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Sony CDP-D12 CD player

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Sony CDP-D12 CD player


Sony CDP-D12 CD player

Auction - BBC World Service Phase 3

Phase 3 (Items moved for the convenience of sale): Over 800 lots of Calrec, Audix, Audionics, Rogers, EMT, Tascam, Harbeth, Sennheiser, ElectroVoice, Studer etc broadcast / studio sundry equipment inc:

Microphones / Headphones / Speakers

Qty Coles STC4021, Beyer Dynamic M58, Audio Technica AT815R, Shure SM58, AKG TPSD3700 microphones, microphone heads etc.
Rogers LS2 & LS3/5A monitor loud speakers. Rogers LS5/9 monitor loud speakers with amplifiers
Harbeth LS5/12A miniature monitor loud speakers. Harbeth 20 professional monitor loud speakers
Tannoy Reveal 5A studio monitor speakers. 4x Peavey Eurosys 1M speakers. Qty Fostex 6301B personal moniter speakers. Jamo Cornet 35, Mission 760i5e, JBL etc speakers
Qty Sennheiser HD480, Beyer Dynamic DT100, DT109 stereo headphones

Cassette / Tape / Mini Disc / CD / Turntables

Preco F500 stereo reel to reel tape recorder. Revox PR99 MK111 stereo reel to reel tape recorder.
Revox C115 professional cassette tape deck. Kenwood KX-4520 cassette deck
2x Pioneer PD-107 CD player, Pioneer CD732 CD player. Denon DN-M1050R professional MD recorder. Tascam MD-350 MD recorder. 2x Sony MDS-E12 MD recorder. Denon DN-990R MD cart recorder.
Marantz PMD340 CD player. Tascam DA-40 professional CD recorder. 2x Denon DN-C630 CD player
2x Sony CDP-D12 CD player. Sony PCM-R500 digital audio recorder. Panasonic SV-3800 digital audio tape recorder. Marantz PMD670 solid state recorders.
2x EMT 948 broadcast turntables. Technics SL-220 frequency generator servo automatic turntable

Amplifiers / Processors / Filters / Equalisers / Tuners

Technics SU-460 amplifier. 2x Technics SU-620 amplifier. Quad 306 & 240 power amplifier . AM8/16 frequency splitting amplifier. Denon PMA-355UK amplifier. Cloud 46/50 4 zone 50W integrated mixer amplifier. DAZ10D digital distribution amplifier VCA unit etc
Calrec RQQZZ00 filter / equaliser. 2x Thales Amber DTV processor. Creston AV2 audio/video control processor. 2x APT APT-X audio processor
Pure DRX-701ES digital radio tuner. Cambridge Audio DAB300 digital tuner. Studer A764 FM tuner.

