120 SPM, with BHP straightener & Atkin decoiler
Bliss HP2-200-48-42 mechanical press, 48x42” bed, 14½” stroke adjustment, 40 / 120 SPM with BHP decoiler & Straightener
Bliss OB75S mechanical press, 8” stroke, Atkin decoiler.
Cincinnati G40 mechanical press in sound proof enclosure, 40 ton, 24x18” bed with Comac decoiler, 2 ½” slide adjustment, 90-190SPM
Bliss mechanical press in sound proof enclosure, 24x16” bed, 150 / 450SPM with Dimeco decoiler
CVA 25 ton dieing press in sound proof enclosure, 4 column, 16x16” bed with Atkin decoiler
Sangiacomo T10CE press, 100kN force, 350x200mm bed (1999). Rapid Air RX3A154E decoiler

Tapping / Production Welding
Saip automatic twin head tapping machine with Lodematic auto loader, CKF conveyor & parts washing machine
2x Cleveland E25 automatic triple head tapping machines, 12 station table, 360-880rpm with conveyor & parts washer
2x Snow single head tapping machines, 239-512rpm
Sciaky 300SER projection welder, 300kva, BF Entron WS500 control.
Sciaky D11061M projection welder, 12" throat, Sciaky controller.
Meritus VSH250PTS projection welder, 250kva.
Snow TA-5-RM deburring machine, 175-375rpm, 30x12” table

Machine Tools / Laboratory / Inspection
RJH Bison 10” heavy duty double ended grinder. 2x Wolf 6” double ended grinder on base
Wicksteed heavy duty power hacksaw. Braillon 630x250mm demagnetiser
Clarke Metalworker dry cut off saw, 355mm dia blade (1998)
Edwards manual swager / roller. Clarke Weld 160 turbo mig welder, 160A.
RHP Hydraulic Services fuel test rig, 4020 test method, 2.5LPM flow rate, 80ltr sump volume
Qty 600mm deep laboratory workbenches. Baelz paramount antistatic / flammable safe mobile pump
Gould 1425 20MHz digital storage oscilloscope. Qty Torqueleader dial indicating torque wrenches. Perflow portable manometer water flow test set. Comark digital thermometer. Bell & Howe 545 reel to reel projector with Bell & Howe 8003 speaker. Perkin Elmer F17 gas chromatograph. Pacific Scientific ABS automatic bottle sampler. Crown Windley 450x300mm grade 1 granite surface plate. Crown Windley grade B 36x36” CI surface table. Avery 6406 hardness tester.

Paint Shop
2x metal paint booths, 850x550mm aperture, twin reciprocating paint guns, ITW Optiflex A1 paint control
2x metal paint booths, 1000x330mm aperture, triple head paint guns, ITW Gema Optitronic paint control
Gema Volstatic triple head paint system with paint booth, 800x600mm aperture & dust extraction unit
4x Environmental Control Systems CU25 dust extraction units, 5.5kW (1992 & 2001)
3x Airmaster Auto ‘M’ 25M dust extraction units, 7.5kW (1990)
2x Similar dust extraction units. Paint pots.

Factory Plant / Lifting
Strapex Delta 606.200.002 floor mounted pallet shrink wrapper, 1500mm dia table (1995)
Schwarz 5.5kW compressor on air receiver, 10 bar with FDS-0075 air dryer, 16bar (1996)
Atlas Copco LE8 compressor on 200Ltr air receiver, 10 bar.
Ultrafilter Ultratroc SD4000 air dryer, 16 bar.
2x Ultrafilter Ultratroc SD-0030 & FDS-0030 air dryers, 16 bar (1997 & 1999)
Drury Engineering 875ltr capacity welded air receiver, 11 bar
Combat CUHA240 gas fired factory heater, 70.34kW output.
100+ Bays Dexion Speedlock, Link 51 etc heavy duty boltless pallet racking, multishelf, 2750x1100mm,
2700x900mm bay size
36 Bay x 5 shelf light duty storage system, 1000x600mm shelf size with mezzanine floor, twin stairs, 45x6mm approx footprint, 4.8m high
40 bays light duty storage shelving, 1000x600mm shelf size, multishelf.
6x heavy duty welded storage racks, 42” wide x 14ft long x 7ft high approx.
16x12m approx mezzanine floor with 2x stairwells, lights, partition storage area, hand rails
6 Pillar Gantry with Demag 2 ton electric overhead crane, pendant control, 15x7m approx foot print
Python 1000kg SWL floor mounted swing jib, 12ft span
3x King, Hitachi etc electric chain hoists, pendant control
Airwell twin fan water chiller. Unimag 270mm wide loading magnetic belt conveyor.
Qty various Britruck, BT Lifter, Linde etc pallet trucks, barrel lift, mobile lifters etc
Linde E12 3 wheel electric fork lift truck, 1200kg capacity with charger 
Crown 1.25SP42TT electric ride on lift truck, 645kg SWL, 6095mm max lift

Miscellaneous / Office / IT
GWA Automation material filling machine, HP5 Easifil series control with load hopper, Plymovent extraction
Carando 534-1 seamer, 6 station indexing table, manual load / unload single head, sick light guards
Lanico FVM296S0211 automatic body seamer, 56-135mm filter dia, 145-375mm filter height, single head (1997)
Wilco 6 head through feed leak detector, Saia control. Europack 700mm wide packing / shrink wrap station
Qty 1300mm wide powered hydraulic stillage loaders. Europack Tightwrapper wrapping machine, 800x450mm aperture
Skot transformer, 200kva , 415v, 278A input, 240v, 502A output, with switch panel.
2x Powered paper cutters / slitters, 24 blades, 1600mm wide rollers, Smartscan light guards with unload tables
Qty mobile tipping skips, safety steps, wire mesh trolleys, wire mesh stillages, cardboard, pallets
Numatic 110v industrial hoover. Qty Bott etc multi drawer storage cabinets
Qty various work benches, tables, trestles, battle trolleys, sack wheels, storage cupboards etc
Qty maintenance spares inc: cable, nuts, bolts, electrical fittings, belts, hoses, threaded bar, motors, chain,
hydraulic pipe etc
Qty various yellow plastic rubbish bins. Kaiser Kraft Expanaveyor 600mm wide expandable conveyor.
5x blue metal 900mm wide 'Process Control' tables / stands. Qty green metal wire mesh mobile trolleys, 920x600mm shelf. Qty production chairs, canteen tables & chairs, personnel lockers.
3x Chubb, Lampertz fire rated safes, key mechanism with keys.
Qty Office furniture inc: tables, desks, filing cabinets, swivel chairs, fixed chairs, 2 door storage cupboards, multi drawer storage cabinets etc