Sundry Studio / Control Room Equipment

Barco OverView D IU 100W control room projection wall, twin 1750mm screen, Miranda Kaleido K2 wall processor  (2006)
50v distribution system battery backup with three redundant chargers & auto changeover (2006)
Digital TV Distribution System inc: Freeview & satellite receivers, converters, multiplexers, modulators etc Sentinel NPS network power switch. Thomson DBS 2911 channel controller, patch panels.
Qty Adder etc Smartview, 4x Pro etc KVM switches, Adder link extenders.  4x dB W+T interface box
SVT FMM204 quad stereo coder & FM modulator. 2x Klark-Technik DN773 broadcast delay
8x KW DSP142 mpeg layer 2/G.722 audio coder. Qty Rostec ASD8V & Rostec ASD8S reference generators. Audionics remote matrix. 2x Vortex 482 master clock. 3x Glensound GSGC6 twin 15DN TA / codec.
2x Glensound GSGC5 ISDN mixer in case. Glensound GS-CU012 desktop hybrid mixer.
Soundcraft EPM8 stereo mixer, XenyX 1024 bus mixer, XenyX 502 bus mixer, Junger m1x4 mixer
Puma Digastudio David digital mixer. DHD RM4200 digital talk back unit. 8x Formula Sound Que-8 foldback system. Wohler ALM26-24D audio level meter. Vistek Chassis. Quartz controller. Omniphonics stereo manager. 2x ARC multi-master multiple 1SDN control. 5x Canford Audio rack monitors
Qty Sonifex net logs, Sonifex RB-SP1 digital splitter combiner, Sonifex RB-LU4 quad unbal-bal converter, Sonifex RB-HD6 headphone distribution amplifier etc
Kramer VP-61XL 6x1 VGA / audio switcher. 2x Kramer P1P-400 picture in picture inserter / quad split
Kramer VS-162AV 16x16 audio video matrix switcher. Kramer VS-401XLM 4x1 vertical interval switcher
Qty Olson OLB, etc 6, 10, 12 & 20 way MDU’s, distribution panels etc
Surrey electronics 2 broadcast & communication receiver
Zephyr Xport field audio transceiver. Audio Design Probox 8 2”x5” out digital distribution. 2x Vocality international V100 versatile multiplexers. Wegener Ipump 6420 professional audio servers. Wegener Ipump 6400 professional media server.Digital link DL600E encore data multiplexer. 3x Sonata Sosoft voice / data multiplexer. 4x Delta 1010 24bit 96kHz digital recording system. DBX AFS224 advanced feedback suppression. Drake PPM+LS monitor unit. Phonebox digital hybrid, Phonebox GP10 interface
Qty CCS CDQ2200, CDQ Prima 110, CDQ 1000, CDQ1200 audio coders
Qty Sonifex DAW-SE studio edit, Alice Matchpak 1HF-pro interface units, Alice Monopak stereo / mono interface, Alice line amp pak2 balanced line amplifiers
Qty Balcari Dexel etc, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, flight cases, Schwarz overhead microphone stands, tripods, cable drums, Rode studio arms etc
Qty Mobatime, Favag, Leitch, Wharton etc digital / analogue pulse clocks & ‘on air’ lights
Qty BW, Micronics, RS, Clare etc, audit thickness gauge, portable power factor meter, earth loop testers, function testers, isolating transformers etc

IT Equipment / Technical Office Furniture

SL Serverlift SL500 mobile battery server lift, built in charger, 227kg SWL (2006)
Qty HP Proliant DL380G5 & DL360G5, Dell Poweredge 1850, 2950, 2550, 1950, 1650 Intel Xeon rack servers
Qty HP Compaq, Dell Intel Core 2 duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Intel Celeron desktop pc base units, Apple mini macs, Mac pro base units
HP storage works MSA20 data stores. Quantum 12000 snap servers, laptops etc
Qty Netgear, Dell, D-Link, HP etc network switches, Ethernet hubs.
3x Smart Board electronic whiteboards. Fellowes C-2200C CD / paper / card shredder
Qty GEM, R-Quest, Wytron etc DVD replicators. Qty AST GMP2000 satellite phones. Qty Polycom video conferencing equipment
Qty JVC, Sony, Baxall, Canon etc CCTV cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, DV cam, Handy Cam etc
Qty Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, LG, Philips, Samsung etc colour LCD, LED, plasma TV’s/monitors to 42” (some on stands).  Qty Sony, Hitachi, NEC etc video projectors
6x Herman Miller electric rise & fall tables, triple metal legs.
Qty Herman Miller, Girofex technical swivel chairs with arm rest and back support.
Senator white mobile folding meeting tables, 1500x 750m with Senator Black Advantage aluminium chairs.
Council Chamber room table inc: 160x36” curved section, 2x104x36” & 6x 94x36” curved sections, twin legs, 18 Doric columns (1932) – Located at BBC Television Centre.

Miscellaneous / Security Equipment
Fral W220005 portable air conditioning unit, 6.7kW, 23000Btu/hr (2011).
Lister Petter 15kva diesel generator set on towable soundproof trailer.
Rapiscan RAP520B baggage x-ray machine, 600x450mm conveyer with Rapiscan controller, monitor. ClarkeAir CDF20HV-P 20" industrial pedestal fans, 240v, 116W. Vent-Axia T Series 12" fan. sandwich chiller unit & Deli counter.
Qty Security Equipment by GE Security, Europlex, IFS, Alpha, Phillips, Santronic, CIE Audio, etc. Including; Alarm boxes, System & PA Amplifiers, Circuit Boards, Transmitters, Receivers, IFS Cases & PSU, Personal Displays, Call Stations, Input / Amp Modules, Level Converters, Speakers, Beacons, Nodes, etc. (boxed & unused)